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Latest Episode: You Can't Win 'Em All

Apr 29, 2013 Season 5 Episode 20 watch on (Subscription)

Jordan tries to help Mark get out of jail, but ends up making a deal with his mother that he may not be able to keep.

A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Call Girl

Apr 15, 2013 Season 5 Episode 18

Jordan asks Naomi to plan a launch party for the latest hot writer known as Author X, which forces Annie to admit that she is Author X. Matt Lanter and Trevor Donovan guest star..
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Dude, Where's My Husband?

Mar 11, 2013 Season 5 Episode 17

Naomi may be more upset about her divorce than she lets on.
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Life's A Beach

Mar 04, 2013 Season 5 Episode 16

Liam mixes business and pleasure with disastrous results.
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Feb 11, 2013 Season 5 Episode 13

Naomi and Max have a rocky road in the early days of their separation. Teddy and Silver deal with their desire to become parents.
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Here Comes Honey Bye Bye

Feb 04, 2013 Season 5 Episode 12

Naomi and Max see a marriage councelor to decide if they are going to stay married, while Teddy tells Silver he won't ruin her chance to have a baby if she agrees to his terms.
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Misery Loves Company

Jan 21, 2013 Season 5 Episode 10

Annie and Vanessa search for Liam after discovering that Ashley was falsely posing as his studio-hired bodyguard. Needing a break, Naomi goes on a road trip with Adrianna, only to have her wedding ring stolen. Meanwhile, Dixon fails to convince Megan he is over Adrianna.
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Dec 03, 2012 Season 5 Episode 8

Naomi hosts an elaborate charity lingerie show at the Playboy Mansion in an attempt to gain membership status with the elite ladies West Beverly alumni group. Denise Richards and Carmen Electra and Arielle Kebbel guest star.
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The Con [HD]

Nov 19, 2012 Season 5 Episode 6

Liam and Lindsey keep their relationship under wraps, but when Navid's jealous streak gets the best of him, he arranges for Liam and Lindsey's sex tape to be shown in place of Liam's movie premiere at Phenomi-com. Peyton List and Rob Mayes guest star.
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Hate 2 Love

Nov 12, 2012 Season 5 Episode 5

As Dixon continues to recuperate, Adrianna confides in Annie that she and Dixon are having intimacy issues. Carmen Electra and Nelly Furtado guest star.
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Til Death Do Us Part

Oct 08, 2012 Season 5 Episode 1

Naomi and Max make some big plans that go horribly awry when they both get arrested and land in jail. Liam is forced to put The Offshore up for sale in order to pay off Vanessa and buy out her $200,000 interest in Liam's movie contract. Lori Loughlin and singer Carly Rae Jepsen guest star.
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