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Latest Episode: Hail to the Thief

Aug 13, 2014 Season 8 Episode 14 watch on Hulu (Free)

A former Army intelligence officer known as "Mr. X" stole millions through a fake veterans’ charity and eluded authorities by using an array of false identities. No one figured out who he really was or where he came from until he made one misstep.

Mark Weinberger: Nose No Bounds

Apr 28, 2011 Season 5 Episode 50

Dr. Mark Weinberger—a self-proclaimed “nose doctor”—has it all and isn’t afraid to flaunt it. But inside The Weinberger Sinus Clinic, all is not what it seems. American Greed profiles a multi-million dollar tale of deception.
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The Wizard of Sarasota

Apr 27, 2011 Season 5 Episode 49

Arthur Nadel magically conjures up a $330 million hedge fund. In the blink of an eye, he disappears and leaves clients without their life savings. American Greed presents the inside story of a multimillion dollar Ponzi scheme!
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Hedge Fund Imposter

Apr 13, 2011 Season 5 Episode 48

Marc Dreier is a high-powered lawyer with celebrity clients. Despite the upscale façade, Dreier turns out to be a common conman who steals more than $700 million from hedge funds. American Greed profiles a story of massive deception and fraud.
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The Art of the Steal/The Folsom Felon

Apr 06, 2011 Season 5 Episode 47

Larry Salander is one of the biggest names in New York’s art world. But collectors see red when he swipes more than $100 million....Stefan Wilson says his investment fund is a sure thing, but business with Wilson comes at a very high price.
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The Royal Scam: Kings of Counterfeit

Mar 30, 2011 Season 5 Episode 46

A tough guy from Chicago’s South Side finds his way off the streets and into a life of crime. Art Williams, Jr. prints millions in fake dollars. Go inside the fascinating case of a counterfeiting master craftsman.
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The Slaughterhouse

Mar 23, 2011 Season 5 Episode 45

A slaughterhouse employs hundreds in a small town and brings in more than $300 million annually. But there are whispers of threats, extortion and child labor abuses. Sholom Rubashkin runs the family business. Is he a dutiful son or a corporate crook?
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$1.2 Billion Scam: Ft. Frauderdale

Feb 23, 2011 Season 5 Episode 42

Scott Rothstein is a Ft. Lauderdale attorney making millions. He’s the life of the party, a guy who wants the world to love him. But Rothstein is actually a criminal mastermind. This is the story behind the largest Ponzi scheme in Florida history.
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A Most Generous Criminal

Feb 16, 2011 Season 5 Episode 41

He’s a trusted advisor and a philanthropist. Bob McLean runs a successful investment firm and donates millions to his favorite causes. But McLean has a dark, devastating secret. American Greed profiles a story of phony philanthropy.
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Hackers: Operation Get Rich or Die Tryin’

Feb 09, 2011 Season 5 Episode 40

Albert Gonzalez leads a gang with an insatiable appetite for sex, drugs…and your encrypted information. They steal credit card numbers and make a fortune by selling them on the black market. But the multi-million dollar scam has deadly consequences.
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Fool’s Gold

Feb 02, 2011 Season 5 Episode 39

He’s a philanthropist, diplomat and international man of mystery. Dr. Henry Jones promises to get investors in on a secret gold deal. But Dr. Jones is leading a double life—a life unknown even to his partners in crime.
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Financial Guru Gone Bad

Jan 26, 2011 Season 5 Episode 38

Troy Titus promises to make you rich. Thousands attend his lectures, buy his DVDs and invest with the man who portrays himself as a moneymaking magician. It’s true to an extent...Titus makes money disappear in a multi-million dollar Ponzi scheme!
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Bank Robbing Broker

Jan 19, 2011 Season 5 Episode 37

Stephen Trantel is a husband, a father…and a bank robber. He was once a broker making hundreds of thousands of dollars. Unemployed, Trantel embarks on a new career…of crime. His life—and the lives of those who love him--are changed forever.
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