Mon Jun 1 2:00pm
Slumber Party Panic; Trouble in Lumpy Space TOON

Princess Bubblegum and Finn accidentally create candy zombies after an experiment goes awry in the premiere of this cartoon set in the surreal Land of Ooo. Later, Finn tries to find a cure for Jake, who was bitten by a Lumpy Space princess.

Mon Jun 1 2:30pm
Enchiridion; The Jiggler TOON

Princess Bubblegum and Finn set out on a dangerous quest to find a book for heroes; Finn and Jake must return a jiggly creature to his mother after he follows them home.

Tue Jun 2 2:00pm
Prisoners of Love; Tree Trunks TOON

The Ice King captures Finn and Jake, who are stashed along with the king's collection of princesses; an elephant joins Finn and Jake for a noble quest, but Finn wonders if she's capable enough for the journey.

Tue Jun 2 2:30pm
Ricardio the Heart Guy; Business Time TOON

Finn distrusts a newcomer to Candy Kingdom and questions his intentions toward Princess Bubblegum; Finn and Jake befriend a group of businessmen, who end up doing everything for the pair.

Wed Jun 3 2:00pm
My Two Favorite People; Memories of Boom Boom Mountain TOON

Finn and Lady Rainicorn become friends, prompting jealousy in Jake; Finn tries to help everyone in town, a habit that is rooted in an upsetting experience from his past.

Wed Jun 3 2:30pm
Wizard; Evicted! TOON

Finn wants to obtain powers offered to him by a wizard but may not be prepared for the responsibility that comes along with them; Marceline kicks Finn and Jake out of their tree house, so the duo launch a search for a new place to live.

Wed Jun 3 6:00pm
Thu Jun 4 2:00pm
City of Thieves; The Witch's Garden TOON

Finn and Jake discover a city populated by thieves; a witch saps Jake's powers, forcing him to regain them during a journey with Finn.

Thu Jun 4 2:30pm
What Is Life?; Ocean of Fear TOON

Finn builds a pie-throwing robot to get revenge on Jake for pulling off an epic prank; Finn's fear of the ocean manifests itself as a smoky monster, whom he must defeat by conquering his fear.

Thu Jun 4 6:00pm
Fri Jun 5 2:00pm
When Wedding Bells Thaw; Freak City TOON

The Ice King asks Finn and Jake to throw him a party before he ties the knot; after being transformed into a foot, Finn joins forces with a band of misfits to make things right.

Fri Jun 5 2:30pm
The Duke; Donny TOON

Finn sets out to capture an evil duke but finds he may have misjudged his target; Finn and Jake help an ogre get back on track in order to save a village.

Fri Jun 5 6:00pm
Sat Jun 6 11:30am
Sat Jun 6 12:00pm
Mon Jun 8 2:00pm
Henchman; Dungeon TOON

Finn becomes a slave to Marceline; he also explores a spooky dungeon against Jake's advice and soon regrets his decision.

Mon Jun 8 2:30pm
What Have You Done?; Rainy Day Daydream TOON

Finn and Jake plot to save the ice-cream people by getting close to the Ice King; Jake's imagination turns hazardous, forcing Finn to put an end to it.

Tue Jun 9 2:00pm
The Gut Grinder; Finn Meets His Hero TOON

Finn and Jake chase a thief who's been stealing gold from villages; Finn encounters his idol, a former adventurer, and is dismayed to learn his hero has lost his edge.

Tue Jun 9 2:30pm
Loyalty to the King; Blood Under the Skin TOON

A nice king arrives in the Land of Ooo, and he's a familiar figure; Finn tries to obtain armor in order to impress cool knights.

Wed Jun 10 2:00pm
It Came From the Nightosphere; The Eyes TOON

Finn arranges a reunion between Marceline and her dad, but must also defeat the man, who's the Lord of Evil; a strange horse bothers Finn and Jake by keeping them awake while they're trying to sleep.

Wed Jun 10 2:30pm
Storytelling; Slow Love TOON

Finn wants to tell a good story to a sick Jake, so he sets off on a great adventure in order to get material; Finn and Jake play matchmaker for a snail who's threatening to steal their home.

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