A good-natured buddy Western about two charismatic outlaws who are trying to stay straight for one year so they can earn a pardon from the governor for their past misdeeds. Of course, avoiding trouble is easier said than done for the Butch and Sundance-like duo, since there is still a sizable bounty on their heads.


Guest Stars

Hannibal Heyes (alias Joshua Smith)
Brisco, Briscoe, Con Artist, Special Agent
Clifford, Crawford, Passenger Agent
Stationmaster, Wingate
Michele Lee
George, Georgette
Sheriff, Sheriff Benton
Janet Judson, Mrs. Hanley
Blake, Chester
Gorman, Sam Bacon
Alcalde, El Clavo
Bronc, Clarence
Billings, Sheriff
Sam Jaffe
Dr. Sylvester
McGuffin, Sheriff McWhirter
Chuck-wagon Cook
Diamond Jim
Outlaw Leader
Doc Beauregard
Molly Sister Isabel
Jane Wyatt
Sister Julia
Saloon Entertainer
Bounty Hunter
Sheriff Carver

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