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American Idol Episode: "American Idol"

Season 7, Episode 41
Episode Synopsis: The two finalists perform at the Nokia Theatre L.A. Live in the seventh season's penultimate episode.
Original Air Date: May 20, 2008

The Battle of the Davids Is Here! Season 7, Episode 41

Hey everyone! It's Erin Fox, and I can't believe we're down to two contestants. Can you believe it? It's the final "performance" episode of this year's American Idol contest! Time sure does fly when you're watching Seacrest and Cowell spar week after week. The shows actually kind of blur together after a while when you keep hearing Randy say repeatedly, "That was molten hot, Dawg," or "You can sing anything; you can sing the phonebook!" For those of you who are curious to see what my prediction/wish for who should win Idol is, check out the slideshow on Yahoo! You can see Matt Mitovich on slide No. 1, and yours truly on slide No. 8. How fun is that!? On to the show! Some announcer guy ("Let's get ready to rumble!") announces David Cook clad in a satin boxer robe and boxing gloves. And if that wasn't ridiculous enough, they put Archie in the same getup, only in blue. If anyone looks out of place in a boxing outfit, it's that kid. I'm talking, like, it's not even cool as a Halloween costume. Seacrest comes out and asks for the Cook fans (nice screams), and Archie fans (louder screams), but oddly enough, Simon got the most applause. Interesting. Ryan introduces a taped piece that looks like an Olympics montage instead of a singing contest. The boxing metaphor continues ad nauseum. Seriously, are they for real? So now, Archie and Cook finally come out on stage wearing very muted colors. Ryan asks how they feel.... Gee Ry, let's think: I'm guessing relaxed and kinda sleepy. I really want to reach through my TV and noogie that faux-hawk right off of Ryan's head right now... it's been a long season. Ryan asks the judges what it will take to win it all. Randy says, "You gotta bring it all out on the floor!" Paula says, "You're at the Nokia Theater, and everyone is here for you, so soak it up and let the best man win!" Simon says, "You really have to hate your opponent." What a sap. Of course, David A. can only say, "This guy's awesome! (Gee whiz, shucks, golly, gosh!)" David Cook is much more eloquent and says that the competition is over and it's all about fun now. The video piece is back with Clive Davis and Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber providing commentary. Clive has picked the first song for both Davids. David C., "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Look For:" What can I say? He's The man! He sounds relaxed, passionate and like he's really enjoying the song. There's definitely a few flat notes, but they are eclipsed by his charisma. He's rockin', and the crowd loves him. Randy says he thinks the performance was a great way to start out 2007. HAHAHAHAHA. 2007??? I think Randy has finally eclipsed Paula in the acting drunk/out-of-it department. Paula says Cook's in "great voice tonight!" And Simon says that he could tell that David was emotional and tense earlier, but that given that, it was fantastic. Yay! David A., "Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me:" OK, I have to admit that I love this song. I always get goose bumps when I hear it on the radio, and Archie's version was no exception. It wasn't quite George Michael caliber, and he was definitely showing some nerves in the early part of the song. But, he really picked it up and rocked the end. Nice work, Archie. Randy says it was flawless and molten hot, Paula says the sun will never go down on him (That's what she said!) and that she got chills, and Simon says that it was his best all season and round one goes to Archie. I'm not sure I agree with that, but it was a great performance. Archie is in tears from all the praise. The second songs were chosen from the songwriters' competition. ALW says he's worried about Cook's raspy voice, and seems to think the lyrics for Archie's song were written by Simon. Heh. David C., "Dream Big:" He busts out the electric guitar for this one. I think the judges will think it's too shouty, but the tune is really catchy... possibly for more of a Hilary Duff-type. But I love him, and I don't care. He's awesome. Randy says he sang his face off (huh?), Paula says the audience was mesmerized with him, and Simon says it was a lightweight performance and that he's glad there's a third song. Bah humbug. David A., "In This Moment:" Surprise, surprise, Archie chose a ballad. But, he's a smart little cookie because he's playing to his tween mafia fan base who will swoon. He sounds great in this song, but his right hand movements bug the crap out of me. The judges will dig this one, I can tell. What can I say, Archie's doing very well tonight. I think, better than the rest of the season. Although he does look like he's in pain as he grabs his side. Don't hurt yourself, Archie! Randy wasn't crazy about the song, but "He can sing the phonebook; that was another hot one." Wow, how original. Paula thinks he was fabulous again, it doesn't matter what he sings, and Simon says he chose the better song and that round two also goes to Archie. OK, that one I agree with, begrudgingly. David C. "The World I Know:" Please be good! Please blow us away! Please pick a song that we know! OK, enough begging. He sounds really great, but I'm surprised at how mellow the choice is... I don't think this will be enough for him to "win" the round against Archie's "Imagine." However, I will still say, I would much rather go to a Cook concert than an Archie love-fest. Awwwwwwwwww!!! David C. is crying! I love him! Randy says it was a great song because David showed his sensitive side, and he thinks this would be the perfect kind of record for him to record. Paula gives him a standing ovation because he's singing his truth and brings originality and soul to his performances. Simon says that David is one of the nicest and most sincere contestants that Idol's ever had (he must have forgotten calling his performances arrogant), but it was the wrong song choice. David says this was about progression, so why would he do something he's already done? Well played, Cook. David A. "Imagine:" Well, no surprises here since we've already heard it. It's a fantastic version of the song, but I think Cook was right. Why do something you've already done? It's kinda the easy way out. Just saying. Randy says he's so good tonight and he's what the show is all about. Paula says he was stunning tonight and left her speechless. Simon thinks he came out to win and we witnessed a knockout. Well, I guess we know who the judges think is the real American Idol. Randy actually flat out says Archie was the best singer in the competition. Oh yes, and how can I forget sweaty Ruben singing us out. Poor guy. So I'm dying to know, what did you guys think? Do you think Archie gained new leagues of fans, or do you think Cook will win out in the end? Who won Round 1? Vote here. Who won Round 2? Vote here. Who won Round 3? Vote here. Who deserves to be named the new American Idol? Vote here. Related " Use Our Online Video Guide to Watch Clips of American Idol show less
Hey everyone Its Erin Fox and I cant believe were down to two contestants Can you believe it Its the final performance episode of this years American Idol contest Time sure does fly when youre watching Seacrest and Cowell spar week after week The shows actually kind of blur together after a while when you keep hearing Randy say repeatedly That was molten hot Dawg or You can sing anything you can sing the phonebookFor those of you who are curious to see what my predictionwish for who should win Idol is check out the slideshow on Yahoo You can see Matt Mitovich on slide No 1 and yours truly on slide No 8 How fun is thatOn to the show Some announcer guy Lets get ready to rumble announces David Cook clad in a satin boxer robe and boxing gloves And if that wasnt ridiculous enough they put Archie in the same getup only in blue If anyone looks out of place in a boxing outfit its that kid Im talking like its not even cool as a Halloween cos read more

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