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Oct 11, 1959 Season 5 Episode 3 watch on

An angry young man (Clint Kimbrough) accurately predicts an impending death. With Amy Douglass and Norma Crane.

The Canary Sedan

Jun 15, 1958 Season 3 Episode 37

A woman hears voices in her car when she arrives in Hong Kong to join her husband.
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The Safe Place

Jun 08, 1958 Season 3 Episode 36

A bank teller invents a foolproof plan to come up with a lot of quick cash.
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The Crocodile Case

May 25, 1958 Season 3 Episode 34

A man murders his lover's husband to have her for himself.
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Listen! Listen!

May 11, 1958 Season 3 Episode 32

When three women are murdered in a similar fashion, Mr. Morgan develops a theory about the murders.
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Bull in a China Shop

Mar 30, 1958 Season 3 Episode 26

A quartet of elderly women try to gain the attention of a handsome detective.
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Flight to the East

Mar 23, 1958 Season 3 Episode 25

A newspaperman, covering the trial of a murderer, suddenly changes his opinion on the case.
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The Return of the Hero

Mar 02, 1958 Season 3 Episode 22

Two soldiers return to France after having served in the Algerian war.
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Guest for Breakfast

Feb 23, 1958 Season 3 Episode 21

A couple begins their nightly argument when they are suddenly interrupted by a murderer.
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Miss Bracegirdle Does Her Duty

Feb 02, 1958 Season 3 Episode 18

An elderly maid leaves the parsonage in search of her sister who resides in Paris.
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Jan 12, 1958 Season 3 Episode 15

A man is trapped in an office with the body of the woman he just murdered.
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Night of the Execution

Dec 29, 1957 Season 3 Episode 13

A young prosecuting attorney's career is jeopardized unless he can get a conviction in an upcoming trial.
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The Deadly

Dec 15, 1957 Season 3 Episode 11

Housewives, being blackmailed by a plumber, exact their revenge.
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The Young One

Dec 01, 1957 Season 3 Episode 9

A young woman feels trapped in her small-town world.
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Last Request

Nov 24, 1957 Season 3 Episode 8

About to be executed for a crime he didn't commit, a man decides to write his side of the story.
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Enough Rope for Two

Nov 17, 1957 Season 3 Episode 7

A camping trip to the desert turns into murder and the hunt for hidden money.
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Silent Witness

Nov 03, 1957 Season 3 Episode 5

A man murders his lover when she threatens to expose him, but there is a witness to the crime.
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The Glass Eye

Oct 06, 1957 Season 3 Episode 1

A lonely woman falls madly in love with a ventriloquist and follows him around the country.
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