Thu May 7 7:30pm
Graybles 1000+; Chips & Ice CreamNew(Season 6, Episode 53) TOON

Cuber is marooned on an alien island; the tree house has new tenants.

Mon May 11 7:30pm
Belly of the Beast; The Limit TOON

The guys help a giant with a stomachache clear out the party going on in his belly; Finn and Jake try to fulfill their dreams with a wish-granting maze.

Tue May 12 7:30pm
Video Makers; Heat Signature TOON

Finn and Jake make a home movie but find they have different ideas for the project; Marceline plays a prank on Finn and Jake by making them believe they're vampires.

Wed May 13 7:30pm
This Mortal Folly; Mortal Recoil TOON

Finn and Jake look for an evil king while the Ice King seeks their blessing to date Princess Bubblegum. Later, Princess Bubblegum has a near-death experience and isn't quite herself afterward.

Thu May 14 7:30pm
Mon May 18 7:30pm
Memory of a Memory; Hitman TOON

Finn and Jake enter Marceline's mind to retrieve a spell from her memory; the Ice King unwittingly hires a hit man to go after Finn and Jake.

Tue May 19 7:30pm
Too Young; Thank You TOON

Princess Bubblegum's uncle tries to claim the throne; the Snow Golem visits the Fire Kingdom.

Wed May 20 7:30pm
Still; Wizard Battle TOON

Finn and Jake become frozen by the Ice King; a competition for wizards is held in the Land of Ooo.