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Latest Episode: Welcome To Paradise

Aug 07, 1987 Season 4 Episode 24 watch on

St. John Hawke is lured into the underworld of contraband by a woman he once loved.

The Golden One

Jul 03, 1987 Season 4 Episode 19

Jo goes in search of her old boyfriend who is reported dead in a plane crash in a Middle Eastern desert.
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Mime Troupe

Apr 03, 1987 Season 4 Episode 11

Jo and Mike are assigned to protect the daughter of an inspector who is the target of a terrorist squad.
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The Stavograd Incident, Part 1

Mar 20, 1987 Season 4 Episode 9

A major accident in a Soviet nuclear plant, threatening meltdown, forces the Russians to ask the United States for assistance – and Airwolf leads the technical team.
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Code Of Silence

Mar 13, 1987 Season 4 Episode 8

St. John Hawke tries to assure a fair trial for the commander of a special air combat force charged with murdering his wing man.
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Feb 20, 1987 Season 4 Episode 5

The Airwolf team spends hours undercover as they monitor the movements of a known foreign agent they believe will receive a circuit board capable of sabotaging the planned launch of a United States strategic defense satellite.
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Feb 13, 1987 Season 4 Episode 4

A clandestine plot to sell a missing attack helicopter is discovered by the Airwolf team while they attempt to aid an agent on leave after a week of traumatizing captivity.
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Jan 23, 1987 Season 4 Episode 1

For Stringfellow Hawke, the reunion with his long-lost brother brings a chapter of his life to an end, but for St. John Hawke a wild adventure is about to begin.
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