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2002, TV Show

American Idol Episode: "3 Finalists Compete"

Season 7, Episode 39
Episode Synopsis: The final three contestants, David Archuleta, David Cook and Syesha Mercado, perform three songs each. They sing a judges' choice, a producers' choice and a song of their own choice.
Original Air Date: May 13, 2008

The Top Three Perform Season 7, Episode 39

Erin Fox here, back from sunny St. Lucia with a wicked sunburn and a frighteningly strong desire to get back into Idol mode. Let's break down tonight's Top Three performances. Thanks so much to Mickey for some seriously awesome recapping skills last week. I hope you all enjoyed them as much as I did. With recent news of David A.'s dad being banned from backstage, and the pressure of not one, but three songs each tonight, it's gonna be intense, peeps. (Update: David A. Defends His Dad; see our Great American Idol blog.) I have to admit, I was totally having Idol withdrawal while I was away. How did they all sound last week? Did anyone butcher a song? Who would be going home next? Internet availability wasn't great on the island, but I managed to find out that your beloved dready-heady Jason got the boot. Don't worry, kids, because he sure doesn't look like he has a care in the world. P.S. You must check out Mitovich's "hair-raising" interview with Jason Castro here. Ryan introduces the final three: Archie, Syesha (doing her best Dreamgirls impersonation in that dress), and David Cook (Cookie). The Judges' Choices David Archuleta, "And So It Goes:" We are directed toward the screen and introduced to Mayor Star (no understatement there! The guy was clad in a flag patterned cowboy shirt and sported a handle bar moustache) from Murray City, Utah. He says that Paula has chosen "And So It Goes" for Archie to sing first. Aww, I kinda want to puke. Back in the studio, she says she chose it to show off the range of his voice. He sings it very well, as always, but I'm so completely bored with it and want to start drawing kitten whiskers on his face... I just need one of those pens like they use to draw plays for football games on TV. Anyhoo, Randy said he wanted to see him do the piano thing like Billy Joel, but "it don't matter, because you can sing anything!" Paula said it was a pure performance and Simon said it was good, and a bit predictable. Agreed, Simon. ( For another take on David A., read Cheers & Jeers.) Syesha Mercado, "If I Ain't Got You:" I love this song by Alicia Keys, and so does Syesha. She's super-stoked, and I'm praying she doesn't over-sing it. Randy said he chose the song for her because she's young and hot and thought she'd love Alicia as much as he did, and that she could be successful making that kind of record. I think she totally nailed it; it was just the right tone throughout the whole song. Randy thought she did an amazing job and that she's peaking in the competition now. Paula said she looked stunning and did a great job with such an identifiable song. Simon wished Randy picked a song that didn't sound so much like the original. However, he thought she did a nice job and looked gorgeous. Simon, you cad. David Cook, "First Time Ever I Saw Your Face:" Cookie got his text from Simon during a local news show that said he'd be singing the famous Roberta Flack song. Oooh, Simon just threw down the gauntlet of all love songs to our Cookie! Very sneaky, Mr. Cowell, but I bet Cookie will knock your socks off... and maybe even that smug look off your face. Simon said he chose it because he really wanted to see David do something completely different. After Ryan made a vague gay joke aimed at Simon, Cookie launched into his version of the song. It was, indeed, original, sweet, soft, and at the end, rockin' hot. Well played, Cookie. And how awesome was the shot of his mom standing up during the whole song with tears in her eyes. Aww. Randy thought Simon should have picked a more rockin' song, but that he could sing anything. Paula said that David's version is her second favorite version of her favorite song. I think that's a compliment. And Simon said he was brilliant and that round one went to Cook and Cowell. Insert my rolling eyes here. The Contestants' Choices David A., "With You:" Archie said he wanted to try something young again, and the crowd seems happy with it. The beginning of the song is rough, like he is having trouble keeping up with the tempo or he might be forgetting the words? Did you feel that? Randy said he's happy he tried something new but singing "My Boo" was weird to hear (Read: weird coming from a tiny boy who should have kitten whiskers on his face). Paula thought he did a great job and that he should try songs like this more often. Simon applauded him for not singing a ballad but said it was like "a Chihuahua trying to be a tiger." I totally agree, and the metaphor cracked me up. At least Archie has lightened up enough to laugh at that comment. Syesha, "Fever:" She said she liked the vibe of the song and is dressed in another sparkley number. This is very musical theater-y, but she excels in that area, so I think she does a nice job. She's working it... fondling the chair, the cello, the air.... Even though I still don't love her voice, I think she lights up the screen. Randy thought she sang it amazingly well, Paula (and Randy) said that it wasn't the best song choice and Simon agreed saying she blew her chance to show herself off as a contemporary recording artist. Ouch. He slammed her once more by saying it was lame cabaret. He's kinda right. David C, "Dare You to Move:" Never heard of this song, but Cookie loves it and says it's the appropriate song at the appropriate moment in time. Deep. The song starts out low and slow and kinda boring. Of course, it turns on a dime into an awesome rock song. Randy said it was pitchy, Paula wanted to hear more and didn't think he could really squeeze the song into 1.5 minutes. Simon said he had an OK middle round, and luckily there is one more left. The Producers' Choices David A., "Longer Than:" I'm already gagging over this song. Talk about a cheese fest. Boo producers! But the girls in the audience will love the lyrics ("I am in love with you"... can you hear the screaming?). Randy said he was in the zone, Paula thought it was lovely and Simon thought he sang it well but the song and lyrics were too gooey. Oh Simon, can it be? We're soul mates? Syesha, "Hit Me Up:" This is much more contemporary and entertaining, but I think she's a little pitchy. Can you blame her after doing three songs in one night? Randy thought it was just OK, Paula doesn't think it's enough to get her to the finals and Simon thought her best moment was last week with the Sam Cooke song, and that nothing this week made her stand apart from the others. David C.,"I Don't Want to Miss a Thing:" Nice! A little Aerosmith to end the show. Brings back memories, doesn't it? College... wine coolers - I mean beer! Cookie starts the song well and is surrounded by a huge strings section. Love it! Now there's some electric guitar love to help him rock out harder. The crowd is going nuts! Paula is standing up. Randy thought it was just OK (What the hell is wrong with Randy tonight? Did Mariah Carey not call him back or something? What a bitter Betty!), Paula tried to spit out that she loved it and will see him in the finals and Simon thought that Cookie won the night! Well, shizzle, I'm freakin' exhausted from typing so fast, but I hope you enjoyed the show. I can't believe there is only three more episodes left! Time flies when you're ruining classic songs for millions of people forever. I kid! I kid! You know I love my Idols. Related: " David Archuleta Speaks Out about Stage Dad " Use our Online Video Guide to watch clips of Idol " Watch our interview with recent castoff, Jason Castro show less
Erin Fox here back from sunny St Lucia with a wicked sunburn and a frighteningly strong desire to get back into Idol mode Lets break down tonights Top Three performancesThanks so much to Mickey for some seriously awesome recapping skills last week I hope you all enjoyed them as much as I did With recent news of David As dad being banned from backstage and the pressure of not one but three songs each tonight its gonna be intense peeps Update David A Defends His Dad see our Great American Idol blogI have to admit I was totally having Idol withdrawal while I was away How did they all sound last week Did anyone butcher a song Who would be going home next Internet availability wasnt great on the island but I managed to find out that your beloved dready-heady Jason got the boot Dont worry kids because he sure doesnt look like he has a care in the world PS You must check out Mitovichs hair-raising interview with Jason Castro hereRyan introduces the read more

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