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American Idol Episode: "Second 12 of 36"

Season 8, Episode 14
Episode Synopsis: Performances by the second set of 12 semifinalists.
Original Air Date: Feb 25, 2009

American Idol Episode Recap: Second Group of 12 Performs Season 8, Episode 14

After last week's lackluster performances, a new group of 12 hopefuls takes the stage on American Idol. Has this group learned the value and importance of song choice? Will this week's hot young things stay away from winking and cougar faces?

Welcome back, Idol fans! I'm not sure I've had enough time to get past last week's sucky auditions. The terrible song choices! The awful stage presence! Tatiana's swooning! The judges' clear favoritism of Danny Gokey! The lack of humanity!

Speaking of Tata, aren't you relieved that all that drama is over? (Though there may be more drama with dingus maximus Nick Mitchell performing tonight). But, much like Top Chef brings back former contestants to shake things up, something tells me we haven't seen the last of Tata. If she does get a wild-card slot (which I don't really think will happen), the shizzle will go down.

Let's hope this new group of performers has what it takes to knock our socks off.

Jasmine Murray
Did you guys check out Jasmine's mom? Those are some awesome genes there, sister. Unfortunately, those genes did not help Jasmine pick the right song. She sings "Love Song" by one of my faves, Sara Bareilles. Now, I may be a little picky about this song because I love Sara so much, but I thought Jasmine sounded terrible! Do I think Jasmine is talented? Absolutely! Does she deserve to go through? Probably -- but not after that song. Randy says there were good moments and bad moments; she was too pitchy and made too much out of a simple melody. Kara says she's all over the place, and Paula agrees. Simon says that he's disappointed because she's really commercial, but that she may be in this competition a few years too early.

Matt Giraud
Ah yes, the dueling piano player! Every time we've seen him he's been fantastic. His version of "Georgia" reminded me of Justin Timberlake! Tonight, he's singing "Viva la Vida" by Coldplay. Instantly, I know this will also be a disaster. Chris Martin can barely sing it live, how does this guy think he can do a better job? He sounds like a chipmunk! It's a train wreck, and I'm so bummed. Kara says he should stick to bluesy, soulful songs. Paula's not thrilled with the song, but gives him props for giving it his all. Simon says he turned from a cool guy in Hollywood to a wannabe pop star. (Ouch.) Randy says he's still pulling for Matt because he's one of his favorites, but he needs to stay away from the melody-simple songs.

Jeanine Vailes
Simon called her "naughty" at the audition — I wish I could remember this girl, but I have no recollection of her at all. She sings "This Love" by Maroon 5, which makes me groan. Why are these guys picking such pop-heavy, band songs that don't show off their voices? She's definitely talented underneath all the crappy singing, but I can barely watch the rest of the song. What's up with the weird dancing and the outfit from Wet Seal? Paula compliments her legs (and nothing else) before passing it off to Simon, who says it was painful and the wrong song. Randy says the best part was when it was over (ha). Kara says it's overdone and at the end of the judges' critique, adds that she does not deserve to go through. Duh.

Nick Mitchell aka Norman Gentle
He kinda wins me over during his intro by admitting he knows he'll never be Justin Timberlake, and that's not what he's going for anyway... then he begins to sing and my jaw drops. He belts out his standard Dreamgirls anthem "And I'm Telling You" and works the stage like... like... I'm sorry, there are just no words. Simon says he hopes he speaks for America when he says he's praying Nick/Norman doesn't get through until next week. Norman then proceeds to call Simon "Sassy Pants." Randy says it was one of the most entertaining numbers in the show's history. Kara says at least he's memorable and not a terrible singer. Paula says singers come in different shapes, sizes, styles and that he's a true performer. She doesn't know if he belongs here, but that he's a lot of fun. OMG, could he actually make it to the next round? And yes, he did give a shout out to Neil Patrick Harris, who was sitting in the audience. "Doogie!"

Allison Iraheta
Live shows are rough... Allison's brief interview with Ryan before her intro-tape is but one example. Awkward small talk is not gonna help this youngun' make it to the next round. Luckily, her version of "Alone" by Heart is freakin' awesome. She's a fun little rocker chick who totally works this song! Go girl. Randy says she's 16 and "blew it outta the water." Kara says that Allison doesn't have to worry about if she's good or not: She's good. She just needs to get over her last bit of stage fright. (What stage fright?) Paula thinks she could sing the telephone book, while Simon said she's the best in this group by a mile.

Kris Allen
Kris seems like a sweet guy, and very talented. He sings "Man in the Mirror" by Michael Jackson, which seems like a weird choice to me. Like Matt, I can tell he's more talented than his song choice reveals. But given his competition tonight, he did a decent job — he even seems like his confidence is much higher than his audition. Kara says the end of the song was much better than the beginning, but he chose the wrong song. Paula disagrees and says he nailed it and was charming. Simon agrees with Paula and says he made an effort, and was proud that he "gave it a go." Randy says that he was worried Kris wouldn't be able to perform well without his guitar, but that he proved himself tonight.

Megan Corkery
This is going to be interesting. We've seen nothing about Megan since her fun and funky audition. Now she's added "Joy" as her middle name and has wavy hair. What does it all mean? (P.S. How amazingly gorgeous is she?) She sings "Put Your Records On" by Corinne Bailey Rae and begins the song with some silly and awkward hip shaking. Oh jeez, stop the hips! Her singing is all over the place... just like those crazy hips. I love her because she's different, but wow, that was inconsistent — cool in some places and awful in others. Paula says she picked the right song, she's beautiful, she's hip, etc. Whaa??? Simon says she was good in the beginning but it got rougher in the end because she got overexcited. Randy says she did a nice job, while Kara says she could be really successful as a package artist.

Matt Breitzke
Aw, we love Matt the welder! He sings Tonic's "If You Could Only See" and sounds pretty darn good. He doesn't seem to have the insane nerves that the other guys have had. But he's a little boring at the microphone... or maybe it's that he seems too relaxed? I'm not sure. I just don't think it's enough to go through to the next round. Tear. Simon says he really likes Matt but he hated that song. Randy says that it is a good song but his performance was boring. Kara says it didn't show his voice off and the performance fell flat, while Paula says he has a great voice.

Jesse Langseth
Man, her press photo is gorgeous! What's up with all the hot single moms in this competition? Is this the year of the MILF on Idol? Back to the singing — she picks "Bette Davis Eyes" by Kim Carnes for her performance, and I'm scared. I like her, but can she pull this off? She definitely has the vibe and voice for the song, but I'm not sure if America will embrace that style. Randy says it was OK, but it didn't show who she was. Kara says she took some risks and looks great, while Paula found her captivating through the entire process. Simon disagrees and finds her forgettable and "too cool for school." Really? I don't agree at all.

Kai Kalama
I love this guy and hope he brings it. He goes the retro, soul route with "What Becomes of the Broken Hearted." I think he could do really amazing things if he gets through to the next round. Will he make it? Eh... seemed too boring. Kara says he had some pitch issues but that he gave it his all. She wants to see him be more contemporary. Paula says he's been holding back and is actually a performer. Simon says it was corny and old fashioned. Randy says his performance was way too safe.

Mishavonna Henson
This is Mishavonna's second chance with Idol. She was cut during Hollywood week last year and seems determined to kick some ass this year. She sings the very ambitious "Drops of Jupiter," by Train. It starts out a little rough, but I really like her vocal tone and style. In the end, I think she could have done a lot more with this song, so I'm kinda bummed. Paula wasn't excited about her performance, though she's a fan of her voice. Simon says something about the song seeming cold and meant for a 50-year-old. Randy agrees that she feels so much older than her 18 years, while Kara wants her to loosen up.

Adam Lambert
Adam's been doing musical theater since he was 10, which could totally be his downfall. He sings the Rolling Stones' "Satisfaction" and it seems cool in the beginning and then becomes a little creepy to me. Is creepy the right word, or just weird? It's a weird arrangement that almost seems country until he does the screechy rocker thing at the end. I'm kinda over this guy now, and I was a fan before. Paula says she doesn't have the words to express Adam's awesomeness. Whaa??? Simon agrees with me: parts were great, and parts were excruciating. Randy says he's got it going on, but it was a bit manic. He still thinks it was the bomb, though. Kara says his vocal technique is insanely good, with an amazing range. If you say so, guys.

What did you think of the performances tonight? Who do you think will get through to the next round?

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After last week's lackluster performances, a new group of 12 hopefuls takes the stage on American Idol. Has this group learned the value and importance of song choice? Will this week's hot young things stay away from winking and cougar faces? Read the rest of the recap after the jump! read more

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