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A family searches for a missing teenage girl.

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Ben Season 1, Episode 4 Jan 22, 2014 $1.99

With a new job and boyfriend Sarah seems to be moving on with her life but Ben is still convinced that Amber is alive and, in a moment of reconciliation with his ex-wife, celebrates Amber's birthday in her absence. Aware of his daughter's penchant for chatting on the Internet, he believes that Amber has been taken by a paedophile gang.

Charlie Season 1, Episode 3 Jan 21, 2014 $1.99

Charlie Huang is an illegal immigrant in debt to the gang who brought him to England from China. When he comes into possession of Amber's stolen phone, Charlie tries to mail it to Ben. But Ben is suspicious of the stranger.

Maeve Season 1, Episode 2 Jan 20, 2014 $2.99

Maeve Flynn Dunne is a weary socialite who has recently profited from her friendship with Sarah Bailey. When she is contacted by a prisoner who claims to have new information about Amber, she sees an opportunity to redeem herself in the eyes of Sarah. Maeve starts to do her own investigation but is slowly drawn into a desperate man's terrible plan.

Episode 04 Season 0, Episode 4 Nov 8, 2013 Paid

Months have now passed since Amber Bailey disappeared. Amber’s father Ben Bailey has reached the ugliest point of his emotions and actions and hit rock bottom.