Acapulco H.E.A.T.

1998, TV Show

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Latest Episode: Assassin

May 21, 1994 Season 1 Episode 22 watch on Hulu (Free)

After an assassination attempt, Mike is in a coma. The team suspects the imprisoned Strake was behind this. When visiting him at the prison, they find that an imposter has taken his place.

Deep Six

May 14, 1994 Season 1 Episode 21

Cat becomes romantically involved with a famed under-water investigator John Hardy, whose wife died during a diving incident. Cat must decide if she will leave the the Acapulco H.E.A.T. team to work government assignments in Europe with Hardy.
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Stalemate, Part 2

May 07, 1994 Season 1 Episode 20

Part 2 of the episode "Stalemate" begins with Krissie having been kidnapped by H.E.A.T.'s arch-nemesis Strake. Intent on killing the entire H.E.A.T. team, and having hacked into their computers, he can now shut down their headquarters.
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Stalemate, Part 1

Apr 30, 1994 Season 1 Episode 19

The H.E.A.T. team is assigned to protect Sokol, a man who is a key figure in the Russian reform movement. He is believed to be in danger of being killed by Russian hardliners. Sokol will be attending a chess game in Caracas, Venezuela.
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Mar 05, 1994 Season 1 Episode 18

Mike's old high school buddy Seamus shows up unexpectedly, saying that he has come to Puerto Vallarta for some wild partying. Mike is thrilled, but wonders what Seamus was doing at the site of a mine explosion. Seamus says it is just a coincidence.
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Feb 26, 1994 Season 1 Episode 17

Marcos borrows a boat, so that the team can take a leisurely ride. When they land on a deserted isle, Marcos improperly anchors the boat. It sails away, leaving the team stranded with no way to get help.
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Feb 19, 1994 Season 1 Episode 16

Ashley's old boyfriend, Roger Darwell, a CIA agent, was deemed deceased a year ago. She becomes curious when a letter is delivered to her, which was postmarked after he had died.
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Feb 12, 1994 Season 1 Episode 15

A gunman in Panama is arrested for selling arms to a terrorist group. In response, his brother wants revenge on the H.E.A.T. team's Mike Savage. He then comes up with a firghtening and devious plot to frame Mike for murder.
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Rip Van Winkle

Jan 29, 1994 Season 1 Episode 13

An old, retired MI-6 agent living in an "old spies home," is suspected of leaking information to the Communist Party. The H.E.A.T. team must infiltrate the "old spies home," which has moved to Puerto Vallarta.
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Easy Riders

Jan 22, 1994 Season 1 Episode 12

Mr. Smith sends the team to Puerto Vallarta to investigate Dr. Monroe, the man he believes is behind several kidnappings of newborn babies that have been sold. Monroe has acquired access to the computer system of a health insurance company.
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Perfect Specimen

Dec 04, 1993 Season 1 Episode 11

H.E.A.T. goes to Isla Del Tiburon to infiltrate the laboratory of the corrupt Dr. Rollo Kauffman, who sold biological weapons to both sides during the Iraq-Iran war. A desperate man named Montana volunteers to be a guinea pig at the lab.
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Body Double

Nov 27, 1993 Season 1 Episode 10

International terrorists have created a worldwide kidnapping ring that targets wealthy people's children. The team believes the next victim will be British billionaire Derek Perkins. He agrees to work with H.E.A.T. to protect his son.
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Nov 20, 1993 Season 1 Episode 9

A United Nations translator is missing. Mr. Smith is concerned that she may have been duped into becoming involved with a sly new drug ring that is using highly-trained women. Cat goes underground to investigate.
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Nov 13, 1993 Season 1 Episode 8

Three of the four panels of Leonardo Da Vinci's priceless Archangel quadtryptich are missing. The fourth is en route to Puerto Vallarta, as part of an exhibition.
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Desert Dragon

Nov 06, 1993 Season 1 Episode 7

The H.E.A.T. team is sent to an international karate competition in Tel Aviv to protect U.S. team member David Kern, whose father is a member of C-5 and the Security Council. His father's vote is crucial for the passage of an anti-terrorist resolution.
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