Adventure Time

  • 2010
  • TV Show
  • TV-PG

The exploits of a boy and his magical dog are chronicled in this cartoon set in the surreal Land of Ooo.

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Five Short Tables
11:33 — Fionna and Cake go on a cooking adventure to push Cake's art to an all-new level.
11:24 — The dreams of Finn, Jake, and BMO fall under the influence of a mysterious orb.
Good Jubies: The Making of "Bad Jubies"
12:37 — Go behind the scenes and watch the making of Adventure Time's special stop motion episode "Bad Jubies."
Ghost Fly Trailer
00:48 — Jakes' tree house is haunted in this special Adventure Time Halloween episode.
11:00 — The dreams of Finn, Jake, and BMO fall under the influence of a mysterious orb.
11:00 — The dreams of Finn, Jake, and BMO fall under the influence of a mysterious orb.
Princess Day Trailer
00:36 — It’s Princess Day in Ooo! You know that that means? Yep, LSP and Marceline team up to prank Breakfast Princess!
Cube People
00:39 — Jake has to convince the Cube people that he's not the Gut Grinder.
Worm Advice
00:30 — Jake takes advice from Shelby, the worm who lives in his viola, that he should have Finn and Lady Rainicorn hang out together so they can all have fun (more…)
Safety Patrol
00:39 — Finn and Jake a spot a grass ogre harassing little house people.
Purify the City
00:45 — Finn and Jake find a crying girl named Penny, who's flowers were stolen by thieves. They're warned not to go into the city or they will turn into th (more…)
Mallow Tea Ceremony
00:46 — Finn and Jake try and master the Mallow Tea Ceremony when Jake gets accidentally bitten by Lumpy Space Princess
Wrap Attack!
00:40 — Finn and Jake sneak up and capture the Ice King with a fake can of peanut brittle.
Toothbrush Dance
00:36 — Finn and Jake get followed home by the Jiggler, Finn splits his toothbrush in half to share and they all dance.
Big Nerd
00:37 — Finn and Jake violate Ice King law, according to the Ice King.
Marceline's Undead Army
00:40 — Marceline takes Finn to a grave yard where she summons the dead out of the ground to be her army of the undead. Jake tries to help but gets shrunk.
Gauntlet Dock
00:33 — While building a gauntlet dock, a huge iceberg washes ashore and Finn starts to melt it with his flamethrower.
Wall of Flesh Stickers
00:38 — Tree Trunks wants give a sheet of stickers a growling wall of flesh.
Science Dance
00:39 — Finn is jealous of Ricardio, the heart guy, and learns that Melotoxins kill Zanoids.
Green and Bald
00:43 — Finn hurls a boomerang looking glass bottle into the air and it crashes through Princess Bubblegum's window and turns her green and bald. She blames (more…)
Manlorette Party
00:33 — The Ice King is finally getting married, and tells Finn and Jake he's ready to settle down and stop abducting princesses.
Stripped Jake
00:39 — When Jake steals a donut from a witches garden she steals his powers and won't give them back unless he apologizes to her.
Hero Finn
00:38 — Finn saves the princess from falling to her death!
Feeding Hobos
00:40 — After a hambone break in the cemetery Finn and Jake meet a homeless man asking for food. Finn has to decide if he should give the man his last sugar c (more…)
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