Air Warriors

  • 2014
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Influential aircrafts are examined.

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An Extremely Risky Rescue Mission in Enemy Territory
03:03 — Off the coast of Libya, U.S. Marines receive word that an F-15 fighter pilot has crashed behind enemy lines. To save him, they turn to the Boeing V-22 (more…)
How a Downed U.S. Plane Almost Caused a Nuclear War
02:14 — It's 1962, and tensions are high between the United States and the Soviet Union. When a Soviet missile shoots down a U.S. U-2 aircraft over Cuban airs (more…)
U-2 Dragon Lady Gives a Helping Hand to U.S. Troops
02:42 — When a U.S. convoy in Afghanistan has vehicle problems and is forced to stop for repairs, a U-2 aircraft spots a Taliban ambush coming their way. Fro (more…)
KC-135 Refueling Crew Saves Fighter Pilot Over Afghanistan
01:52 — When a damaged F-16 flying over hostile Afghanistan territory is leaking fuel and in danger of crashing, the KC-135 crew makes mid-air contact to refu (more…)
This Flying Gas Station Can Carry 200,000 Lbs. of Fuel
01:59 — The KC-135 Stratotanker plays a crucial role in keeping U.S. fighter jets up in the air. That's because this 136-foot long aircraft is a flying gas ta (more…)
This Marine Compares Flying the Harrier to Riding a Dragon
01:44 — The Harrier's unique takeoff style and agility owes a lot to its 47-foot frame and mere 15,000 pounds in weight--almost half the size of most modern f (more…)
Footage of a Tense Aerial Battle During the Falklands War
04:41 — It's 10 weeks into the Falklands War, and two British Harriers find themselves protecting a damaged ship, the HMS Hermes. Suddenly, Argentine Skyhawks (more…)
This Is How You Trick Enemy Missiles
02:25 — When helicopters are dispatched to rescue a downed U.S. pilot, the escorting A-10 Warthogs are there for one purpose: to serve as decoys for Serbian m (more…)
Why the A-10 Warthog Is a Ground Soldier’s Best Friend
02:53 — If you’re a soldier surrounded by enemy troops, there’s only one plane you want coming to your rescue: the A-10 Warthog. From: AIR WARRIORS: A-10 (more…)
An Intense Blackhawk Rescue Mission in Peril
02:14 — During this Blackhawk crew’s first attempt at rescuing a critically wounded soldier in Afghanistan, the aircraft quickly becomes a target. With a li (more…)
Chinooks Incredibly Build a Bridge with Massive Cargo
02:25 — Toward the end of the Bosnian War, U.S. CH-47 Chinooks are charged with a seemingly impossible mission: construct a makeshift bridge over icy waters w (more…)
This Air Force Bomber Can Hold 70,000 Lbs. in Weapons
01:28 — The legendary B-52 can carry smart bombs, laser-guided bombs, mines, even nuclear missiles--a total of 70,000 pounds of weaponry at a time. From: AIR (more…)
Do Warplanes Have Their Own Gas Stations?
02:00 — During the Gulf War, the U.S. military needed to create a refueling station in the desert for their aircraft. Where they decided to place it was very (more…)
Did You Know Assault Drones Were Used in WWII?
01:24 — It's 1944, and the U.S. has a new weapon against the Japanese: a remote-controlled assault drone with a video link and the ability to carry a bomb. He (more…)
Tense: A C-17's Dicey Mid-Air Refuel in Bad Weather
01:43 — A C-17 carries a wounded soldier from Iraq to the U.S. for treatment. To save time, they attempt a mid-air refuel -- but a massive weather system over (more…)
Why the Air Force's Lightest Fighter Is Its Most Effective
02:51 — The F-16 Fighting Falcon has a take-off weight of just 20,000 pounds, less than half the weight of the F-15. But as aerial opponents soon discover, li (more…)
This Aircraft Is a Marvel of Electronic Warfare
02:31 — The Boeing EA-18G Growler is not the average warplane. While most military aircraft were built to attack enemies physically, the Growler was created f (more…)
A Chinook Takes Fire During a Vietnam Rescue Mission
01:33 — During the Vietnam War, the CH-47 Chinook was known for its aerial mobility -- a key advantage when you're flying low-altitude rescue missions over a (more…)
A Tuskegee Airman Who Survived a Shredded Wing in Combat
02:28 — On a 1951 mission, Colonel Charles McGee, one of the famed Tuskegee Airmen, was hit by Korean gunfire. Despite damage to the left wing of his P-51 Mus (more…)
How a Subtle Design Change Transformed Fighter Planes
02:03 — What made the P-51 Mustang such an effective aircraft was its light, all-aluminum fuselage and an innovative wing design that gave it a huge advantage (more…)
How the Biggest Airlift in History Saved West Berlin
01:55 — To break the Soviet blockade of West Berlin in 1948, General William Tunner ordered his fleet of 225 C-54s to drop supplies into the city -- around 35 (more…)
This Is How a No-Fly Zone Actually Gets Enforced
02:55 — In March 2011, the United States implemented a no-fly zone over Libya. To do so, they turned to the Boeing EA-18G Growler to disable enemy radars. F (more…)
Drones Are Now Being Used to Battle Wildfires
03:37 — A fire crew fighting a large blaze in Yosemite National Park lose contact with their command. Their only hope of survival is an aerial drone with an i (more…)
The $102 Million Bomber that Almost Replaced the B-52
02:12 — In 1974, after a long and distinguished service record, the B-52 faced a threat it had never encountered in combat: retirement at the hands of a newer (more…)
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  • Premiered: November 9, 2014
  • Rating: TV-PG
  • Premise: Influential aircrafts are examined.

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