A sci-fi cop series about an alien detective and his family trying to adapt to life in L.A. following the crash of their spaceship in the Mojave Desert. The Franciscos are among 250,000 stranded Newcomers from the planet Tencton, and the series explores racial themes as it charts their assimilation.

Guest Stars

Cathy Frankel
Buck's Uncle, Uncle Moodri
Carl Peterson, Windsor
Angela Bassett
Renee Longstreet
Jenny Gago
Det. Zepeda
Rick Parris
Dr. Marcie Wright
Mitch Pileggi
Jean Paul Sartre
Charlotte Bronte
Harriet Beecher
Doctor of Death
Silas Marner
Victoria Fletcher
Buster Keaton
Bud Anderson
Rita Allen-Poe
Kenny Dunstan
Marilyn Houston
Viktor Wendkos
Arvin Kaufman
Jesse Parker
Dr. Lois Allen-Michele
Dr. Chris Pettit
Little Sikes
Marvin Gardens