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Apr 10, 1987 Season 2 Episode 21 watch on (Subscription)

Weird Al Yankovic stars as the Cabbage Man, an alien who threatens to destroy Earth unless a beauty pageant accepts contestants from other planets.

Grandpa's Ghost

May 25, 1986 Season 1 Episode 24

Edwin tries to console his grandmother and get her to move on with her life, but she can't do that with her recently deceased husband's ghost around.
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One For the Books

May 11, 1986 Season 1 Episode 23

The scientific community is shocked when an aging janitor at a university becomes suddenly knowledgeable about every subject taught in the school.
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The Doll

May 04, 1986 Season 1 Episode 22

Robin Hood is enchanted by a Byzantine princess who's being held captive in England by Prince John, who wants the royal beauty's father's army.
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Hell Toupee

Apr 13, 1986 Season 1 Episode 21

Harry Ballentine is defending Murray Bernstein, who's charged with murdering his previous lawyers. Is the cause of all of these deaths a toupee?
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Secret Cinema

Apr 06, 1986 Season 1 Episode 20

After her fiancé breaks up with her, Jane starts to notice odd events, such as her mother asking for her autograph and a stranger insulting her.
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Dorothy and Ben

Mar 02, 1986 Season 1 Episode 18

Ben Dumfy wakes up from a 40-year coma and walks into the room of Dorothy, a 7-year-old girl who went into a coma two weeks before him.
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Gather Ye Acorns

Feb 02, 1986 Season 1 Episode 16

After talking to a troll, young Jonathan decides to live as a dreamer. Years later, Jonathan confronts the troll who had such an impact on his life.
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No Day at the Beach

Jan 12, 1986 Season 1 Episode 14

A soldier in World War II is picked on by his platoon. When his fellow soldiers are trapped by heavy machine-gun fire, he attempts to save the day.
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The Sitter

Jan 05, 1986 Season 1 Episode 13

A divorced mother has trouble finding a babysitter for her two rowdy boys. But new sitter Jennifer has some freaky voodoo tricks up her sleeves.
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Vanessa in the Garden

Dec 29, 1985 Season 1 Episode 12

After Byron learns that his paintings will be displayed, his wife, Vanessa, dies. Unable to cope, Byron stumbles upon a way to reconnect with her.
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Santa '85/'86

Dec 15, 1985 Season 1 Episode 11

Santa sets off a home alarm and is thrown in jail. In order to deliver the rest of his toys, he must convince the sheriff to have a change of heart.
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Remote Control Man

Dec 08, 1985 Season 1 Episode 10

After Walter's wife pawns his television, Walter gets another set that has the power to bring TV characters out of the box and into his living room.
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Guilt Trip

Dec 01, 1985 Season 1 Episode 9

Heaven sends down the emotion Guilt, in human form, to help people. When Guilt gets into trouble for drinking, he's ordered to take a vacation.
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Mr. Magic

Nov 17, 1985 Season 1 Episode 8

An older illusionist has trouble pulling off card tricks. But after buying an old deck of real magic cards, he's able to accomplish amazing things.
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Fine Tuning

Nov 10, 1985 Season 1 Episode 7

After building an antenna, a boy starts receiving strange signals from outer space that appear to be coming from aliens who love classic television.
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The Amazing Falsworth

Nov 03, 1985 Season 1 Episode 6

The Amazing Falsworth gets an unwanted surprise from his audience. Falsworth determines, with his psychic powers, that there's a killer in the crowd.
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Mummy, Daddy

Oct 27, 1985 Season 1 Episode 4

Despite being dressed in a mummy costume, Harold leaves work so he can witness the birth of his child. But a real mummy has other plans for him.
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Alamo Jobe

Oct 20, 1985 Season 1 Episode 3

While defending the Alamo, frontier fighter Jobe suddenly gets transported to the 20th century, where he's trapped among hordes of tourists.
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Ghost Train

Sep 29, 1985 Season 1 Episode 1

After moving into a new house, a grandfather tells his grandson that he was responsible for a train wreck that took place there 75 years ago.
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