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May 20, 1975 Season 7 Episode 24 watch on (Subscription)

Malloy returns to work and finds out Reed is thinking about becoming an investigator. If Reed passes the exam, Malloy will need a new partner.

Clinic On Eighteenth Street

Mar 13, 1974 Season 6 Episode 24

When Malloy and Reed discover a dead man who expired from diabetic shock, they launch an investigation of malpractice at a local clinic.
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L.A. International

Mar 12, 1974 Season 6 Episode 23

While on temporary assignment at the airport, Malloy and Reed track down some robbery suspects and trip up a clever criminal smuggling drugs.
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Skywatch: Part 2

Mar 05, 1974 Season 6 Episode 22

Concluding a two-part cliffhanger, Malloy and Reed work together while piloting two helicopters to bring down a pilot flying a stolen airplane.
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Skywatch: Part 1

Feb 26, 1974 Season 6 Episode 21

When a pilot takes off in a stolen airplane, Malloy and Reed take off in a pair of helicopters borrowed from the police force's Air Support Division.
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Feb 19, 1974 Season 6 Episode 20

A sunburned Reed and partner Malloy pull over a car with suspicious license plates, save two young men from drowning and help victims of a car crash.
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Routine Patrol

Feb 12, 1974 Season 6 Episode 19

Malloy and Reed deal with a band of thugs who stole a car loaded with guns and have decided to hold target practice on the streets of Los Angeles.
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Feb 05, 1974 Season 6 Episode 18

Malloy leaves the comforts of his new car to pursue a purse snatcher on foot with Reed, only to have his automobile hit while it's sitting unattended.
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Taking It Easy

Jan 29, 1974 Season 6 Episode 17

When Reed sprains his wrist, Malloy must take on another partner. But Reed can't afford to take it easy when the station receives a bomb threat.
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North Hollywood Division

Jan 22, 1974 Season 6 Episode 16

Malloy and Reed take a call from a woman who says she heard a lion in her neighborhood. Malloy agrees to be the subject of an article Reed is writing.
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Trouble In The Bank

Jan 15, 1974 Season 6 Episode 15

A routine bank deposit finds Reed in the center of a robbery attempt. Before Reed knows what hit him, he's been handcuffed and turned into a hostage.
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The Sweet Smell...

Jan 09, 1974 Season 6 Episode 14

A perfume bottle breaks in the back of their cruiser, stinking up Mallory and Reed's patrol. Later, they investigate a priest accused of robbery.
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Southwest Division

Dec 19, 1973 Season 6 Episode 13

After answering a call about a peeping Tom, Malloy and Reed are amused to discover that the suspect is none other than a run-of-the-mill meter reader.
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Northeast Division

Dec 05, 1973 Season 6 Episode 11

Malloy and Reed deal with an armed robbery, the burial of a pet on residential property and a neighborhood bully who uses his motorcycle as a weapon.
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Hollywood Division

Nov 21, 1973 Season 6 Episode 10

With a new dispatcher on the job, Malloy and Reed struggle to locate a potentially dangerous man who's stockpiling weapons for a revolution.
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Training Division

Nov 07, 1973 Season 6 Episode 8

The police force is thrown into a tailspin when a rookie cop's attitude toward the rules puts everyone's life in danger -- including his own.
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Van Nuys Division

Oct 31, 1973 Season 6 Episode 7

Reed's attempts to tease Malloy about his new mustache are interrupted by a pilot who crashes his plane and gets booked for flying while drunk.
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Hot Shot

Oct 24, 1973 Season 6 Episode 6

While chasing a fast criminal on foot, Malloy and Reed stumble upon a father who's been keeping his daughter hostage with the help of a loaded gun.
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Venice Division

Oct 10, 1973 Season 6 Episode 5

Venice isn't quite so idyllic for Malloy and Reed, who have to arrest an obscene caller and apprehend a star who's illegally sunbathing in the nude.
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West Valley Division

Oct 03, 1973 Season 6 Episode 4

While tailing a motorcyclist, Malloy and Reed seek help from members of an LAPD helicopter team, who provide a bird's-eye view of the action.
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Foothill Division

Sep 26, 1973 Season 6 Episode 3

In a police chase that captures the spirit of the Old West, Malloy and Reed track a gang of criminals through the Los Angeles hills on horseback.
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Rampart Division

Sep 19, 1973 Season 6 Episode 2

While on assignment, Malloy and Reed mix with a group of spirited senior citizens who know all too well what it's like to be the victim of a crime.
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Harbor Division

Sep 12, 1973 Season 6 Episode 1

Malloy and Reed try to deal with a drunken sailor, launch a search for a forger and come face to face with a clairvoyant with bad driving skills.
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