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2008, TV Show

90210 Episode: "Help Me, Rhonda"

Season 1, Episode 15
Episode Synopsis: Adrianna tells the baby's father and her mother (Maeve Quinlan) that she is pregnant. Meanwhile, Annie feels threatened by Ethan's friendship with Rhonda (Aimee Teegarden); and Silver finally opens up to Dixon.
Original Air Date: Feb 3, 2009
Guest Cast Maeve Quinlan: Constance Aimee Teegarden: Rhonda
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Season 1, Episode 15
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Length: 11:47:11
Aired: 2/3/2009
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90210 Episode Recap: "Of Heartbreaks and Hotels" Season 1, Episode 15

The students of West Bev are gearing up for Valentine's Day, especially the new romantic Silver, who has surprise plans for her love. But the same can't be said for Annie and Ethan now that Rhonda has become the center of his attention. Meanwhile, Naomi is all about a sexy new bartender at her hotel.

V-Day is around the corner, and Silver has pulled a 180, becoming the most nauseatingly lovey-dovey one of them all. She tells Dixon she has "mysterious" V-Day plans for him, but really is racing to figure out something for them to do. Meanwhile, communication between Annie and Ethan seems to be in the crapper since all his deep conversations are saved for Rhonda. Their chats are, like, sooo profound. I've got to agree with Silver, though — the only way to hold her boyfriend's attention is if she drove into a tree.

Navid seems to have found love with the chick he met last week, but somehow he lost his spine because he throws Adrianna under the bus when some popular kids say she's a mess. Ade overhears and is visibly crushed — and things only get worst for her when one of the faculty members send her a "pity" rose. But it's cool because Naomi tells her if she were a lesbian, she'd totally be all over Adrianna. Ade later bumps into Navid, and he apologizes. The two share a moment that clearly implies that there's still feelings between them.

Rhonda finally comes clean to Ethan about feeling better than she's been letting on, but Ethan doesn't care. Clearly the whole fatal attraction thing doesn't phase him. He even invites her to his V-Day dinner with Annie. Um, awkward much? During the meal, we learn Rhonda had her own Carrie-esque experience where a guy asked her to a dance on a dare at her old school, and she was so humiliated that she tried to kill herself. But here's the kicker: Annie takes Rhonda's very personal story and tells it as her own during her acting class. Why would she do that, you ask? Because she knows everyone there, including her teacher, thinks she's a worthless actress (ironic, huh?). Ethan walks in during her so-called story and is absolutely livid.

Silver, desperate to make her Valentine's night perfect, begs Naomi to help her get a reservation at a fully-booked hotel-restaurant. Naomi helps her old friend out, and Silver offers to buy her a drink to thank her. But at the hotel bar, Naomi is enamored by the scrumptious new bartender, and for some reason Silver begins to talk in some bootleg English accent to make them appear older. Silver later comes up with a plan for Naomi to send a bottle of champagne to the bartender along with a note telling him to meet her by the pool. Naomi waits patiently that night, but no one shows.

At the dinner, Silver, who wants everything to be perfect, has a conniption over chocolate cake. But Dixon calms her down by giving her a silver bracelet with "Silver" inscribed in it. Guess she really liked it because she's all for getting a room at the hotel. When they get there, we go through the obligatory "Are you ready for this?" and "I've never been more ready for anything in my whole life" bit from every teen sex scene. From there we just have to assume the rest of the evening's festivities.

At the Valentine's dance (where, mind you, Navid is wearing red pants), Ethan arrives solo and bumps into Rhonda. Guess kids these days don't go to dances with friends any more. My, this generation is ballsy. After the dance, Ethan walks Rhonda to the car where she goes in for a kiss goodnight. Ethan pulls away because he has a girlfriend, but she calls him out for leading her on. Ethan may suck for leading her on, but that girl is crazytown. Later that night, Navid, red pants and all, shows up at Adrianna's to tell her he wants to be with her and the two share a chocolaty kiss.

The next day at school, Rhonda isn't talking to Ethan, who isn't talking to Annie. Silver, now a full-fledged nymphomaniac, shows Dixon her new tattoo of his name inked on her hip. Wow, bet he didn't bargain for Silver going bat-crap-crazy after their first time. We also learn that Naomi's bartender is actually a new student at West Beverly. Turns out the bottle she sent to his house saying he was her favorite bartender tipped off his mom that he wasn't enrolled in school. Seriously, how did he think he was going to keep that one up?

All in all, it was an okay episode. It was refreshing to see Ethan show some anger after always being so sickeningly sweet, and I love that Annie's acting class thinks she sucks. I'm not too thrilled Silver lost her edge... and mind for that matter. I'm actually glad Ade and Naomi are back, but based on a recent interview, I'm not going to get too attached. And Naomi didn't phase me up until that nostril flare at the end — then I was done.

What did you think of tonight's episode? Should Ethan have gotten that angry at Annie? Do you think Dixon is getting a bit scared of how nuts Silver has become? Happy about Ade and Navid? And what do you think will come of Naomi and this new guy?

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The students of West Bev are gearing up for Valentine's Day, especially the new romantic Silver, who has surprise plans for her love. But the same can't be said for Annie and Ethan now that Rhonda has become the center of his attention. Meanwhile, Naomi is all about a sexy new bartender at her hotel.

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