Air Disasters

  • 2011
  • TV Show
  • TV-14

A look at history's worst air disasters.

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Fire in the Air
03:58 — When fire consumes the cabin of flight 2120, it becomes impossible for the passengers to breathe - and for the pilots to control the aircraft. From: (more…)
Air Disasters - Season 9
Our worst nightmares in the sky, triggered by mechanical failure or human error, faced with heroism and ingenuity, and ended in triumph or tragedy.
Air Disasters - Season 9
Our worst nightmares in the sky, triggered by mechanical failure or human error, faced with heroism and ingenuity, and ended in triumph or tragedy.
Disaster Strikes as Two Planes Collide on the Same Runway
03:40 — On the night of November 19, 1996, a small twin turboprop aircraft is taxiing at Quincy airport in Illinois. At the same time, another plane, United E (more…)
Surviving a Turbulent Crash Landing on the SFO Runway
03:24 — It's the morning of July 6, 2013, and an overnight flight from South Korea is preparing to land in San Francisco. One passenger looking out of the win (more…)
Fatal Combination for Arrow Air Flight 1285
04:02 — From: AIR DISASTERS: Split Decision
What Caused One of the Safest Planes to Crash?
03:00 — During a flight from Chicago to Pittsburgh, USAir Flight 427 unexpectedly stalled and immediately crashed. Given the aircraft's almost-flawless safety (more…)
Without Warning
01:26 — Investigators depend on the 'black box' recordings to figure out what happened to most downed flights, but this time, it's what isn't on the recording (more…)
Is Heavy Baggage or High Altitude to Blame?
03:31 — Heavier planes can't fly at higher altitudes where the air is less dense. But the pilot of flight 708 should have known that. From: AIR DISASTERS: Th (more…)
How the Crash of Flight 4590 Destroyed Concorde's Mystique
04:02 — The Concorde was once the peak of cutting-edge aircraft design and a status symbol for the world's elite travelers. But the horrific 2000 crash of fli (more…)
Was This U.S. Naval Captain Looking for a Fight?
03:43 — When investigators dig deeper into the mistaken shooting of Iran Air Flight 655, they discover the U.S. Navy captain behind it might have been looking (more…)
How a Terrorist's Homemade Bomb Made it Past Security
03:12 — Philippine Airlines Flight 434 was headed to Tokyo when a bomb exploded on board, killing one passenger. How Ramzi Yousef, the terrorist who planted t (more…)
How to Conquer Your Fear of Flying
01:52 — The truth is, the lessons learned from air disasters make flying safer everyday. From: AIR DISASTERS: Deadly Reputation
People Make Mistakes
01:21 — Airlines have learned the hard way that people make mistakes. Even in the tightly controlled area surrounding airports, pilots and air traffic control (more…)
See and Be Seen
01:52 — In 1956, air traffic control wasn't what it is today. Pilots operated on the "See and Be Seen" rule; they'd simply watch out for the other planes in t (more…)
Why Did BEA Flight 548 Stall in Mid-Air?
02:00 — The plane wreckage near the English town of Staines reveals a peculiar trail of evidence that perplexes investigators: the aircraft fell to the ground (more…)
This Tiny Pipe Brought Down This Massive Plane
03:48 — Australian Transport Safety Bureau investigators wanted to know why the A380's Rolls Royce engine on Qantas Flight 32 had failed so dramatically. The (more…)
Did This Helicopter Cause Its Own Lightning Strike?
03:27 — Investigators looking into a lightning strike that brought down a helicopter reach a startling conclusion: the chopper's rotor blades may have actuall (more…)
This Plane Was about to Crash. Why Didn't It?
04:01 — Nearing Los Angeles, China Airlines Flight 006 nosedives toward the Pacific as one of its engines fail. Miraculously, the plane recovers just in the n (more…)
Seconds Matter in a Death Trap
01:52 — Airplanes are designed to be able to be evacuated quickly, but the disaster on board flight 28 proved that panicked passengers make real-life evacuati (more…)
A Shocking Plane Crash in Busy Downtown Mexico City
04:05 — A plane carrying government officials back to Mexico City suddenly begins to plummet. Despite the pilots' desperate efforts, it looks likely it will c (more…)
Miraculous: A Giant Plane's Tense Crash Landing
04:02 — Landing an ordinary plane with a damaged engine is risky enough. But when that plane is an A380 superjumbo leaking fuel and aiming for a narrow runway (more…)
Attempted Murder at 19,000 Feet in the Air
04:04 — A bright blue sky greeted the crew of FedEx Flight 705 as it left Memphis, TN. Little did they know one of their own would soon turn against them. Fr (more…)
Why Would a Flight Engineer Attack His Own Crew?
02:19 — When flight engineer Auburn Calloway assaulted his crewmembers on FedEx Flight 705, investigators were baffled - until they found a revealing note he (more…)
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  • Premiered: May 15, 2011
  • Rating: TV-14
  • Premise: A look at history's worst air disasters. (more)

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