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Latest Episode: Flying Home

Jul 31, 1987 Season 4 Episode 23 watch on

Jo's father helps the Airwolf team recover radioactive plutonium stolen by a group of Neo-Nazis.

Welcome to Paradise

Jul 17, 1987 Season 4 Episode 21

An old love interest comes to St. John looking for assistance with her aircraft charter service, and is asking him to help her smuggle illegal goods.
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Flying Home

Jul 10, 1987 Season 4 Episode 20

Airwolf's mission is to assist in the testing of a super-secret aircraft that's being developed by Jo's father, who can't get along with his daughter.
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Poppy Chain

Jul 03, 1987 Season 4 Episode 19

The Airwolf team wants to put a stop to a drug-smuggling ring led by St. John's former commander, who isn't the same man St. John used to admire.
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May 29, 1987 Season 4 Episode 18

A madman gets his hands on nuclear waste and claims he'll use the materials to destroy the planet, before breaking into Airwolf's secret lair.
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On The Double

May 22, 1987 Season 4 Episode 17

The Airwolf team travels to an international air show to effect the escape of a double agent who has been working as a military pilot for a European Eastern block nation.
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The Golden One

May 15, 1987 Season 4 Episode 16

Jo hears that her former boyfriend died in a plane crash. To prove he's still alive, Jo and the team travel to Afghanistan, where trouble awaits.
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Flowers Of The Mountain

May 08, 1987 Season 4 Episode 15

St. John almost loses his life while test-flying an experimental airplane called Viper, then disappears after an auto mishap.
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On the Double

May 01, 1987 Season 4 Episode 14

Capt. Herzfeld agrees to give information to the Americans. But while impersonating Herzfeld, Mike is kidnapped by terrorists who want training.
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The Key

Apr 24, 1987 Season 4 Episode 13

A radical group of pacifists have taken control of 20 nuclear missile silos, and the group's leaders demand that all nuclear weapons be disabled.
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Flowers of the Mountain

Apr 10, 1987 Season 4 Episode 12

St. John tries to evade a hit man by hiding in the mountains. When an avalanche threatens a woman, St. John calls in Airwolf, revealing his location.
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Ground Zero

Apr 03, 1987 Season 4 Episode 11

In a plot to restore his honor, a shamed former Japanese pilot kidnaps an unsuspecting St. John and orders him to destroy a nuclear power plant.
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Rogue Warrior

Mar 27, 1987 Season 4 Episode 10

When St. John is suspended, his life spirals out of control. But this is part of a plan by St. John and Mike to find the mole within their ranks.
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Mar 20, 1987 Season 4 Episode 9

St. John discovers that a deadly virus has been created at Bar-Med Pharmaceuticals, and he's taken prisoner and infected with the toxic strain.
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Feb 27, 1987 Season 4 Episode 7

Locke and a Russian agent are assigned to observe the disposal of a nerve gas supply. But a rogue American colonel has his own game plan.
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