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How the Crash of Flight 4590 Destroyed Concorde's Mystique
04:02 — The Concorde was once the peak of cutting-edge aircraft design and a status symbol for the world's elite travelers. But the horrific 2000 crash of fli (more…)
Does This Scenario Explain JFK Jr.'s Plane Crash?
03:35 — A distracting radio issue, a hazy night, and a new pilot unsure of his instruments. According to investigators, these were some of the possible factor (more…)
Air Disasters - Gimli Glider: Sneak Peek
00:57 — Out of fuel. Out of options. And running out of time.
Air Disasters
Our worst nightmares in the sky, triggered by mechanical failure or human error, faced with heroism and ingenuity, and ended in triumph or tragedy.
Air Disasters
Our worst nightmares in the sky, triggered by mechanical failure or human error, faced with heroism and ingenuity, and ended in triumph or tragedy.
People Make Mistakes
01:21 — Airlines have learned the hard way that people make mistakes. Even in the tightly controlled area surrounding airports, pilots and air traffic control (more…)
See and Be Seen
01:52 — In 1956, air traffic control wasn't what it is today. Pilots operated on the "See and Be Seen" rule; they'd simply watch out for the other planes in t (more…)
This Mid-Air Crash Made Air Travel Safer
02:51 — The 1986 Cerritos airplane collision was a result of oversight in air traffic control systems. Since then, the Traffic Collision Avoidance System has (more…)
Without Warning
01:26 — Investigators depend on the 'black box' recordings to figure out what happened to most downed flights, but this time, it's what isn't on the recording (more…)
Is Heavy Baggage or High Altitude to Blame?
03:31 — Heavier planes can't fly at higher altitudes where the air is less dense. But the pilot of flight 708 should have known that. From: AIR DISASTERS: Th (more…)
Seconds Matter in a Death Trap
01:52 — Airplanes are designed to be able to be evacuated quickly, but the disaster on board flight 28 proved that panicked passengers make real-life evacuati (more…)
The Black Box in the Soviet Safe
03:58 — A decade after Korean Airlines flight 007 went down, and years after investigators filed an inconclusive report, the Soviet government reveals that th (more…)
The Brink of World War Three
03:38 — When Korean Airlines flight 007 disappears without a trace during the height of the Cold War, American intelligence points to Soviet interference, and (more…)
An Icy Disaster
04:01 — When an Air Ontario flight crashes off the end of the runway, Justice Moshansky - a trial judge and top-notch investigator - gets called in to lead th (more…)
A Flyover Ends in Flames
04:02 — After months of publicity and promotion, pilot Michel Asseline finally gets the chance to show off the brand new Airbus A320, but instead of ending in (more…)
Catastrophe or Cover-Up?
04:06 — When the investigation of the Airbus crash leads to pilot Michel Asseline, he's certain they're missing key evidence that would exonerate him. From: (more…)
Crashing off the Radar
01:28 — After an airplane slams into a mountaintop and crashes into the forest, rescuers rush to find the survivors - but first they have to find the wreckage (more…)
Overworked, Unfocused and Underpaid Pilots
03:56 — Because of the airline's financial struggles, the pilot of flight 708 hadn't been paid in months and was moonlighting as a bartender to support his fa (more…)
Fire on Board
02:34 — When a British airliner catches fire on the runway, investigators must answer two questions: where did the fire come from, and why was it so surprisin (more…)
Fire in the Air
03:58 — When fire consumes the cabin of flight 2120, it becomes impossible for the passengers to breathe - and for the pilots to control the aircraft. From: (more…)
What Simple Mistake Caused this Flight's Crash?
03:53 — Results were deadly when someone in the cockpit pulled the droop lever instead of adjusting the flaps. The error, however simple, ended 118 lives. Wha (more…)
The First Rule of Air Emergencies: Breathe
03:51 — A flight attendant looking out of this plane's window sees a propellor detach and slash a hole in the underside of the plane. It's now up to the crew (more…)
Miraculous Plane Landing on New Orleans Levee
03:55 — A severe thunderstorm forced a Boeing 737 to attempt an emergency landing on the most unlikely, impossible place: a New Orleans levee. From: AIR DISA (more…)
A Toilet Bomb Sends Flight 870 Down
02:38 — A hole in the fuselage of Itavia Flight 870 points to an explosion. A steel wash basin found at the crash site suggests a bomb may have been in the re (more…)
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  • Premiered: May 15, 2011
  • Rating: TV-14
  • Premise: A look at history's worst air disasters. (more)

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