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Thu May 5 12:02am
Range Riding(Season 2, Episode 4) DSC

Atz protects Otto's cattle herd from a bear and a wolf; Otto and his family race to harvest their hay crop.

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Thu May 5 1:02am
The River Wild(Season 2, Episode 5) DSC

The Kilchers construct a cattle fence and rebuild a cabin.

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Thu May 5 2:02am
Something's Fishy(Season 2, Episode 6) DSC

The Kilchers fish for salmon, halibut and trout.

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Thu May 12 12:04am
Legend of Terrible Island(Season 2, Episode 7) DSC

Atz Lee and Eivin hunt deer; Otto uses black powder to remove a tree stump; and Eve helps Charlotte deal with a bee problem.

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Thu May 12 1:04am
Til the Cows Come Home(Season 2, Episode 11) DSC

The Kilchers go on a picnic at the beach.

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Thu May 12 2:04am
Poopscicle(Season 2, Episode 12) DSC

Eivin takes Eve deer hunting; Atz and his sons gather trees.

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