The durable sitcom about a single mom who slings hash at Mel's Diner is based on the 1974 movie `Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore' and ran for nine seasons. The spinoff series `Flo,' with Polly Holliday, ran from 1980-81.


Guest Stars

Kip Niven
FiancÉ, Steve, Travis Marsh
Robert Picardo
Maxwell, Officer
Leonard Stone
Arnie, Lenny, Lenny Beck
Jack Kruschen
Competitor, Electrician
John Myhers
Frank Chasen, Harleigh
Richard Jamison
Jolene's Date, Truck Driver
Eve Arden
Martha McIntyre
Geoffrey Lewis
Deputy Barnes
James Cromwell
Detective Hilton
Janis Paige
Photographer's Wife