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Alice in Wonderland

A four-part adaptation of Lewis Carroll's tale of an imaginative child's dream.

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Season 2 - Episode 24 - Monkey Business Season 2, Episode 24 Jan 1, 1983 $0.99

The queen's favourite baby chimp has disappeared and the queen is deeply disappointed, for this little monkey was her darling, whose every wish she anticipated, and whom she spoilt.The thought of having to do without her little Schnurps is unbearable for the queen, and so she commands all the people of Wonderland to look for Schnurps and to return him to her.

Season 2 - Episode 20 - Silver Anniversary Season 2, Episode 20 Jan 1, 1983 $0.99

Alice finds out that the Queen of Hearts and all the people of Wonderland are in a state a great turmoil because the royal silverware has been stolen.The queen gives Alice the assignment of finding the missing cutlery. This is a very difficult task, in which, on top of everything else, Alice and Benny Bunny are made invisible.

Season 2 - Episode 19 - The Family Portrait Season 2, Episode 19 Jan 1, 1983 $0.99

Alice gets into trouble with the Queen of Hearts. Alice accidently ends up in the family photograph of the royal family. The Queen is outraged at this "impossilbe behaviour," even though Alice was really innocent. The snark is the real culprit. As the queen is particularly angry about the snark's tricks, she has commissioned a snark hunter to find him.

Season 2 - Episode 16 - Little Bill in Love Season 2, Episode 16 Jan 1, 1983 $0.99

Little Bill will no longer speak to Alice. He just looks right through Alice and Benny Bunny as if they were not there. Alice, who is really very fond of Little Bill, is so disappointed about this, that she goes to the Blue Caterpiller for advice. Trying to comfort her, he explains the reason for Little Bill's behavior: Little Bill is in love.

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Alice Through The Looking Glass - In Theaters May 27!
00:15 — We re all a little mad about Daylight Savings.
Clothe This Girl
01:03 — The Red Queen and Alice meet at the croquet grounds.
The Story of Alice in Wonderland
02:22 — Hear the story behind the musical score of Alice in Wonderland
Falling Down
01:47 — Alice tumbles down a most peculiar rabbit hole.