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2007, TV Show

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Latest Episode: The Car Con

Jul 23, 2014 Season 8 Episode 11 watch on

Brothers Darain and Cory Atkinson start US FIDELIS, a business selling vehicle service contracts. But when the cars break down, the warranties prove worthless while the brothers pocket millions.

$6 Million Art Heist

Sep 21, 2008 Season 2 Episode 14

In this episode of American Greed, see the story of two thieves who almost got away with stealing more than $6 million worth of paintings.
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Driven By Greed

Mar 26, 2008 Season 2 Episode 9

American Greed takes you inside the "Miracle Car Club," where two young men take investors for a ride to the tune of more than $21 million.
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Party's Over: Tyco's Kozlowski

Mar 19, 2008 Season 2 Episode 8

Meet Dennis Kozlowski, the former CEO of TYCO.
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The Rise and Fall Of CyberNet

Mar 12, 2008 Season 2 Episode 7

This American Greed episode exposes one of the biggest scams of the 21st century.
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Inside the WorldCom Scam

Mar 05, 2008 Season 2 Episode 6

American Greed investigates one of the most notorious cases of corporate fraud in US history: the rise and fraud of WorldCom.
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Deadly Rx For Greed

Feb 27, 2008 Season 2 Episode 5

Watch as a respected pharmacist mixes a prescription of greed... diluting life-saving drugs and the hopes of cancer patients.
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The Art of Fraud

Feb 20, 2008 Season 2 Episode 4

American Greed investigates one of the nation's largest Ponzi schemes, operated by a former Scientology minister. Meet the investigators who brought a con man, who stole more than $600 million from investors, to justice.
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Preying on Faith

Feb 13, 2008 Season 2 Episode 3

This "American Greed" follows the twists and turns of a famous unsolved art heist. Then, go inside the investigation of a pastor who preyed on a small Christian community, stealing $10 million.
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The Wheaton Bandit

Feb 06, 2008 Season 2 Episode 2

See the story of a methamphetamine addict pushed into crime by drugs.
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The Martin Frankel Case

Jan 30, 2008 Season 2 Episode 1

The case of financier Martin Frankel is a profile of money laundering, prostitution, bizarre sex, drug abuse…
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