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Latest Episode: Bye Bye Nikki?" - Part 2

Feb 12, 2010 Season 4 Episode 13 watch on (Paid)

Nikki's Dad gets a job offer he can't refuse - but it'll mean moving to Iqaluit! The gang takes the news badly - Jen refuses to discuss it, Caitlin can't stop crying along to Wyatt's sad songs, and Jonesy is in denial for so long, Nikki starts to think he doesn't even care if she leaves!

Going Underground

Dec 01, 2006 Season 2 Episode 27

Jude gets one complaint too many and the health inspectors shut down the Stick It for good?
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Girlie Boys

Mar 29, 2007 Season 2 Episode 26

What starts out as quick trip to the spa with Caitlin to rid Jonesy of a pesky unibrow soon leads to a full spa package of Swedish massage, seaweed wrap and full body exfoliation for Jonesy!...
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Spring Fling

Mar 28, 2007 Season 2 Episode 25

When Nikki can't compete for attention against annoying Spring Dance queen whoopla, she decides to enter the dance queen contest herself so she has a platform for her cause. Caitlin comes on board as her personality make-over coach, along with Jude who traverses the mall for advance poll results. While they work on the seemingly impossible task of "making Nikki popular," Jonesy is seduced by their spring dance queen opponent and enemy #1 - Tricia. Unbeknownst to Jonesy, Tricia uses her feminine wiles to squeeze Jonesy for campaign strategies from the other side which doesn't go over very well with the rest of the gang when it's found out. Meanwhile, Wyatt's thrilled he's finally got a date for the dance, in the form of his new girlfriend, Bryanna. Bryanna's keenly interested in psychology and gives Jen, (a frazzled chairman of the dance committee) an on-the-spot "analysis" which focuses on Jen's need to control. Determined to prove Bryanna wrong, Jen is forced to constantly "not fire" Jonesy who is slacking off as her assistant. Tensions are high at the dance, until Jonesy ends up coming through for Nikki by setting Tricia up for deserved disaster. In the end, Nikki decides to shun her new plastic persona and arrives as herself, wins the contest and reluctantly picks Jonesy for the spotlight dance.
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A Crime of Fashion

Aug 11, 2006 Season 2 Episode 24

An innocent trip to Albatross and Finch goes horribly wrong when Caitlin falls in love with a pricey beaded halter top and gossips to Jen about Tricia in the change rooms?
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Over Exposed

Aug 10, 2006 Season 2 Episode 23

When Jonesy accidentally sees Jen completely naked and cant get the image out of his head, Jen considers going into hiding?
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Dirty Work

Mar 28, 2007 Season 2 Episode 22

When Jude just can't seem to break up with his new clingy girlfriend of three dates, Rita, Jonesy offers to step in and do the dirty work for him. Jonesy is so good at delivering the hard break-up news, he decides to start a breaking bad news service for teens. For the low price of five bucks, Jonesy will break whatever bad news needs to be broken - everything from telling someone they have heinous halitosis, to giving fashion tips, and personal grooming advice. Business is positively booming, and Jonesy is reaping the financial rewards... until he gets his toughest assignment to date. Stone, Nikki's new boyfriend, hires Jonesy to break up with Nikki for him. Caring too much about Nikki to hurt her, Jonesy gives Stone a full refund and fires himself. Meanwhile, Jen loses her keys in the strictly off-limits territory of the ne'er-do well Escalator Girls, and is forced to make a hard decision. Face off with the Escalator Girls once and for all, or live in the mall forever. Caitlin is hell bent on getting the last combination foundation/concealer/bronzer from the hot, new make-up line, Smash-Face. Sporting her new, tanned, khaki-coloured skin, Caitlin is on cloud nine, until she breaks out in a face full of horrible zits. Trying everything from facials to acupuncture to get rid of them, Caitlin is finally forced by Nikki to throw out the incredibly expensive compact.
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Smarten Up

Aug 10, 2006 Season 2 Episode 21

Caitlins thrilled to go on her first date with a cute college guy, Josh. But shes terrified hell find out shes only in high school so elicits help from her friends to keep the secret alive?
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Jonesys Low Mojo

Mar 27, 2007 Season 2 Episode 20

Nikki meets a great guy named Stone at the Grind Me coffee shop. He is nasty, sarcastic and negative - in other words, he's perfect for her!...
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The Lords of Malltown

Nov 18, 2008 Season 2 Episode 19

Wyatt's music - okay, his whole life has gotten a little dull lately?
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The Wedding Destroyers

Aug 09, 2006 Season 2 Episode 18

As the wedding between Jonesys Dad and Jens Mom approaches, its all too clear that the amalgamation of the two families is not going to be smooth sailing?
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A Ding From Down Under

Jul 09, 2006 Season 2 Episode 17

Jude answers a payphone and is surprised to find an Australian girl, Callie, on the other end?
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Lights Out

Aug 08, 2006 Season 2 Episode 16

Jude is surprised to find out that his girlfriend, Star, has become a Goth overnight. She has a new set of Goth friends, wears all black clothes, and only wants to discuss dark and serious things?
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The Hunted

Jul 09, 2006 Season 2 Episode 15

When Nikki falls for Hunter, the hot, new Albatross & Finch greeter god on the block, Caitlin offers to run interference and get the goods on Hunter?
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Losing Your Lemon

Jul 06, 2006 Season 2 Episode 14

Caitlin opens the show with a big announcement; she has paid off her credit card debt to her dad. The gang congratulates her on her achievement, but is shocked when she also tells them that she is quitting her job at the Lemon. She assures them that she is not leaving the group; she will still be at the mall, but this time to hang out, not as an employee. It soon becomes apparent, however, that Caitlin simply can't resist a great sale and the girls become worried. Nikki and Jen try to convince the guys that they need to have an intervention with Caitlin, but they've got a busy schedule. Jude, for example, is very busy with his new hobby of performing Fish Tank Theater with Star at Super Happy Terrific Sushi with Star. It turns out that Caitlin's new life without a job has repercussions that extend farther than her credit rating. Without Caitlin running the Big Squeeze, the gang have no ally to save their table - which is now occupied by Tricia and her friends (who all seem to be doubles of our gang...odd.) The gang find themselves wandering the mall like refugees. They have to get their table back! The gang eventually confronts Caitlin, who realizes that she misses her friends much more than she likes shopping. Caitlin leads a coup at the Lemon as they attempt to usurp control of their table from Tricia and her gang of Lemon interlopers!
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Waiting to Ex-Sale

Aug 07, 2006 Season 2 Episode 13

Caitlin and Jen spend the day in a line for the first ever once in a lifetime sale at Albatross & Finch?
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Major Unfaithfulness

Jul 08, 2006 Season 2 Episode 12

Caitlin cheats on her hairdresser and ends up paying the price with a really heinous haircut!...
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The New Guy

Jul 07, 2006 Season 2 Episode 11

Now that Ron the Rent-a-cop has backup, a new trainee named Kai, hes tightening the leash on the teenagers in the mall especially our gang?
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Welcome to the Darth Side

Mar 23, 2007 Season 2 Episode 10

Nikki has had about as much of Clones and the Khaki Barn as she can take. At least thats what she thinks until, in a rare turn of events, Jonesy manages to get Nikki FIRED instead of himself?
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Midnight Madness

Jul 01, 2009 Season 2 Episode 9

It's December 29th and nobody in the gang has plans for New Year's Eve so they all beg Jen to have a party at her place. Jen gets permission from her mom, bribes her evil sister Courtney to clear out and scrubs her house from top to bottom. Everything's ready for the big night - except for Jen's guests. One by one, all of her friends bail: Caitlin gets invited to her crush's place; Jude is staying home to watch videos; Wyatt reserves the night for Serena just in case she wants him back; and Jonesy is planning to turn Jen's soiree into a chick palace. The only friend Jen can count on is Nikki, and she's on a flight home from the Caribbean, which probably won't even land on time. Jen freaks on the gang and cancels the party - just as every one of their plans fall through. Now they all have to come up with a new plan - or else they'll be stranded on the most important social night of the year!
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In a Retail Wonderland

Jun 30, 2009 Season 2 Episode 8

Once again it's the craziest time of year at the mall - Christmas. In order to try and avoid a retail meltdown this year, Jen learns some yoga moves from Star to de-stress. Jonesy and Ron rent-a-cop get jobs as gift wrappers in the mall and Wayne gets visited by the ghosts of Christmas Past Present and Future. Caitlin moonlights as Gift Girl, the ultimate in shopping service, but disaster strikes when her boyfriend du jour dumps her and she loses her shopping mojo. On top of all this, Nikki is going away for Christmas with her parents. Will the gang survive?
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Pillow Talk

Mar 23, 2007 Season 2 Episode 7

The gang decides to tell each other their most embarrassing stories with the STRICT understanding that they should go no further than the lemon?
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Unhappy Anniversary

Jul 05, 2006 Season 2 Episode 6

Mall romances are just not working out as smoothly as the gang would like!! Jonesy and Nikki have been kind-of-sort-of dating and coasting along nicely until now?
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Awake the Wyatt Within

Dec 08, 2006 Season 2 Episode 5

When Wyatt discovers that Wayne has a gift for turning people's lives around with the perfect movie recommendation, Wyatt pleads with him to suggest a movie that might save his relationship with Serena. Meanwhile Jen is discovering her relationship with Charlie is a one way street - and headed for a dead end! Caitlin breaks the blender at the Lemon and has to try ever more inventive ways to blend lemons so she gets her bonus from Big Steve. And Jonesy gets a job at El Sporto - but the only staff sport outfit left is a kilt!
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Fish and Make Up

Jul 04, 2006 Season 2 Episode 4

Caitlins crazy about her new boyfriend, Wade. So crazy, that every moment Caitlins not with Wade, shes talking about Wade?
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Career Day

Dec 07, 2006 Season 2 Episode 3

The gang meets up at the Lemon for a very important occasion; they are going to open the results of their high school aptitude tests and see what the multiple choice gods have chosen for them as careers. The results are fairly predictable, Jen is going to be an Olympic Snowboarder, Wyatt is to be a food critic, and even Jude seems pleased with his supposed future as a 'Spokesmodel' although he is slightly confused as to what that is. Nikki however is devastated to learn her test results point her in the direction of "Retail Specialist!" She is going to have to work at the Khaki Barn for the rest of her life?! Caitlin does not help matters when she opens her envelope and is thrilled to learn that she is to be a "Travel Writer!" She is psyched and Nikki slumps into despair. Jonesy refuses to look at his results as he figures he'll just get fired from whatever career that's been selected for him, so why bother. As the day unfolds we watch as the career choices the kids have been assigned do not exactly turn out to be as wonderful or as bad as they first thought. Wyatt and Jude meanwhile are more worried about keeping their present jobs as Jude accidentally tapes over an irreplaceable copy of their boss' favourite movie, "The 77th Samurai." If they don't find another copy Wayne is going to kill them, or worse, fire them!
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Deadbeat Poets Society

Jul 03, 2006 Season 2 Episode 2

Wyatt just cant seem to get over Serena and the rest of the gang is running out of patience?
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