Aaron Stone

  • 2009
  • TV Show
  • TV-Y7

A teen becomes a real-life version of a crime-fighting video-game character and battles thugs who are trying to take over the world.

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Sparks Season 2, Episode 12 Jul 21, 2010 Paid

Damaged goes too far and forces Dr. Galapagos to sacrifice himself to fuel Damaged's plans. Knowing this, Aaron Stone does his best to save Dr. Galapagos even if when it puts Aaron's life at stake.

Metal Gear Liquid Season 2, Episode 11 Jul 14, 2010 Paid

The Landers home is put on lock down as an unknown force is wiping out memories for Damaged. Charlie has to hide the truth from his date, Carrie who is also locked in the Landers home.

Tracker & Field Season 2, Episode 10 Jul 7, 2010 Paid

Damaged hires Trace to hunt down Aaron Stone and find out his real life identity. Charlie struggles with using the X-5’s to show off at school in a track meet.

Pack-Man Season 2, Episode 9 Jun 30, 2010 Paid

When Aaron Stone goes undercover to stop "the pack" of super strong kids, he finds that U, the shape-shifter, has infiltrated a school to influence kids to carry out Damaged’s plans.