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Latest Episode: Flying Home

Jul 31, 1987 Season 4 Episode 23 watch on

Jo's father helps the Airwolf team recover radioactive plutonium stolen by a group of Neo-Nazis.

The Puppet Master

Jul 10, 1987 Season 4 Episode 20

Locke becomes the object of a plot to steal Airwolf after a physician successfully conducts brain implant surgery which controls his thoughts and actions.
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Storm Warning

May 29, 1987 Season 4 Episode 18

When a corrupt general in a small republic disappears with millions of dollars in U.S. aid funds, the team attempts to track him down.
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On The Double

May 22, 1987 Season 4 Episode 17

The Airwolf team travels to an international air show to effect the escape of a double agent who has been working as a military pilot for a European Eastern block nation.
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The Key

May 15, 1987 Season 4 Episode 16

When a group of radical anti-war pacifists gain control of twenty nuclear missiles and threatens to unleash their destructive power to force total disarmament, the Airwolf team attempts to neutralize their seemingly unstoppable plan.
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Flowers Of The Mountain

May 08, 1987 Season 4 Episode 15

St. John almost loses his life while test-flying an experimental airplane called Viper, then disappears after an auto mishap.
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Ground Zero

May 01, 1987 Season 4 Episode 14

Revenge motivates a kamikaze pilot who was taken prisoner of war during World War II by St. John's father.
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Apr 10, 1987 Season 4 Episode 12

St. John Hawke and an old friend from Vietnam discover a highly contagious and dangerous virus created by a madman intent on death and destruction.
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The Stavograd Incident, Part 2

Mar 20, 1987 Season 4 Episode 9

As the nuclear crisis worsens, Soviet authorities reluctantly agree to allow the Airwolf crew to join efforts to stem the continuing spread of radioactivity and prevent a total meltdown of the multiple reactors.
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Feb 27, 1987 Season 4 Episode 7

When the United States and Russia place observers on a train carrying lethal gas to be destroyed, the Airwolf team responds after misguided military officers attempt to sabotage the plan.
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A Town For Hire

Feb 06, 1987 Season 4 Episode 3

A mysterious force brings down Jo's helicopter and St. John's plane during a training mission.
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Jan 30, 1987 Season 4 Episode 2

Jo is held prisoner in a Bulgarian prison camp when her airliner is forced down behind the Iron Curtain.
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