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Latest Episode: Girlie Boys

Feb 12, 2010 Season 4 Episode 13 watch on (Subscription)

What starts out as quick trip to the spa with Caitlin to rid Jonesy of a pesky unibrow -- soon leads to a full spa package.

Over Exposed

Feb 12, 2010 Season 4 Episode 12

When Jonesy accidentally sees Jen completely naked and can't get the image out of his head, Jen considers going into hiding.
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Out Of This World

Feb 11, 2010 Season 4 Episode 9

Caitlin and newly single Jen both want to date the same guy, the new mall handyman, and when neither of them will back down Nikki suggests they make it a friendly competition. But soon enough, the competition gets fierce and threatens to tear their friendship apart! Meanwhile, a hot new 3D alien movie is about to premiere at the Gigantoplex and Jude, Wyatt and Jonesy line up early to make sure they'll get seats in the 3D 'sweet spot', but things don't exactly go as planned. Even though Jude (dressed in full alien regalia) stays in line over night, Jonesy scores a humiliating job as the film's promotional mascot, and Wyatt even agrees to work a week of Wayne's shifts at Burger McFlipsters, they STILL keep losing their place in line! Also, Jonesy struggles to avoid Little Cody, the biggest kid in school, until he can pay up on a lost bet.
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The List

Apr 16, 2010 Season 4 Episode 7

When Wyatt bemoans his difficulties finding a great girl, Jonesy offers him the use of Jonesy's List, a detailed compendium of every girl he's ever 'encountered.' Nikki's already offended that he still has it on him after dating her for so long, and when she discovers that his entry about her is entirely unflattering, she loses it! Word of Jonesy's List soon spreads and Wayne assembles a posse to get the List from Jonesy. Teens all over the mall start hunting for it, including Nikki, and Jonesy is forced to make the ultimate sacrifice - his list or his girl! His only solution might be to finally admit to Nikki that she's...The One! Also - Caitlin's credit card is stolen and TV crime show addict Jen volunteers to take the case and hunt down the perp. And Jude develops a 'lucky' zit and will do anything to make sure it doesn't pop.
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6Teens and a Baby

Sep 25, 2009 Season 4 Episode 3

Jen volunteers to babysit, and immediately finds out how hard it is to keep a baby from crying.
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