American Chopper Season 3
The Teutuls build the custom motorcycles most people only dream about. And along the way, they've built their own version of the American Dream. Join (more…)
American Chopper Season 2
Like craftsmen from a bygone age, Paul Teutul, Jr. and Paul Teutul, Sr. create masterful two-wheeled machines with painstaking skill--and and occasion (more…)
American Chopper Season 4
The Teutuls face new adventures this season - a jousting tournament leads to a biker build-off, and old school vs. new school competition comes to a h (more…)
You're Making Me Feel Fat!
02:10 — Watch the outtakes from a promo shoot featuring American Chopper's Paul Teutul Sr, Junior and Mikey.
You Gotta Say Discovery CHANNEL
00:51 — Watch bloopers and outtakes from the filming of 'American Chopper' promos.
American Chopper 5: Gander Shopping
03:35 — OCC packs their gear and hikes into their next project - a custom chopper for the outdoor lifestyle company, Gander Mountain.
Let's Throw Some Chairs
01:43 — See chairs fly and glass shatter as the crew says goodbye to their old warehouse.
A Day on the Links
01:40 — Mikey caddies for Davis Love.
Mikey's Best Bloopers
02:17 — See some of Mikey's best bloopers from American Chopper on The Discovery Channel.
David Mann Bike
03:21 — Watch this 'minisode' of the OCC team building the David Mann Bike.
My Bikes
00:29 — Paul Sr. talks about what he rides.
Day in His Life
01:14 — Paul Sr. describes his typical day.
American Chopper Interviews: Cosmetic Fabrications
02:30 — If you're going to speed, do it in style. Paul Jr. talks about his favorite cosmetic fabrications. He's talking about bikes, not botox.
Paul Jr. at I Robot
01:28 — Paul Jr. at the I, Robot premiere.
Grandma's Birthday
03:21 — A birthday girl's wish comes true when Polka legend Jimmy Sturr surprises her.
Paul Jr. and Michelle Assemble Bike
01:28 — New to the job...Michelle gives Paul Jr. a hand.
American Chopper 5: Camo Bike
04:02 — OCC continues on their latest custom creation - a street bike/motocross hybrid for the outdoor lifestyle company, Gander Mountain.
Locked Out!
01:59 — Mikey has a big laugh when he locks Dad out of the shop. Of course, in the end the joke will be on him.
Cutting Room Floor
00:34 — The cameras are on all day, you figure other stuff goes on, right?
Lincoln Mark LT Bike
03:24 — Watch this 'minisode' of the OCC team building the Lincoln Mark LT Bike.
02:41 — Pauley and the guys get out on the snow for some hysterical R&R.
Live Like A RockStar
02:51 — Paul Sr. answers viewer questions about the drawbacks of fame.
Chopper Iron
00:16 — Paul Sr. talks about the iron works business.
American Chopper Interviews: Satellite Radio
02:05 — Paul Jr. gives the lowdown on riding, from satellite radio to his favorite riding memory.
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