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May 23, 2007: To Know Her Is to Love Her Season 6, Episode 41

Everyone was in the house for the grand finale of American Idol, as Jordin and Blake opened the show with a long-awaited Beatles tune. "I Saw Her Standing There" was a premonition of things to come. We drifted quickly into a performance by the touring Gwen Stefani singing her song “4 in the Morning.” She looked and sounded fantastic. Red-carpet tidbits — there were lots of Idols both past and present. However, the real stars were ushered past me on the red-carpet press line at the speed of light, as though I had a form of jumping leprosy. I spoke to:The crying girl.Blake’s dad, Dallas.Writers of the song “This Is My Now” (as opposed to my later on).Sabrina Sloan — simply lovely.Constantine Maroulis — all business, currently starring in The Bold and the Beautiful. Kelly Clarkson rocked the heck out of “Never Again” will I put up with Clive Davis yelling at me; I’m a star, damn it! I can’t imagine why Clive doesn’t like ... read more

May 22, 2007: Finally, Finale Eve Season 6, Episode 40

Woo-hoo! The final countdown is here. We've been together since January, and I feel like I know each and every one of you. OK, maybe that's a bit over the top, but it has been an interesting ride, wouldn't you agree? This was a fairly entertaining show. Both Blake and Jordin really went for broke. It will just come down to who the American public will choose when they vote. These are two very different types of contestants, and that makes it difficult to predict the winner. Blake has his “Blaker Girls” and his beatboxing and his ability to make even out-of-date songs seem contemporary and hip. Jordin can make anything sound good with her huge, beautiful voice. Do you go for entertainment value or singing ability? It’s a tough call and could prove to be one of the closest contests yet. Simon looked very nice tonight. Too bad he doesn’t wear a jacket more often, it was quite becoming!On with the show: Blake wore not one, but two different argyle jumpers (that’... read more

May 16, 2007: Didn't See That Coming Season 6, Episode 39

Homer Simpson opened the show and wanted to know if he could still vote for Fantasia. "Who is heading for glory and who is heading home?" Just the way Ryan said that line made me worried. The problem was I didn’t want to wade through an hour of dreg to hear the final tally. I found it very hard to get through this show. While waiting (im)patiently to hear the results, we were subjected to the following: — A plug for the upcoming Idol tour.— The emotional journeys back home for the final three. — Haley, Brandon and LaKisha in the audience.— Why are the challenges so stupid easy?— Another Ford commercial.— Elliot Yamin (See below.)— Maroon 5 (What does that mean, anyway?)— The continuous, drawn-out torture of the final three as Ryan read the judges' comments from the previous night and refused to tell them how America voted in order to build anticipation. (Which in my case was already so built up, I thought I might have a heart attack –... read more

May 15, 2007: "Do or Die for the Final Three" Season 6, Episode 38

As we wind down to the last few shows of Season 6, excitement is in the air. Each of the three final contestants has a shot at stardom, and will have a decent career whether they win this thing or not. This week, the final three each sang three songs — songs picked by the judges, the producers and the contestants themselves, and running the musical gamut from the old to the new. (By the by, I love Paula’s hair!)The Jordin ShowSimon chose “Wishing on a Star” by Rose Royce, and Jordin did a fine job. The judges thought she “sang it brilliantly,” but Simon didn’t like the “weird jazz arrangement.”The producers chose “She Works Hard for the Money” by Donna Summer. Jordin sounded great — but there was no "wow" factor for me. “You [are] working it out up there!” shouted Randy. Paula thought Jordin “worked hard for the money,” and Simon found it a “very good performance.”Jordin chose “I (Who Have... read more

May 9, 2007: "And Then There Were Three..." Season 6, Episode 37

Thanks to a little bit of magic known as the TV webcast, and a tall guy going by "JK", I was able to watch Idol in L.A. at the N.Y. time, while the show was being taped live back in L.A. (Crazy, I know!) So, I’ve got the goods for you tonight earlier rather than later. See, I’ve got a gig to get to, so on with the show. After sitting through an hour of just about nothing — seriously, we’re winding down here and there’s only so much filler a girl can take — here’s all you really need to know. (Besides, if you watched the show, you really don’t want me to recap all that. And if you didn’t watch the show, you’ll thank me for not having to live through every stretched-out moment.)Barry Gibb sang live; his voice was as falsetto-y as ever. Pink sang, though not live, and she was pretty good. She’s grown on me since I saw her last year at the TV Guide Emmy party. She pretty much brought the house down there, and I had only really known... read more

May 8, 2007: Bringing Back the High-waisted Pant Season 6, Episode 36

Those were the good old days. Probably long before most of you were born. But I remember them well. And I remember The Brothers Gibb, aka the Bee Gees, and Saturday Night Fever. Skinny guys in high-waisted white pants with matching jackets. It’s time to bring them back!Barry Gibb, who has possibly the highest voice I have ever heard on a grown man, was happy to have the four remaining Idols sing not just four, but eight of his songs. Eight songs, you say? Whoa, boy….I’m lining them up two-by-two, praying for an early night.Melinda kicked off the show declaring, “Love You Inside and Out” and she reminded me of Gloria Gaynor (that’s a huge compliment)! I’ve got no issue with Melinda’s version of the song. You know how I love this gal. Randy said it was a “solid performance.” Paula said, “It’s hard to critique you,” which isn’t saying much. Simon said, “I expect incredible tonight,” and it was “more of... read more

May 2, 2007: Double the Pleasure? Not. Season 6, Episode 35

Well I'll have a lot more for you later, but suffice it to say, I picked the two to go home this week in my last blog. And though I was right, I don't feel very good about it. Phil Stacey and Chris Richardson were voted off after a combined two-week total of 135 million votes — that's an insane number!You know how I feel about Chris, so it was really hard to see him go, and Phil had actually been performing a lot better over the last few weeks. There's no joy in being right tonight. As we get down to the wire it gets harder and harder to be happy about who’s going home. Oh sure, back in the days when we were ready to jump off a bridge if America kept Sundance around for another week it was all fun and games, but that’s all changed with this week. I trust you all watched in horror as Ryan and Simon had their weekly tiff — this time about puppets. If I had kids, I’m really not sure I would let them watch this show. It’s very randy. (Not randy as in Jackso... read more

May 1, 2007: "Holy Moly - Jon Bon Jovi!" Season 6, Episode 34

Ryan helped raise so much money last week that he didn't feel the need to wear a tie… nor to shave. Say what you want about the commercialization of music that American Idol perpetuates, but those crazy folks got us all to donate $70 million ("That's seven zeros," Ryan pointed out) to make the world a better place — and for that I give them kudos.Who’s in the house? Antonella “Girls Gone Wild” Barba’s in the house! Anyone else in the house? Gina “I don’t care what you say she’s still a rock star to me” Glocksen’s in the house!Phil chose "Blaze of Glory" and wanted to sing it into his comb. He was the only Idol who seemed to have the vaguest idea who Bon Jovi were. Randy was jazzed because he recorded this song for the Bon J and said it was Phil’s “best performance ever on the show.” Paula also swooned, saying it was the “best opening all season long.” Mr. Ornery “thought it was OK.” And likened... read more

April 25, 2007: 70 Million Votes and Everyone's Safe! Season 6, Episode 33

This is going to be a different kind of blog tonight as I am frankly stunned, shocked and really pleasantly surprised that Idol pulled this little telethon together so quickly and so effectively. Idol is in a position to do something to help others less fortunate, and I am proud they took this opportunity to do it. They have friends in very high places, and scores of Idol-worshiping celebrities offered their services to help spread the message. Not only that, but they partnered with to bring awareness to extreme poverty. And although the show felt pretty much like a long Ford commercial, I am happy and amazed that they did it. A little more than halfway through the show Ryan announced they had raised $30 million! That’s pretty impressive. So if you haven’t donated, do so now! There were some funny moments, but mostly these were two hours that really touched me. I started to lose it during the segment about New Orleans: After walking back and forth to the bathroom f... read more

April 24, 2007: Idol Gives Back... Take One Season 6, Episode 32

Tonight we learned about giving until it hurts. It started out all well and good and then ventured into some “aren’t we fabulous” territory and into a puddle of... I am getting ahead of myself. Ryan looked dapper in another skinny tie from the '80s and, what is that? Is that facial hair? I do believe it is. Well, Ryan, who knew you had it in you? Before announcing what show it was we were watching, Ryan was nice enough to mention that as we vote tonight, not only are we “saving our favorite contestants, we are also saving lives!” And there you have it. Watching American Idol will make you a lifesaver. Me, I’m butter rum. For the first of several sections devoted to showing off the great team in the disastrous world in which we live, Coldplay made caring about extreme poverty, malaria, malnutrition and hunger seem hip and cool. I noticed while watching most of the segments that they never really said anything about what was going on so much as showed the... read more

American Idol Season 6, Episode 31

Martina McBride and Fergie give performances, and one of the seven remaining finalists is voted off. read more

American Idol Season 6, Episode 30

Martina McBride mentors the seven remaining finalists prior to their renditions of country songs. read more

American Idol Season 6, Episode 29

Jennifer Lopez performs “Qué Hiciste,” and one of the eight remaining finalists is voted off. read more

American Idol Season 6, Episode 28

Jennifer Lopez coaches the eight remaining finalists, who then perform. read more

American Idol Season 6, Episode 27

One of the nine remaining finalists is voted off, and Michael Bublé performs. read more

American Idol Season 6, Episode 26

The nine remaining finalists perform after coaching from Tony Bennett. read more

American Idol Season 6, Episode 25

Gwen Stefani and Akon perform “The Sweet Escape,” and one of the 10 remaining finalists is voted off. read more

American Idol Season 6, Episode 24

The 10 remaining finalists are coached by Gwen Stefani and perform their favorite pop songs. read more

American Idol Season 6, Episode 23

One of the 11 remaining finalists is voted off. Also: Lulu and Peter Noone perform. read more

American Idol Season 6, Episode 22

The 11 remaining finalists perform songs from the '60s British-pop invasion. read more

American Idol Season 6, Episode 21

Diana Ross performs, and one of the 12 finalists is eliminated after receiving the fewest viewer votes. read more

American Idol Season 6, Episode 20

Diana Ross coaches the 12 finalists, who then perform selections from her songbook. read more

American Idol Season 6, Episode 19

Two males and two females are voted off, and the 12 finalists are revealed. Also: Carrie Underwood performs “Wasted.” read more

American Idol Season 6, Episode 18

The eight remaining female contestants perform. read more

American Idol Season 6, Episode 17

The eight remaining male contestants perform. read more

American Idol Season 6, Episode 16

Kellie Pickler sings “I Wonder,” and four more contestants---two male and two female singers---are voted off. read more

American Idol Season 6, Episode 15

The Top 10 female singers perform. read more

American Idol Season 6, Episode 14

The Top 10 male singers perform. read more

American Idol Season 6, Episode 13

Fantasia performs on the first results show of the season, in which two male and two female singers are voted off. read more

American Idol Season 6, Episode 12

The Top 12 female singers perform. read more

American Idol Season 6, Episode 11

The Top 12 male singers perform. read more

American Idol Season 6, Episode 10

The 24 semifinalists---12 males and 12 females---are announced. read more

American Idol Season 6, Episode 9

The Hollywood round begins. read more

American Idol Season 6, Episode 8

The rest of the best auditions from around the country. read more

American Idol Season 6, Episode 7

Auditions from San Antonio. read more

American Idol Season 6, Episode 6

Auditions continue in Los Angeles. read more

American Idol Season 6, Episode 5

Auditions continue in Birmingham. read more

American Idol Season 6, Episode 4

Auditions are held in New York City. read more

American Idol Season 6, Episode 3

Auditions are held in Memphis. read more

American Idol Season 6, Episode 2

Auditions are held in Seattle. read more

American Idol Season 6, Episode 1

Auditions in Minneapolis are held. read more

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