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90210 Episode: "One Party Can Ruin Your Whole Summer"

Season 1, Episode 24
Episode Synopsis: In the first-season finale, Naomi throws a post-prom party at her place and has a fit when she walks in on Liam and Annie, making accusations that push Annie to her breaking point. Meanwhile, Brenda (Shannen Doherty) goes to the hospital to see Adrianna as she delivers the baby, and Dixon and Ethan get into a fight over Silver.
Original Air Date: May 19, 2009
Guest Cast Shannen Doherty: Brenda Walsh Sara Foster: Jen
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Season 1, Episode 24
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Aired: 5/19/2009
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90210 Episode Recap: "One Party Can Ruin Your Whole Summer" Season 1, Episode 24

In 90210's first season finale, Naomi defies her sister's wishes by throwing a post-prom party at her house, but she ends up pushing Annie to her breaking point after accusing her of something she didn't do. Meanwhile, Brenda visits Adrianna in the hospital after she gives birth, and Ethan confesses a secret.


Naomi, Jen & Liam
This week's finale episode starts right where we left off last week. The kids are leaving the prom and heading to an after-party. Naomi is trying to tell her sister about the amazing convo she and Liam had about his mom and stepdad, but all she cares about is how her makeup looks. Phoebe, the girl who was initially throwing the post-prom party before Principal Harry put the kibosh on it, told Naomi she couldn't find a parent-free house in which to par-tay. Naomi says they can use her place, but Jen chimes in that she doesn't want a bunch of teens vomiting up their wine coolers on the carpet. Naomi tells Jen she's the one footing the living expenses and thus is having the party. Uh-oh, the last thing you want to do is cross your pathological, manipulative big sis.

Naomi gets a text that Ade is in labor and puts Annie in charge of holding down the party fort while she's gone. She apologizes to Liam for having to leave him high and dry, but now that they're in lurve, he tells her he'll meet her at her party. Liam also tells Naomi that everything he told her about her family is private. Sure, that shouldn't be a problem. After all, she only told her sister Jen who would never, wait, yeah, this can't good.

At the party, Jen is bitterly stomping around about not getting her way until she bumps into Liam. She introduces herself as Zelda the neighbor and pretends she overheard Liam's story about his mom and stepdad from some gossipy girls Naomi told. And if laying false blame on her sister wasn't bad enough, she offers to make the night "a lot more fun." OMG, has she no shame to be sleeping with children?!

Naomi is by Ade's side until the baby is born and quickly returns home to find Liam. She heads upstairs and walks into her bedroom to find Liam buttoning up his pants next to an unmade bed. He won't tell her who the lucky lady is, but she finds a black wrap on the floor. Naomi tells him she never wants to see him again, and storms out. In comes a half-naked Jen prancing about trash-talking her sister. Liam is shocked to hear her say Naomi is her sister. Jen tells Liam that Naomi will never find out she was the girl because that would leave Naomi devastated, which he'd never do. Liam point-blank calls her a bitch and, well, she agrees.

Naomi & Annie
Storming out of her bedroom, Naomi goes straight to confront Annie because she is convinced that she's the girl Liam bonked. Annie is clueless (as usual), but Naomi holds up Annie's black wrap that she found in her room. Annie tells her she had to take Phoebe home after finding her head-first in the toilet. Naomi, not believing her, makes a scene. With everyone looking at them, various students start ganging up on Annie, since they think she's the one who narced to her father about the original party venue. 

Naomi, who thinks Annie has now stolen both Ethan and Liam from her, says, "Get out, Kansas skank." Someone tosses a drink in her face and everyone starts laughing at her. Annie is stunned, shocked and, oh no, she's gonna blow — the volcano's going to erupt! In a scene reminiscent of Carrie, Annie screams at the top of her lungs and storms out of the house. But rather than igniting the house with her telekinetic powers, Annie does something worse: She calls the cops and reports the party. She also snags a to-go bottle of vodka for the road. Inside, a hysterical Naomi is comforted by her two-faced sister — until we hear police sirens outside.

Later that night, Liam leaves Naomi a voicemail; he needs to talk to her. But next thing you know, two very large men storm in his room and physically rip him out of his bed. His stepfather hired them to take him to a "wilderness therapy program." Perhaps he won't being telling Naomi the truth anytime soon.

The next morning, a disheveled, possibly drunk Annie tears down a mountain road and accidentally hits something. For a second, she appears to be in shock, but just as quickly, she spies a car in her rear-view mirror and drives away. What is that dark, lifeless lump she leaves in her wake? A deer? A large dog? A person?!

As she drives away, we see a Mercedes (West Bev bumper sticker, California license plate 2WAQ233, which Google tells me was also the tag on the car that Shannen Doherty's character drove in Charmed) pull up beside the dark, lifeless lump. Uh-oh, busted!

Ethan, Dixon & Silver
Dixon is still moping about that fact that Silver called him a "prom-loving loser." At the after-party, he opens up to his bud Ethan. Dixon tells him that sometimes he wants a regular girlfriend who like things like prom, but Ethan tries to tell him being different is what makes Silver so great. (Because he totally wants to have 10,000 of her babies.) Lo and behold, my hunch proves true, as moments later we see Ethan stare lovingly at a picture of Silver he pulled from his jacket pocket.

Later in the evening, and because this is television, Silver also seeks relationship advice from Ethan. He tells her they're a great couple and not to worry about things. She thanks him with a hug and tells him he's wearing Dixon's suit jacket by accident. So, the two swap their jackets back.

Silver and a bunch of girls jump in the pool (must be nice to be able drop a small fortune on a dress without worrying about what diving into a chlorinated pool will do to it) and Ethan admires her from afar. Dixon notices and confronts Ethan about his feelings. Ethan tries to play dumb, but Dixon tells Ethan he found the picture he had of Silver in the jacket after they swapped back. Dixon just wants him to admit it, but Ethan wants him to drop it. Dixon keeps pushing him to come clean and eventually he does — to Silver! "I like you," he says, which is the high school equivalent of a Shakespearean sonnet.

Embarrassed, Ethan turns and leaves, but shortly after, Silver chases after him. She gets him to stop and she says she doesn't know how to handle this news since they're just friends. Without a word, Ethan grabs her and the two share a steamy kiss (a solid 10 seconds long, most likely with tongue). "I don't think we're just friends," says Ethan. He wants something other than friendship or else he won't be able to have anything with her at all. It's Silver's choice. He does pose an interesting question though. "Why are you out here talking to me instead of inside talking to your boyfriend?"


Navid and Ade arrive at the hospital where Navid steps up to the plate and makes sure that Ade is taken care of. Meanwhile, at Harry's alcohol-free "Post-Prom-a-Palooza," the non-drinking portion of the sophomore class are having sundaes and listening to a little a cappella rap. Harry, Debbie and Kelly head out to the hospital as soon as they find out Ade's in labor — but not before Harry steals some delicious brownies that he and his wife share. (Oldest trick in the TV book, by the way. Who didn't see this one coming down Broadway?)

Adrianna, who's three weeks early, is stressing about giving birth too soon, especially when she finds out she has to have an emergency C-section. Luckily, her daughter is born at a healthy 6 pounds, 2 ounces, and Navid brings her into Ade's room. Sadly, she doesn't want to see the baby, which will just make giving her up for adoption even more difficult.

In a completely random storyline, Harry and Debbie are in the waiting room when they suddenly start cracking each other up. Um, could there have been a little somethin'-somethin' in those brownies? (Yes, duh. We knew way up there, two paragraphs ago!) "The nerds had pot brownies," Harry proclaims. They try to figure out what to do next since they can't drive stoned, but Kelly offers to get them snacks from the vending machines until their high passes. For some reason, Debbie thinks Kelly has a crush on Harry — a plot diversion that pretty much goes nowhere for now.

As Ade is in her bed, she's surprised to get a visit from Brenda (who's supposed to be in China) in a Cleopatra costume. She tells Ade her show has been extended and that she leaves for Beijing in the morning. When Ade tells her that she just played the same part, Brenda tells her they're "two of a kind": They both love drama and both live pretty dramatic lives. Brenda takes Ade on a dreamy, woozy walk to the cafeteria — and she's acting mighty odd. They come across a patient room with "Walsh, Jim" written outside the door. Ade asks if he's related to Brenda. "Yeah that's my father. He's dying, actually," she says, nonchalantly. Say whaaa?! Brenda then shares her love for Jell-O with the little marshmallows. Ade, dumbfounded by Brenda's bizarre behavior and detachment from the situation, tells her she should be with her dad if he's dying. Brenda says she's not ready to say goodbye because it's too painful. Ade tells her she'll regret it her whole life, and suddenly Brenda introduces Ade to her Chinese dragon. Cut to Ade waking from a dream. And what's the first thing she does? She goes straight to see her baby, even if it is painful to say goodbye.

Navid sees Ty in the waiting room and both are a bit battered and bruised from their fight earlier in the night. Ty hands over his parental waiver and, believe it or not, a cigar as peace offering. He thanks Navid for being there for Ade and tells him he respects him.

Ade is holding her baby in her room and Brenda arrives again — in reality this time. Navid enters and says the adoptive parents have arrived. Ade starts to get upset about saying goodbye. Brenda tells her adoption is a "wonderful gift," and reveals that she knows this firsthand because she was in China adopting a little girl who is now with her mom and dad. (That means Jim Walsh is not hospitalized — phew!)

What did you think of the season finale? Did Annie kill someone? Are you glad the pregnancy storyline is over? Do Silver and Ethan make a better couple than Silver and Dixon? And how long before Naomi finds out about Jen and Liam?

And get up close and personal with 90210's newest bad boy, Matt Lanter, in the video below:

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In 90210's first season finale, Naomi defies her sister's wishes by throwing a post-prom party at her house, but she ends up pushing Annie to her breaking point after accusing her of something she didn't do. Meanwhile, Brenda visits Adrianna in the hospital after she gives birth, and Ethan confesses a secret.

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