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Apr 10, 1987 Season 2 Episode 21 watch on (Subscription)

Weird Al Yankovic stars as the Cabbage Man, an alien who threatens to destroy Earth unless a beauty pageant accepts contestants from other planets.

Moving Day

Apr 03, 1987 Season 2 Episode 20

Moving away is hard for any kid. But the pain is out of this world for teen Alexander Webster, who learns that his new home is 85 billion miles away.
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Without Diana

Mar 27, 1987 Season 2 Episode 19

With his wife on her deathbed, an aging man reunites with the daughter he lost 40 years earlier. But the little girl hasn't aged a day.
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Such Interesting Neighbors

Mar 20, 1987 Season 2 Episode 18

New neighbors the Hellenbecks arrive in the middle of the night, and they don't know anything about the 20th century. Are the Hellenbecks ... aliens?
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Gershwin's Trunk

Mar 13, 1987 Season 2 Episode 17

A Broadway composer played by Bob Balaban gets some otherworldly inspiration when he enlists a psychic to channel the spirit of George Gershwin.
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The 21 Inch Sun

Feb 02, 1987 Season 2 Episode 15

A slow-working TV scribe is given one day to write a sitcom. Although his creative well has run dry, his houseplant is overflowing with ideas.
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Blue Man Down

Jan 19, 1987 Season 2 Episode 14

A cop who blames himself for his partner's death is reassigned to traffic duty. There, he reluctantly accepts a new partner with a mysterious past.
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Lane Change

Jan 12, 1987 Season 2 Episode 13

Driving on a lonely highway, Charlene picks up a stranded older woman who sees strange visions in passing vehicles. Kathy Baker stars as Charlene.
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The Eternal Mind

Dec 29, 1986 Season 2 Episode 12

Jeffrey Jones does a bittersweet turn as a dying scientist and husband who gets a new lease on life when his thoughts are transferred to a computer.
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What If...?

Dec 08, 1986 Season 2 Episode 11

A lonely boy wonders what would happen if his parents didn't return from one of their social parties. His what-ifs soon yield bizarre consequences.
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The Pumpkin Competition

Dec 01, 1986 Season 2 Episode 10

After years of losing a pumpkin contest to her rival, Elma is approached by a botanist who claims to have a formula for creating super vegetables.
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Go to the Head of the Class

Nov 21, 1986 Season 2 Episode 8

A revenge plot goes awry when two students cast a deadly spell on an overbearing professor played by Christopher Lloyd. Robert Zemeckis directs.
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Life on Death Row

Nov 10, 1986 Season 2 Episode 7

While escaping from death row, inmate Eric David Peterson is struck by lightning and develops miraculous healing powers.
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The Greibble

Nov 03, 1986 Season 2 Episode 6

When a mother cleans her son's room, she throws away a comic book featuring a monster called the Greibble, who will not be discarded so easily.
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You Gotta Believe Me

Oct 20, 1986 Season 2 Episode 5

Charles Durning shines as Earl, a man who rushes to the airport in his pajamas after having a plane-crash nightmare he believes to be prophetic.
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