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Oct 27, 2009 Season 12 Episode 37 watch on Hulu (Free)

Von makes final preparations to leave All Saints.

Never Forget

Nov 25, 2003 Season 6 Episode 43

An obsessive gunman embarks on a shooting spree as he stalks Charlotte through the hospital.
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Loser Pays

Nov 25, 2003 Season 6 Episode 42

Greg Roberts gives Charlotte a moral headache when he assaults a patient who has robbed the ward of pethidine.
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The Right Thing?

Nov 11, 2003 Season 6 Episode 41

When Charlotte discovers hospital cleaner Greg Roberts with a wound to his head, she has no reason to doubt his story.
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Other People's Business

Nov 04, 2003 Season 6 Episode 40

Von and Nelson have to work out how they are going to live and work together.
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Harm's Way

Oct 28, 2003 Season 6 Episode 39

Dr. Charlotte Beaumont is stunned when she finds Sasha, the troubled girl she has taken into her home, lying on the ground covered in blood.
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Doctor of Choice

Oct 21, 2003 Season 6 Episode 38

Things have quickly turned passionate between Alex Kearns and his gorgeous and feisty new ambo partner, Harri Stapleton.
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Look Before You Leap

Oct 14, 2003 Season 6 Episode 37

Alex's new temporary ambo partner, Harri, catches Sterlo's eye as they try to help Troy Davies.
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Safety Net

Oct 07, 2003 Season 6 Episode 36

The tension is palpable in Ward 17. The Emergency Department is in chaos.
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Question of Guilt

Sep 30, 2003 Season 6 Episode 35

The day Von Ryan has been dreading is finally here.
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To Forgive, Divine

Sep 23, 2003 Season 6 Episode 34

When a bone marrow donor withdraws her consent, Terri and Charlotte battle to save her sister's life.
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Wrong Call

Sep 16, 2003 Season 6 Episode 33

Luke makes a life-or-death decision that results in a family tragedy which is likely to haunt him for a long, long time.
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The Devil to Pay

Sep 09, 2003 Season 6 Episode 32

When Matt discovers a dumped baby, little does he realize that he might be accused of being the child's father.
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Sep 02, 2003 Season 6 Episode 31

The husband of Charlotte's ex-lover, Liz, dies of pneumonia.
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Too Close for Comfort

Aug 26, 2003 Season 6 Episode 30

3 years after a bomb caused injury and chaos in the medical center adjacent to All Saints General Hospital, another huge explosive device is set off.
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Friends in Need

Aug 19, 2003 Season 6 Episode 29

Terri is put in the middle when Von clashes with a volunteer who is interfering in the care of a lung transplant patient.
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Eyes Wide Open

Aug 12, 2003 Season 6 Episode 28

Matt freaks out when the body he's just delivered to the morgue suddenly "wakes up".
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Some You Win

Aug 05, 2003 Season 6 Episode 27

The usually gruff nursing sister Von Ryan has been doing everything she can to help a seriously ill patient and her daughter.
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A Second Look

Jul 29, 2003 Season 6 Episode 26

Charlotte's professional standing is damaged when she turns up in emergency, apparently under the influence and behaving inappropriately.
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Now You See Me

Jul 22, 2003 Season 6 Episode 25

The investigation into Rose Stevens' murder reaches a dramatic conclusion.
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Suspicious Minds

Jul 15, 2003 Season 6 Episode 24

Vincent becomes entangled in Rose Stevens' murder investigation.
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The Things We Do for Love

Jul 08, 2003 Season 6 Episode 23

It's becoming obvious to Jared that Leanne is an alcoholic.
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A Rock and a Hard Place

Jul 01, 2003 Season 6 Episode 22

Terri is locked up at the local police station after being charged with the murder of Rose Stevens.
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Presumption of Guilt

Jun 24, 2003 Season 6 Episode 21

Terri's enjoyable week playing mum to Lucy, while Victoria is in hospital, comes to an abrupt end when she is questioned by the police.
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No Place Like Home

Jun 17, 2003 Season 6 Episode 20

Everyone at the hospital is talking about the death of Rose Stevens, and what could have pushed her to take the final step.
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Sins of the Past

Jun 10, 2003 Season 6 Episode 19

Terri makes a serious mistake when she assumes she knows what her patient needs.
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Night Moves

Jun 03, 2003 Season 6 Episode 18

At the All Saints Annual Charity Ball, hearts are won and lost and Terri discovers that she may have misjudged Vincent Hughes.
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Best Intentions

May 27, 2003 Season 6 Episode 17

A woman revisits a childhood nightmare after she is involved in a car accident with her son.
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In Control

May 20, 2003 Season 6 Episode 16

Paramedics Scott and Alex are called out to attend a serious car accident, but Scott becomes concerned when he discovers Rebecca's parents are among the injured.
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Seeking Asylum

May 13, 2003 Season 6 Episode 15

Vincent's tragic past is revealed after a tough day looking after a TB patient from a government detention center.
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Past Tense

May 06, 2003 Season 6 Episode 14

On Terri's first day back at work she clashes with Doctor Vincent Hughes over a returned heart transplant patient who has a broken leg.
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Breathing Space

Apr 29, 2003 Season 6 Episode 13

Nelson is stunned when Terri calls to announce her resignation.
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Fanning the Flames

Apr 22, 2003 Season 6 Episode 12

Terri's grief reaches a climax when she ends up in hospital suffering from pneumonia.
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The Art of Flowers

Apr 15, 2003 Season 6 Episode 11

Terri's not coping in the aftermath of Mitch's death and a dispute with a neighbor only adds to her woes.
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Apr 08, 2003 Season 6 Episode 10

Family and friends turn out in force to pay their last respects to their beloved colleague Mitch Stevens.
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Only the Good Die Young

Apr 01, 2003 Season 6 Episode 9

Mitch fights for his life on an operating table while the return of a patient has the staff of Ward 17 wondering where the justice is in the world.
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The Last Supper

Mar 25, 2003 Season 6 Episode 8

Terri has a romantic surprise in store for Mitch… and it becomes a celebration of life with all the family of Ward 17.
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Separation Pains

Mar 18, 2003 Season 6 Episode 7

Bron hates goodbyes but it's going to be hard to avoid them.
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Older & Wiser

Mar 11, 2003 Season 6 Episode 6

Luke's father is admitted to hospital following a multiple vehicle accident but refuses to accept the diagnosis.
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All Our Tomorrows

Mar 04, 2003 Season 6 Episode 5

Today is the day of Mitch's brain biopsy. A MS sufferer has reached the end of her road.
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Broken English

Feb 25, 2003 Season 6 Episode 4

Mitch, who is again drinking heavily, lashes out at Terri and hits her.
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Destiny's Child

Feb 18, 2003 Season 6 Episode 3

The repercussions are immense when Paula discovers she is pregnant.
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Heroic Measures

Feb 11, 2003 Season 6 Episode 2

Scott rescues a woman from a sinking car, and risks his job in the process.
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Feb 11, 2003 Season 6 Episode 1

Despite his nerves and the unwelcome arrival of her father, Bron and Ben finally make it to the altar.
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