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Latest Episode: The Crystal Trench

Oct 04, 1959 Season 5 Episode 2 watch on

A wife (Patricia Owens) heads for the mountain in Switzerland where her husband died while climbing. With James Donald and Frank Holms.

The Canary Sedan

Jun 15, 1958 Season 3 Episode 37

A woman hears voices in her car when she arrives in Hong Kong to join her husband.
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The Safe Place

Jun 08, 1958 Season 3 Episode 36

A bank teller invents a foolproof plan to come up with a lot of quick cash.
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A Dip in the Pool

Jun 01, 1958 Season 3 Episode 35

A man comes up with a desperate plan to win a bet while crossing the Atlantic on a liner.
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Impromptu Murder

May 25, 1958 Season 3 Episode 34

A lawyer decides to murder one of his clients.
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Post Mortem

May 18, 1958 Season 3 Episode 33

A woman learns that a winning sweepstakes ticket is in the suit her husband was buried in.
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The Safe Place

May 11, 1958 Season 3 Episode 32

George Piper retrieves a large sum from a bank client. He adds murder to his thievery and decides on a surprising hiding place for the stolen loot.
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The Crocodile Case

May 04, 1958 Season 3 Episode 31

A man murders his lover's husband to have her for himself.
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The Disappearing Trick

Apr 06, 1958 Season 3 Episode 27

Womanizing tennis player Walter Richmond tracks down a client who died in a sailboat accident, leaving behind a gorgeous -- and friendly -- widow.
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Bull in a China Shop

Mar 30, 1958 Season 3 Episode 26

While investigating a murder, Detective O'Finn is invited to tea by four little old ladies who have been using a telescope to watch his every move.
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Flight to the East

Mar 23, 1958 Season 3 Episode 25

After writing a sympathetic news story about an Arab leader on trial for murder, reporter Ted Franklin meets a beautiful woman who drums up his past.
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Mar 16, 1958 Season 3 Episode 24

A beautiful woman meets and falls in love with a stranger at her engagement party.
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The Right Kind of House

Mar 09, 1958 Season 3 Episode 23

A woman schemes to avenge her son's death with a unique plan.
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The Return of the Hero

Mar 02, 1958 Season 3 Episode 22

Marcel loses his leg while saving Andre's life. Marcel must again come to his friend's aid when Andre -- who has a fiancée -- falls for a pretty girl.
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Guest for Breakfast

Feb 23, 1958 Season 3 Episode 21

Fugitive Chester Lacey breaks into a home and holds Jordan and Eve Ross hostage, but the couple's constant bickering gets on his nerves.
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On the Nose

Feb 16, 1958 Season 3 Episode 20

A woman has problems staying away from the race track and it threatens her marriage.
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The Equalizer

Feb 09, 1958 Season 3 Episode 19

A physically small husband goes in pursuit of a 200-pound wife-stealing salesman.
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Miss Bracegirdle Does Her Duty

Feb 02, 1958 Season 3 Episode 18

An elderly maid leaves the parsonage in search of her sister who resides in Paris.
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The Motive

Jan 26, 1958 Season 3 Episode 17

A man tries to prove to his friend that a murderer can escape the police if they can't find a motive.
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Jan 19, 1958 Season 3 Episode 16

After Sylvia's father forces her to divorce her opportunistic husband, the sad divorcee hopes to reunite with her ex despite his gold-digging ways.
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Jan 12, 1958 Season 3 Episode 15

A man is trapped in an office with the body of the woman he just murdered.
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The Percentage

Jan 05, 1958 Season 3 Episode 14

A young gangster tries to repay an old Army buddy by starting a business for him.
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Night of the Execution

Dec 29, 1957 Season 3 Episode 13

After winning a murder case and sentencing a man to die, D.A. Warren Selvey is in a tight spot when an old man claims to have committed the crime.
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Miss Paisley's Cat

Dec 22, 1957 Season 3 Episode 12

A lonely woman learns to love a stray cat that wandered into her apartment.
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The Deadly

Dec 15, 1957 Season 3 Episode 11

Housewives, being blackmailed by a plumber, exact their revenge.
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The Diplomatic Corpse

Dec 08, 1957 Season 3 Episode 10

Touring Mexico, Janet's rich mother dies, and the car holding her corpse is stolen. Without a body, Janet can't claim the inheritance.
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The Young One

Dec 01, 1957 Season 3 Episode 9

Janice is chafing under her aunt's guardianship. To escape, Janice lures a man into her house, then tries to frame him for her aunt's murder.
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The Last Request

Nov 24, 1957 Season 3 Episode 8

Before his execution, Gerald Daniels types an angry letter to the newspaper, accusing the D.A. who prosecuted him of condemning innocent men to death.
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Enough Rope for Two

Nov 17, 1957 Season 3 Episode 7

Ex-con Joe Kedzie heads to a mine to retrieve a cache of stolen loot. When Joe's two former partners show up, three's a crowd with $100,000 at stake.
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Reward to Finder

Nov 10, 1957 Season 3 Episode 6

After finding a cash-laden wallet, John Gaminski promises his wife that he'll return it. But when he reneges, she demands that he share the money.
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Silent Witness

Nov 03, 1957 Season 3 Episode 5

A man murders his lover when she threatens to expose him, but there is a witness to the crime.
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Heart of Gold

Oct 27, 1957 Season 3 Episode 4

An ex-con searches for a place to stay after he is released from prison.
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The Perfect Crime

Oct 20, 1957 Season 3 Episode 3

Detective Courtney claims he never makes mistakes. When he's accused of sending an innocent man to die, he makes sure to preserve his perfect record.
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The Mail-Order Prophet

Oct 13, 1957 Season 3 Episode 2

Ronald Grimes is a believer when a psychic's prediction comes true. Grimes's wealth increases, but the psychic's other customers aren't as lucky.
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The Glass Eye

Oct 06, 1957 Season 3 Episode 1

A lonely woman falls madly in love with a ventriloquist and follows him around the country.
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