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Tue Jan 24 6:05am
The Unemployment Story SUND

In this hour-long episode, the family's plans to celebrate Mike's career are disrupted by Archie losing his job after 30 years and trying to find work. Mrs. Thomas: Jinaki. Clerk: F. Murray Abraham. Gonzalez: Raul Mancada. Edwards: Gerald Hiken. Ms. Malone (more…)

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Tue Jan 24 6:40am
Archie's Operation(Season 7, Episode 7) SUND

Outraged after receiving what he considers poor medical care, Archie faces huge bills and bad news about his job. Conclusion. Dr. Thatcher: Vinnette Carroll. Hank: Danny Dayton. Nurse: Frances Fong. Edith: Jean Stapleton. Mike: Rob Reiner. Archie: Carroll (more…)

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Tue Jan 24 7:15am
Archie's Operation(Season 7, Episode 6) SUND

Archie fears for his life as he faces surgery, and the hospital staff does little to calm his pre-operation jitters. Part 1 of two. Dr. Thatcher: Vinnette Carroll. Teresa: Liz Torres. Dr. Goldstein: Milton Selzer. Edith: Jean Stapleton. Gloria: Sally Strut (more…)

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Tue Jan 24 7:50am
Beverly Rides Again(Season 7, Episode 8) SUND

To get even with Pinky for a practical joke, Archie sets him up on a date with female impersonator Beverly LaSalle (Lori Shannon). Pinky: Eugene Roche. Hank: Danny Dayton. Harry: Jason Wingreen. Carlos: Andre Pavon. Doris: Phoebe Dorin. Edith: Jean Staplet (more…)

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Tue Jan 24 8:25am
Teresa Moves In(Season 7, Episode 9) SUND

To help pay Archie's medical bills, the Bunkers take in a boarder, hospital employee Teresa Betancourt (Liz Torres). Luis: Alex Colon. Edith: Jean Stapleton. Gloria: Sally Struthers. Archie: Carroll O'Connor.

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Tue Jan 24 9:00am
Mike and Gloria's Will(Season 7, Episode 10) SUND

Mike decides that he and Gloria should have a will, but the Bunkers are upset when they're not named as Joey's guardians. Edith: Jean Stapleton. Mike: Rob Reiner. Archie: Carroll O'Connor.

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Tue Jan 24 9:35am
Mr. Edith Bunker(Season 7, Episode 11) SUND

Archie's resentful of Edith's fame after she saves a life at the Sunshine Rest Home and is due to receive an award on TV. Teresa: Liz Torres. Martha: Florence Halop. Kleeger: Phil Leeds. Martin: James Greene. Katie: Priscilla Morrill. Hank: Danny Dayton. H (more…)

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Tue Jan 24 10:10am
Archie's Secret Passion(Season 7, Episode 12) SUND

Archie panics when a couple of old friends (Estelle Parsons, Mike Kellin) pay a visit, because he once had a fling with the woman. Edith: Jean Stapleton. Mike: Rob Reiner. Archie: Carroll O'Connor.

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Tue Jan 24 10:45am
The Baby Contest(Season 7, Episode 13) SUND

Mike and Gloria are furious with Archie for entering Joey's picture in a beautiful-baby contest. Barney: Allan Melvin. Harry Jason Wingreen. Hank: Danny Dayton. Edith: Jean Stapleton. Mike: Rob Reiner. Archie: Carroll O'Connor.

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Tue Jan 24 11:20am
Gloria's False Alarm(Season 7, Episode 14) SUND

Gloria discovers that she might be pregnant again, which leads to an argument with Mike about accepting responsibility. Dr. Dolby: Michael Mann. Nurse: Jeanne Arnold. Edith: Jean Stapleton. Gloria: Sally Struthers. Mike: Rob Reiner.

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Tue Jan 24 11:55am
The Draft Dodger(Season 7, Episode 15) SUND

Christmas dinner at the Bunkers' finds Archie playing host to a friend whose son was killed in the war and Mike's draft-dodger buddy. Pinky Peterson: Eugene Roche. David Brewster: Renny Temple. Edith: Jean Stapleton. Mike: Rob Reiner. Archie: Carroll O'Con (more…)

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Tue Jan 31 7:00am
The Boarder Patrol SUND

The Bunkers' unexpected return from a weekend trip puts Edith in a precarious situation when she discovers that Teresa has her boyfriend in her bedroom.

Tue Jan 31 7:35am
Archie's Chair(Season 7, Episode 17) SUND

Mike accidentally breaks Archie's chair; while out for repairs, it gets lost and later turns up in an art gallery. Lichtenrauch: Michael Pataki. Gallery Manager: Allan Rich. McDonald: Doug Robinson. Man No. 1: Colin Hamilton. Man No. 2: Tyler McVey. Edith: (more…)

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Tue Jan 31 8:10am
Mike Goes Skiing(Season 7, Episode 18) SUND

Mike feigns fatigue so Gloria will consent to his going skiing with the boys rather than accompanying her to a party. Teresa: Liz Torres. Frank: Tom Fitzsimmons. Charlie: Rod Loomis. Leo: John Karlen. Pete: Mark Lonow. Edith: Jean Stapleton. Mike: Rob Rein (more…)

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Tue Jan 31 8:45am
Stretch Cunningham, Goodbye(Season 7, Episode 19) SUND

Archie panics when he's asked to deliver the eulogy at a friend's funeral and then discovers that the deceased was Jewish. Harry Moss: Jay Gerber. Rabbi Kaplan: Charles Siebert. Edith: Jean Stapleton. Mike: Rob Reiner. Archie: Carroll O'Connor.

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Tue Jan 31 9:20am
The Joys of Sex SUND

Both Gloria and Mike help Edith and Archie express their sexual interaction after catching Edith reading How to be your Husband's Mistress.

Tue Jan 31 9:55am
Mike the Pacifist SUND

When an already crowded subway is invaded by an obnoxious drunk, Mike takes leave of his senses and violates one of his strongest principles.

Tue Jan 31 10:30am
Fire(Season 7, Episode 22) SUND

Archie schemes to increase his insurance claim for a small fire by vandalizing his own house. Barney: Allan Melvin. Teresa: Liz Torres. Ligway: Roger C. Carmel. Fireman No. 1: Joel Frederick. Fireman No. 2: Fred Rolaf. Edith: Jean Stapleton. Mike: Rob Rein (more…)

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Tue Jan 31 11:05am
Mike and Gloria Split(Season 7, Episode 23) SUND

A word game mushrooms into warfare between Gloria and Mike, resulting in his sharing a bed with a disgruntled Archie. Edith: Jean Stapleton. Mike: Rob Reiner. Archie: Carroll O'Connor.

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Tue Jan 31 11:40am
Archie the Liberal(Season 7, Episode 24) SUND

After the press and civil-rights groups criticize the discrimination in Archie's lodge, a token effort is made to recruit a new member. Barney: Allan Melvin. Hank: Danny Dayton. Harry: Jason Wingreen. Solomon Jackson: James McEachin. Edith: Jean Stapleton (more…)

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Tue Jan 31 12:15pm
Archie's Dog Day Afternoon SUND

Archie must spend his afternoon at the vet when his accidentally runs over Barney's annoying--but cute--dog with his cab.

Tue Jan 31 12:50pm
Archie Gets the Business SUND

When Kelsey finally decides to sell his bar, nothing will stop Archie from getting it--even if it means forging Edith's signature against her will.

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Tue Jan 31 1:25pm
Archie Gets the Business(Season 8, Episode 2) SUND

Conclusion. Archie puts his house on the line so he can buy a saloon and pays a high price for forging Edith's signature. Kelsey: Frank Maxwell. Edith: Jean Stapleton. Ms. Watson: Norma Donaldson. Mike: Rob Reiner. Archie: Carroll O'Connor.

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  • Premiered: January 12, 1971
  • Rating: TV-PG
  • Premise: The groundbreaking, multi-Emmy-winning sitcom about bigoted Archie Bunker ended TV's innocence. Its protagonist was simultaneously lovable and pathetic and, series creator Norman Lear said, `the bigger-than-life epitome of something that's in all of us, li… (more)

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