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May 20, 1975 Season 7 Episode 24 watch on (Subscription)

Malloy returns to work and finds out Reed is thinking about becoming an investigator. If Reed passes the exam, Malloy will need a new partner.

The Wednesday Warrior

Mar 15, 1972 Season 4 Episode 24

Malloy and Reed complain about overseeing a young police reservist, but they change their tune when the green recruit heads off a bank robbery.
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Mar 08, 1972 Season 4 Episode 23

Officers Malloy (Martin Milner) and Reed (Kent McCord), aided by a police helicopter relaying directions, pursue robbery suspects in a wild chase. Comedian Norm Crosby appears as a football fanatic.
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Who Won?

Mar 01, 1972 Season 4 Episode 22

Reed and Malloy try to halt reckless street racing by recruiting a promoter who encourages the kids to move their need for speed to the race track.
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Back-Up 1L-20

Feb 23, 1972 Season 4 Episode 21

When MacDonald strikes a pedestrian with his cruiser, Malloy testifies that MacDonald wasn't at fault. But witnesses accuse MacDonald of recklessness.
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Feb 16, 1972 Season 4 Episode 20

When an aspiring actor kidnaps an airline attendant to get on television, Malloy and Reed must talk the frantic man back from the brink of insanity.
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Mary Hong Loves Tommy Chen

Feb 09, 1972 Season 4 Episode 19

When the Chinese community is threatened by thugs and an undercover cop is shot, Reed and Malloy investigate. But witnesses refuse to cooperate.
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Feb 02, 1972 Season 4 Episode 18

The officers halt a black market baby transaction and uncover a suspicious pill program at a college.
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The Parole Violator

Jan 26, 1972 Season 4 Episode 17

When a drug-addicted basketball star is in danger of relapsing, Reed, Malloy and the athlete's parole officer keep him on the straight and narrow.
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The Tip

Jan 19, 1972 Season 4 Episode 16

Reed and Malloy stake out a potential bank robbery, but the thieves use tear gas and an unusual method to escape. Can they catch up with the crooks?
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The Princess And The Pig

Jan 12, 1972 Season 4 Episode 15

Reed goes undercover to bust a ring of drug dealers, relying on a drug-addicted folk singer for help. Will their tenuous partnership spell disaster?
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Citizens All

Jan 05, 1972 Season 4 Episode 14

Malloy and Reed track down counterfeiters who aren't very good at making fake money. They then foil a robbery and settle an argument at a lunch stand.
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Dec 29, 1971 Season 4 Episode 13

Malloy and Reed try to track a rapist and end up discovering a runaway who's been selling drugs to survive. Will she accept their offer for help?
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The Dinosaur

Dec 15, 1971 Season 4 Episode 12

Warren Stevens portrays an officer who returns to duty after eight years and finds changes more than he can endure.
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Dec 08, 1971 Season 4 Episode 11

Malloy and Reed are targets of a sniper who is really after Reed.
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Day Watch

Nov 24, 1971 Season 4 Episode 10

Malloy and Reed bust a beautiful hitchhiker who extorts men, chase down an armed-robbery suspect and deal with a hallucinating alcoholic.
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Nov 17, 1971 Season 4 Episode 9

Malloy and Reed investigate a robbery, settle a heated argument in a car lot and subdue a furious, drunken wrestler who's wreaking havoc in a bar.
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Nov 10, 1971 Season 4 Episode 8

Reed and Malloy are ambushed as they transport a dangerous criminal, and Reed is taken hostage. Can Malloy get his partner out?
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Nov 03, 1971 Season 4 Episode 7

When officers Reed and Malloy bust some young vandals, Reed believes that keeping kids in school can prevent such reckless behavior. But how?
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The Ferret

Oct 27, 1971 Season 4 Episode 6

Malloy and Reed hatch a plan to catch saboteurs who are damaging equipment at industrial sites, accusing the businesses of polluting the planet.
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The Search

Oct 20, 1971 Season 4 Episode 5

Malloy disappears into the wilds of Griffith Park while pursuing a robbery suspect.
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The Sniper aka The Radical

Nov 21, 1973 Season 4 Episode 4

Malloy and Reed nab a ring of thieves who've been using stolen trucks to move loot. Later, they move in to arrest an armed revolutionary.
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The Grandmother

Sep 29, 1971 Season 4 Episode 3

Reed and Malloy confront and arrest a drug dealer, get swept up in a high-speed car chase and are assigned to look into a string of armed robberies.
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Million Dollar Buff

Sep 22, 1971 Season 4 Episode 2

When a wealthy crime aficionado interferes with Reed and Malloy's work, they try to stop him without taking time away from their investigations.
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Sep 15, 1971 Season 4 Episode 1

When thugs terrorize a Jewish man, Reed and Malloy are called in. The partners also investigate an armed robbery and deal with an abusive alcoholic.
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