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90210 Episode: "There's No Place Like Homecoming"

Season 1, Episode 8
Episode Synopsis: Annie sets up a non-date with Ethan for the homecoming dance; Naomi's name is cleared when Adrianna owns up about her drug addiction; Ryan discovers his new student is a narc after he catches her buying drugs; and Debbie confronts Tracy about her actions.
Original Air Date: Oct 28, 2008
Guest Cast Jessica Lucas: Kimberly Christina Moore: Tracy
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Season 1, Episode 8
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Length: 42:01
Aired: 10/28/2008
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90210 Episode Recap: "Secrets and Lies" Season 1, Episode 8

Harry finally breaks the news to Annie and Dixon about the love child he had with Naomi's mom back during high school. Needless to say the news isn't easy on either of the kids - especially Annie who ends up taking her anger out by boozin' it up at Erin's sleepover bash.  

This week's episode of 90210 starts out with Harry having a heart-to-heart with the kids to reveal the truth about the child Tracy put up for adoption. And as expected, it didn't go over well. When they arrive at school, Dixon seems to be wigged out, but OK with the idea, while Annie can't seem come to terms with it. 

Annie tells Ethan the news about the half-brother she shares with Naomi, but to avoid any more drama, the two decide to keep their budding relationship under wraps. Erin invites Annie to a slumber party, and considering she's all about avoiding her parents at the moment, Annie is in. Meanwhile, Naomi, who just learned of her half-bro, invites Annie out for some shoe shopping (is bumpkin Annie really that out of touch with fashion that she would think Jimmy Choo is Chinese food?). Annie has "secret" plans with her new "secret" beau Ethan, but goes with Naomi anyway because she can't manage to come up with an excuse on the spot. 

Adrianna returns to school, and despite the fact everyone is looking at her like a freak, Navid comes to her rescue with a bag of jelly beans to get through her day. Ade tells Navid she loves the popcorn flavored ones, so wouldn't you know, Navid actually takes the time to sort all the beans, picking out only her favorites. Some may call that endearing, but I call that plain creepy. 

Meanwhile, during a convo between Erin and Dixon about his adoption and new brother, we learn Dixon knew his birthmother and was taken away because she was mentally ill. Dixon's sis, who's not fairing as well as he is with the bombshell, has a brawl with her dad at the Wilson abode. Not only does he want her returning her new footwear (which Annie considered an emergency purchase), but he doesn't want her going to Erin's slumber party since Kelly is still gone. When Harry finds she defied him and went anyway, Debbie tells him to leave her be and trust her. Probably the best idea considering the next scene is of Annie is taking shots of tequila like a champ. The gals share their secrets (and shirts) while wasted. And the one thing that bothered me most about this episode is how her they could sit there and get trashed next to Adrianna the same day she returns from rehab.  

Before long, half the school arrives, including Ozzy and his friend. Naomi asks Annie to be her wing girl. But considering she's with Ethan, Annie blows him off to hook up with Ethan in a quiet room. Those two aren't the only ones getting it on. Adrianna and Navid are about to have sex in another room, but as soon as Navid figures out Adrianna is only doing to pay him back for rehab, he storms out. Also in attendance at the party is Kimberly looking to nail Adrianna's dealer. But wouldn't you know, it's the dealer who ends up winning when he catches Ryan and Kimberly driving off together after the party and realizes that prime blackmail material.

Towards the end of party, Annie ends up puking all over herself (and new boots), but you'll never guess who comes to break up the party and find her curled up on a floor. Oh,  yes. Harry! Obviously he's concerned for his daughter's well being, and understands the news is hard to handle, but he's still mighty understanding of his 15-year-old daughter getting hammered at a wild party she was forbidden to go to.  

At the close of the episode, the drug dealer uses his blackmail info on Ryan to get back on the lacrosse team, and this forces Harry to make Ryan take a leave of absence until Kimberly's work is done. Adrianna admits to Navid how she's not used to "nice" guys, and the two end up walking away hand-in-hand. Ethan agrees with Annie's request to tell Naomi about them and accept whatever comes of it. And Naomi, only seconds after telling Ozzy she likes him, sees Annie and Ethan hooking up in a dark classroom.

I'm always a fan of the out-of-control high school party episodes that come about, and this one was fairly decent. It may have pushed a few storylines along, but it still felt like a bit of a filler episode to me. I think next week's episode when Kelly returns and Naomi now knows about Ethan and Annie looks much more exciting. I'm not sure how I feel about Adrianna and Navid. I kinda don't care either way. What was your take on the episode?

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Harry finally breaks the news to Annie and Dixon about the love child he had with Naomi's mom back during high school. Needless to say the news isn't easy on either of the kids - especially Annie who ends up taking her anger out by boozin' it up at Erin's sleepover bash.  

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