About a Boy

A well-off bachelor develops an unexpected friendship with his young neighbor.

About Minnie Driver
01:49 — David Walton interviews his About a Boy co-star Minnie Drive .
Sneak Peek
02:40 — Take a sneak peek into NBC's new comedy series, About a Boy.
About David Walton
01:40 — Minnie Driver interviews her About a Boy co-star David Walton.
About A Buble Trailer
01:45 — While taking Marcus to the emergency room, Will meets the perfect girl... who challenges him to be a better man. Adrianne Palicki guest stars.
About a vasectomy Trailer
00:47 — Will is not crazy about Marcus' new friends.
About A Manniversary Trailer
01:45 — Marcus and Will celebrate a year of friendship. Meanwhile, Dakota helps Fiona prepare for an intimate night with Chris.
About A House For Sale Trailer
01:28 — Will is advised to sell his house in San Francisco in order to fix his financial problems.
About A Bad Girl Trailer
01:30 — Marcus develops a crush on a rebellious girl at school.
Season 2: About A Boy: Season 2 Trailer
01:26 — Based on the best-selling Nick Hornby ("High Fidelity," "An Education") novel comes the series "About a Boy," a different kind of coming-of-age story (more…)
Becoming A Man Trailer
00:54 — Marcus' girlfriend instructs him to tell his mother that he doesn't need a baby sitter.
About A Hammer Trailer
01:01 — Will invites Sam to move in with him after she is forced to evacuate her apartment. Later, Will and Marcus build a tree house.
Season 1: About A Boy: Season 1 Trailer
00:59 — After writing a hit song, Will Freeman (David Walton, "Bent," "Perfect Couples") was granted a life of free time, free love and freedom from financial (more…)
About A Godfather Trailer
01:47 — Will struggles to pull off a guys' night out. Later, Andy asks Will to be his son's godfather.
About A Boyfriend Trailer
01:56 — Marcus wants to ask Shea if he can be her Boyfriend.
About A Slopmaster Trailer
00:39 — Fiona oversees a project for Marcus' class. Later, Marcus goes on a shopping spree with Will.
About Total Exuberance Trailer
00:58 — Will agrees to babysit Marcus so Fiona can go on a job interview, but a last-minute invitation to a party complicates the situation. Disaster looms w (more…)
About A Hook Trailer
02:07 — Will gets a big career opportunity. Meanwhile, Chris and Fiona's relationship upsets Marcus.
About An Angry Ex Trailer
00:57 — Will is sued by an angry ex-girlfriend.
A Boy's Dad Trailer
01:39 — A boy's dad stops by for a visit.
About A Cat Party Trailer
00:42 — Marcus plans a Valentine's Day date for Shea.
About A Birthday Party Trailer
00:43 — Scheduling problems arise as Will tries to plan a birthday party for Marcus. Meanwhile, Fiona and Sam get into a disagreement.
About A Boy Trailer
00:39 — A well-off bachelor develops an unexpected friendship with his young neighbor.
About A Girl Trailer
00:55 — Will Teaches Marcus to be a bad boy.
About A Will-O-Ween Trailer
02:10 — Will throws a Halloween party. Later, Fiona reveals a new side of herself.
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