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Latest Episode: $udden Death/Hip Hop Hustle

Apr 09, 2014 Season 8 Episode 4 watch on

Feds investigate financial advisor J.D. Salinas and discover a $39 million scam.

Allen Stanford: The Dark Knight

Oct 10, 2012 Season 6 Episode 17

Sir Allen Stanford was once one of the richest men in America. His company, The Stanford Financial Group, flourished selling certificate of deposits, usually a safe bet. But he was eventually convicted of running an international $7 billion Ponzi scheme!
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The Jersey Score

Jul 25, 2012 Season 6 Episode 16

Solomon Dwek was a real estate mogul, philanthropist...and an expert flimflammer. He was the mastermind behind a multimillion-dollar scam. When his luck runs out, he becomes an informant in the biggest case of corruption and greed in New Jersey history.
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Financial Home Invasion

Jul 18, 2012 Season 6 Episode 15

Lee Farkas was a mortgage mogul, a millionaire and the chairman of Taylor, Bean & Whitaker. In reality, his clients were in the dark as Farkas made his fortune by peddling fake mortgages and looting his own company.
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Crash for Cash

Jun 27, 2012 Season 6 Episode 14

In the city of brotherly love, car wrecks piled up and auto insurance policies were treated like ATM machines. American Greed takes you inside a Philadelphia car insurance fraud ring where everybody got a piece of the action.
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The Mormon Madoff

Jun 20, 2012 Season 6 Episode 13

Shawn Merriman was a bishop in the Mormon Church, a family man and the head of a thriving investment business pulling in millions. But unbeknownst to investors, Merriman was living a lie and ripping off his neighbors, friends…even his own mother.
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Blackjack Cheaters

May 30, 2012 Season 6 Episode 12

Van Thu Tran is a sexy gambler who knows how to beat the odds. She makes millions in casinos using one of the oldest tricks in the book… with a new high tech twist.
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Pimp, Preacher, Profiteer

May 09, 2012 Season 6 Episode 11

Milwaukee crime boss Michael Lock, often described as a "mortgage pimp," is not your typical white-collar criminal. Once considered a church prodigy, he went on to deal drugs, pimp prostitutes, torture & kill two drug dealers, and commit mortgage fraud.
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Nicholas Cosmo: All Interest, No Return

May 02, 2012 Season 6 Episode 10

Dubbed Long Island’s “mini-Madoff,” Nicholas Cosmo promised big returns on booming real estate investments. Victims from his blue-collar neighborhood entrusted their life savings, but his Ponzi scheme resulted in losses of more than $195 million.
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Real Estate Home Wrecker

Apr 04, 2012 Season 6 Episode 9

One of the nation’s top homebuilders runs a multimillion-dollar scam that wreaks financial havoc on home buyers, subcontractors, and banks. As a result, nearly 300 home owners face the threat of foreclosure.
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Loan Scam: Money for Nothing / Hawaiian Punch: Fraud in Para...

Mar 21, 2012 Season 6 Episode 8

First, in a mountain retreat, Norman Schmidt stole millions until a trusted employee brought him down. broker James Lull claimed there was big money to be made fixing bad credit scores, but what did he really do with investors' millions?
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Fine Art: A Portrait of Fraud

Mar 14, 2012 Season 6 Episode 7

A televised art auction appears to showcase masterpieces. It’s billed as your chance to own a Rembrandt, Chagall or Dali. A rare Picasso sells for $500....too good to be true?
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The Insider: Raj Rajaratnam

Feb 29, 2012 Season 6 Episode 6

It's one of the biggest cases of insider trading in history. Raj Rajaratnam had it all: a wildly successful hedge fund, billions in the bank and Wall Street's respect. But behind closed doors, Rajaratnam was gaming the system to the tune of $75 million!
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Generous With Other People’s Money

Feb 22, 2012 Season 6 Episode 5

Tom Petters was a respected CEO for more than a decade at iconic American companies like Polaroid, Sun Country Airlines and Fingerhut. But these legitimate businesses were purchased with dirty money...Petters' reputation was built on a foundation of lies.
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Baby Broker Scam

Feb 15, 2012 Season 6 Episode 4

Kevin Cohen is an attorney who says he can make dreams come true for couples wanting children. He promises babies…for a hefty price. But unknown to his trusting clients, Cohen is exploiting their hopes and dreams.
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Major League Fraud

Feb 08, 2012 Season 6 Episode 3

Nevin Shapiro is the conman at the center of a major college football scandal. Who is this man who jeopardized the future of the University of Miami’s football team, and how did he steal the millions that made it all possible?
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Master of Deadly Deceit

Feb 01, 2012 Season 6 Episode 2

Carlos Perez-Olivo is a successful lawyer with a silver tongue and solid-gold taste. But when he’s disbarred for fleecing desperate clients, he finds another way to make money...and proves how greed really is a deadly sin.
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Naked Greed: Celebrity Scam Artist

Jan 25, 2012 Season 6 Episode 1

Kenneth Ira Starr is a money manager who courts celebrity clients like Sylvester Stallone and Uma Thurman. But he doesn’t stop there. He steals $30 million to buy his way onto Hollywood’s A-list & live a life of luxury...all in the name of love.
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