A Touch of Frost

  • 1992
  • TV Show
  • TV-PG

Crime drama about the cases of British police officer Det. Insp. Jack Frost.

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CatDog: CatDogula Season 0, Episode 0 Sep 14, 2003 Paid

It's Halloween and Cat, dressed as Duke Kahanamoku of Hawaii and Dog, dressed as Count Dogula, go out Trick-or-Treating. Dog is bitten by Nosferacho, a Peruvian vampire tick, and turns into a vampire. Then the tick bites Lola, Rancid, the Greasers, Mervis, Dunglap, and Randolph and turn them into vampires, too. Armed with his garlic lei, Cat heroically fights off Dog, the vampire mob, and the Peruvian vampire ticks, then soaks them all in garlic juice to make them normal again.

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The Road to Emmaus / The Great Commission
11:21 — After his death, two of Jesus' followers return home to Emmaus. On the way, they meet a mysterious stranger who doesn't seem to have heard about Jesus (more…)
Mind Games Trailer
01:07 — In the first episode of this new series, Mind Games, an unsolved case is re-opened when the remains of a 14-year-old Harriet Collingham, who went miss (more…)
In The Public Interest Trailer
01:02 — In the third episode entitled In the Public Interest, multimillionaire press baron James Callum (Adrian Lukis) sets about taking over the town of Dent (more…)