Season 1, Episode 18 The Masked Eagle

First Aired: August 14, 2002

Part 1 of two. Jess and his old friend Pete (Pete Leal) are finally getting ready for an oft-delayed fishing trip when Pete collapses. It seems he's a diabetic and didn't know it. Meanwhile, Dora (Raquel Welch) is giving dance lessons to neighborhood ladies and Pablito, who misses Ofelia (Kate Del Castillo) greatly, fantasizes that they're dance partners, á la Fred and Ginger. And in flashbacks, 10-year-old Jess and Pete (Albert Gutierrez, Bubba Rivas) fight World War II “battles” in a junkyard guarded by a blind caretaker, then find themselves in the middle of L.A.'s “zoot suit riots.”