A Baby Story

  • 1998
  • TV Show
  • TV-G

This popular Emmy-winning series gets up close and personal with families awaiting childbirth. Episodes focus on couples and also on the baby-to-be's siblings.

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Mon Dec 18 7:00am
Baby Yakely DLIF

An emergency C-section is needed for a mother of two whose baby suddenly stops moving.

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Mon Dec 18 7:30am
Baby Santiago DLIF

A woman refuses pain medicine during her delivery of her first child, whom the father knew was coming before mom even knew she was pregnant.

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Mon Dec 18 8:00am
Baby Bryjak DLIF

A couple anticipate the birth of their second child despite health worries.

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Mon Dec 18 8:30am
Baby Careri DLIF

After medical problems with their first child, a couple are anxious about the birth of their second, but with the help of an epidural, a healthy baby is born.

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Tue Dec 19 7:00am
Baby Castimore DLIF

A policeman visits a fourth grade class and falls for the teacher. They get married and now expect a child.

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Tue Dec 19 7:30am
Baby Loo DLIF

A couple expect a son after three miscarriages.

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Tue Dec 19 8:00am
Baby Hodgkinson DLIF

A couple's daughter arrives in a birthing tub.

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Tue Dec 19 8:30am
Baby Capurso DLIF

A scheduled c-section brings a baby girl, the couple's third child, into the world.

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Wed Dec 20 7:00am
Baby Sipple Golcher DLIF

An all-female household looks forward to a son, but there is worry about how he will be received by his 2-year-old sister.

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Wed Dec 20 7:30am
Baby Cooper DLIF

A couple plan for a drug-free delivery.

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Wed Dec 20 8:00am
Baby Collura DLIF

A preterm labor has Rosa Collura anxious after three months of bedrest.

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Wed Dec 20 8:30am
Baby Schueler DLIF

First-time parents hope for an easy labor, but they're in for a surprise in the delivery room.

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Thu Dec 21 7:00am
Baby Eisenberg DLIF

A planned home birth is documented.

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Thu Dec 21 7:30am
Baby Dietz DLIF

A quick labor has the support of the husband and two close friends.

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Thu Dec 21 8:00am
Baby Crocco DLIF

A woman's blood tests uncover a blood-clotting issue, low iron and an underactive thyroid, but she and her husband decide to give pregnancy another try.

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Thu Dec 21 8:30am
Baby Curiale DLIF

The birth of a third boy requires a third C-section.

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Fri Dec 22 7:00am
Baby Charletta DLIF

High-school sweethearts welcome twins.

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Fri Dec 22 7:30am
Baby Danielson DLIF

A couple expecting twins worry when a routine checkup turns into a hospital trip.

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Fri Dec 22 8:00am
Baby Carballo DLIF

A couple expect a second child.

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Fri Dec 22 8:30am
Baby Masters(Season 9, Episode 18) DLIF

A woman expecting her second child is concerned about the delivery because the first baby was born after a very short labor.

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Tue Dec 26 7:00am
Baby Lehr DLIF

As Jennifer and David Lehr and their two children prepare for the birth of a third, Jennifer hosts a piano recital at home for her students. After two c-sections, she hopes for a natural delivery, but an emergency c-section is needed.

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Tue Dec 26 7:30am
Baby Gupta DLIF

CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta learns his wife is having triplets after two miscarriages.

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Tue Dec 26 8:00am
Baby Barrera DLIF

A couple who planned a natural water birth encounter problems and are advised to take castor oil by their midwife.

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Tue Dec 26 8:30am
Baby Leoncavallo DLIF

A first-time mom doesn't want an epidural, but she does not know what to expect during the delivery and is unsure she can handle the pain.

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Cast & Details

  • Premiered: January 1, 1998
  • Rating: TV-G
  • Premise: This popular Emmy-winning series gets up close and personal with families awaiting childbirth. Episodes focus on couples and also on the baby-to-be's siblings.