50 Cent: The Money and The Power Season 1
Hip-Hop sensation and music mogul 50 Cent teams up with MTV to bring you the newest elimination reality show. The contestants, hand picked by 50 himse (more…)
Nima Blue Eyes (Nima)
00:59 — Nima knows that he was the only real one in the house and blames the others for his elimination.
Totally Unexceptable (Joanne)
00:13 — Joanne tells us why Precious should have gone home instead.
Whatever (Precious)
00:41 — Precious is ready to focus on the bigger picture now that she's leaving Camp Curtis.
Gangstas And Hustlers (Nathan)
00:22 — Nathan believes his experience will only further his career.
Woman's Intuition
00:38 — Jenn reveals why she's not surprised and completely happy to be going home.
50 Cent: The Money And The Power | Ep. 10 | Crush Your Competition
00:05 — Ryan, Larry and Cornbreadd give their final days at Camp Curtis all they've got, but in the end, only one will win the $100,000.