A Baby Story

  • 1998
  • TV Show
  • TV-G

This popular Emmy-winning series gets up close and personal with families awaiting childbirth. Episodes focus on couples and also on the baby-to-be's siblings.

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Wed Sep 20 7:00am
Baby Shapiro DLIF

After a very swift delivery with her first pregnancy, a woman wonders how her second will be.

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Wed Sep 20 7:30am
Baby O'Callaghan DLIF

A delivery has complications, requiring induced labor.

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Wed Sep 20 8:00am
Baby Sutton DLIF

Nervous first-time parents encounter problems with their baby girl.

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Wed Sep 20 8:30am
Baby Rosenbaum DLIF

Delivery day arrives for a nervous couple who are eager to learn their child's gender.

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Thu Sep 21 7:00am
Baby O'Connor DLIF

A planned induction goes awry for a mom expecting her second daughter.

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Thu Sep 21 7:30am
Baby Mulligan DLIF

A midwife assists in a natural childbirth for a doula.

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Thu Sep 21 8:00am
Baby Weber DLIF

A woman experiences rapid labor, to her relief.

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Thu Sep 21 8:30am
Baby Wiener(Season 8, Episode 41) DLIF

A dad feels overwhelmed when the second baby arrives earlier than expected.

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Fri Sep 22 7:00am
Baby Sefchick DLIF

Following a woman who had difficulty conceiving after suffering a life-threatening pulmonary embolism.

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Fri Sep 22 7:30am
Baby Romash DLIF

A first-time delivery has complications.

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Fri Sep 22 8:00am
Baby Souza DLIF

A C-section turns out to be a complicated process.

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Fri Sep 22 8:30am
Baby Moran DLIF

A women with a history of quick deliveries is rushed to the hospital.

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Mon Sep 25 7:00am
Baby Imbeault DLIF

A woman preparing to deliver her second child is not looking forward to the pain of childbirth.

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Mon Sep 25 7:30am
Baby Dones DLIF

A couple with three daughters each from previous relationships have yet another.

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Tue Sep 26 7:00am
Baby Castimore DLIF

A policeman visits a fourth grade class and falls for the teacher. They get married and now expect a child.

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Tue Sep 26 7:30am
Baby Post; Leland DLIF

A surrogate mother steps in for a woman who is infertile.

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Tue Sep 26 8:00am
Baby Zenie DLIF

A couple await their third child, following a 4-year-old and a 2-year-old.

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Tue Sep 26 8:30am
Baby Bandstra DLIF

The tale of a couple with three kids who are expecting a fourth.

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Wed Sep 27 7:00am
Baby Wasserman DLIF

A couple await their second child.

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Wed Sep 27 7:30am
Baby Stuart DLIF

A couple give birth to a son with sickle-cell anemia.

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Wed Sep 27 8:00am
Baby Ntansah(Season 9, Episode 3) DLIF

A first-time dad can't wait for the arrival of his son but he may be underestimating the challenges of parenthood.

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Wed Sep 27 8:30am
Baby Atkinson DLIF

A couple expect their third child and plan for a fourth.

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Thu Sep 28 7:00am
Baby Vallarosi DLIF

A couple expecting their fourth child anticipate a quick labor, but the baby has other ideas.

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Thu Sep 28 7:30am
Baby Chen DLIF

First-time parents choose a water birth.

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Cast & Details

  • Premiered: January 1, 1998
  • Rating: TV-G
  • Premise: This popular Emmy-winning series gets up close and personal with families awaiting childbirth. Episodes focus on couples and also on the baby-to-be's siblings.