A sexy, high-octane thrill ride filled with espionage, intrigue and cliffhangers. It chronicles the adventures of operative Sydney Bristow as she battles shadowy intelligence agencies, along with some seriously twisted family members. During season 2, executive producer J.J. Abrams abandoned the double-agent angle, then revived it in the fourth year after the arrival of Syd's half-sister and the show's move from a ratings-challenged Sunday slot to a plush post-Lost perch on Wednesdays.

Active Cast

Jennifer Garner Sydney Bristow
Victor Garber Jack Bristow
Ron Rifkin Arvin Sloane
Michael Vartan Michael Vaughn
Carl Lumbly Marcus Dixon
Kevin Weisman Marshall Flinkman

Former Cast

Mia Maestro Nadia Santos
Greg Grunberg Eric Weiss
Bradley Cooper Will Tippin
Merrin Dungey Francie Calfo/Allison Doren
Lena Olin Irina Derevko/Laura Bristow
Melissa George Lauren Reed