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May 20, 1975 Season 7 Episode 24 watch on (Subscription)

Malloy returns to work and finds out Reed is thinking about becoming an investigator. If Reed passes the exam, Malloy will need a new partner.

Something Worth Dying For (pt 1)

May 13, 1975 Season 7 Episode 23

Reed wonders if he's really making a difference as an officer. In order to better serve his community, Reed volunteers with the narcotics department.
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Dana Hall

Apr 29, 1975 Season 7 Episode 22

Female cop Dana Hall isn't getting any respect from the male officers and wants to prove her toughness. But her plan backfires, creating problems.
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Gus Corbin

Apr 01, 1975 Season 7 Episode 21

Reed's temporary partner is a rookie cop. While Malloy works a desk job, Reed struggles to keep his new partner from taking risks in the line of duty.
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Operation Action

Mar 25, 1975 Season 7 Episode 20

It's strange when Malloy misses an appointment, so Reed starts looking for him and discovers he's been kidnapped by a group of young revolutionaries.
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Mar 18, 1975 Season 7 Episode 19

A man has started telling people he plans to take his own life. When the police are notified, Reed and Malloy are assigned to make sure he's safe.
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Follow Up

Mar 11, 1975 Season 7 Episode 18

Someone has been stealing horses from a horse riding academy. Malloy and Reed take on the case, trying to discover who the horse thief really is.
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Citizen With Gun

Mar 04, 1975 Season 7 Episode 17

A homeowner who's been burglarized purchases a gun. After calling the police for help, the man accidentally fires his weapon at Officer Wells.
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Lady's Night

Feb 18, 1975 Season 7 Episode 16

Reed and his wife meet up with Malloy and his girlfriend for a dinner together. But their plans change when they see someone robbing a gas station.
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Victim Of The Crime

Jan 28, 1975 Season 7 Episode 14

A shopkeeper is critically wounded during a holdup. Pressured by the victim's daughter, Reed tries to find the criminal, who's still on the loose.
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Jan 21, 1975 Season 7 Episode 13

Since they haven't had much luck locating missing cars from auto thefts, Malloy and Reed turn their attention to investigating scrap metal yards.
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Pot Shot

Jan 14, 1975 Season 7 Episode 12

When he gets to the laundromat on his day off, Malloy discovers that all the dryers are being used by a man who's processing marijuana.
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Credit Risk

Dec 17, 1974 Season 7 Episode 10

While applying for a credit card, Reed discovers he's been labeled a major credit risk and sets out to get to the bottom of his bad credit rating.
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Dec 10, 1974 Season 7 Episode 9

When an alcoholic who appeared harmless gets into a tragic accident later in the day, Reed and Malloy step in to investigate.
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Earthquake aka Lady Beware

Nov 19, 1974 Season 7 Episode 7

A violent criminal is raping young girls. In order to have a better shot at catching him, Malloy and Reed start working with a female police officer.
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Suspect Number One

Oct 29, 1974 Season 7 Episode 5

An ex-con is having trouble adjusting to life outside of prison and wants to go back in. He asks Malloy for help, but there's little he can do.
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Roll Call

Oct 22, 1974 Season 7 Episode 4

Reed goes undercover to capture a gang of robbers. When an unknown officer makes a call for help, the rest of the force begins searching the town.
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Team Work

Oct 08, 1974 Season 7 Episode 3

Reed and Malloy become suspicious when they notice that a witness and tow truck driver spot two different collisions in the same day.
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Camp (pt 2)

Oct 01, 1974 Season 7 Episode 2

Malloy is having trouble keeping a delinquent in check, so he sends him to a special summer camp. Reed visits a woman who claims she was molested.
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Camp (pt 1)

Sep 24, 1974 Season 7 Episode 1

The fact that a young boy is small doesn't stop him from getting into big trouble. He gets picked up by the police and spends time with Malloy.
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