Akame Ga Kill

  • 2014
  • TV Show
  • TV-MA

A young man infiltrates a murderous gang to end corruption in a capital in this anime series.

Kill the New Recruits
21:28 — Night Raid has two new members, one human and one organic-type Imperial Arms. Both seem like they'll add a lot to the team, but there is one major pro (more…)
Kill the Mad Scientist
21:28 — Dr. Stylish launches a full-scale assault on Night Raid's hideout. Despite getting taken by surprise, everyone is quick to defend their home. But is a (more…)
Kill the Despair
21:29 — The Empire intends to execute Tatsumi as a way to weaken the Revolutionary Army's morale. Night Raid cannot let that happen! They are willing to fight (more…)
Kill Pandemonium
21:29 — Tatsumi and Lubbock sneak onto the palace grounds expecting to attend a meeting with revolutionaries. Instead they find themselves confronting Syura a (more…)
Kill the Seduction
21:27 — Esdeath has abducted Tatsumi and put him in the Jaegers reserves. This is his big chance to learn about the special police. Esdeath has also taken a r (more…)
Kill the Curse
21:29 — Bols and Kurome got separated when Rubicante exploded, making them prime pickings for Chelsea. But without any reinforcements, Chelsea is a sitting du (more…)
Akame ga Kill!
21:56 — Night Raid can't stop yet or the world will never know true peace. They must not let Esdeath and Honest escape! Does an exhausted Akame have what it t (more…)
Kill the Emperor
21:47 — Akame, Leone and Tatsumi infiltrate the palace to kill Honest. Najenda is leading the Revolutionary Army's main forces to buy them some time. Even so, (more…)
Kill Fate
21:29 — The Path of Peace has provided the perfect opportunity to assassinate Bolic with a festival. If Night Raid succeeds, the Revolutionary Army will final (more…)
Kill the Demons
21:31 — Night Raid is learning the streets of Kyoroku in preparation for the battles to come. Not only must they contend with the Jaegers, but also Minister H (more…)

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  • Premiered: July 7, 2014
  • Rating: TV-MA
  • Premise: A young man infiltrates a murderous gang to end corruption in a capital in this anime series. (more)

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