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Mon Oct 3 12:00pm
Raging Son TLC

The 2012 murder of Danielle Thomas, a financial analyst for Weight Watchers, in Queens, N.Y., is investigated. An accidental cellphone call recorded the victim's horror.

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Mon Oct 3 1:00pm
A Shot in the Dark TLC

The shooting death of a heart surgeon's wife is investigated.

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Mon Oct 3 2:00pm
One of Their Own TLC

When Sherri Rasmussen was killed at home, the LA Police Department said it was a botched robbery. But years later when police arrested Det. Stephanie Lazarus, many wondered if the LAPD had been protecting one of their own all along.

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Tue Oct 4 12:00pm
Murder Comes Knocking TLC

The July 2004 shooting death of Jarrod Davidson in Santa Barbara, Cal., is investigated. His wife, Kelee, and her parents are the chief suspects. Maureen Maher is the correspondent.

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Tue Oct 4 1:00pm
The Killing Game(Season 5, Episode 18) TLC

Rodney Alcala, a former winner on "The Dating Game," is exposed as a serial killer.

Tue Oct 4 2:00pm
Secrets of Palm Beach TLC

A Palm Beach socialite's secret may have led to murder.

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Thu Oct 6 12:00pm
Temptation in Texas TLC

When Greg Williams was killed, his wife Michele had two different stories of how it happened.

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Thu Oct 6 2:00pm
By Two and Two TLC

Examining the May 1992 murder of Jack Wilson, an Alabama physician, and whether his wife, Betty, and her twin sister, Peggy, played a role in the killing.

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Fri Oct 7 1:00pm
Fri Oct 7 2:00pm
Death Wish TLC

Convicted murderer Kenneth Minor discusses his role in the 2009 death of motivational speaker Jeffrey Locker, who hired Minor to kill him so his family would benefit from a multimillion-dollar life-insurance policy.

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Mon Oct 10 12:00pm
Death at Soho House TLC

The 2010 death of fashion designer Sylvie Cachay in New York is investigated. The chief suspect is her boyfriend Nicholas Brooks, son of Oscar-winning composer Joseph Brooks.

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Mon Oct 10 1:00pm
A Family Torn Apart TLC

An investigation into the February 2000 murder of Bob Dorotik in San Diego, in which his wife, Jane, is accused of the crime. Erin Moriarty is the correspondent.

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Mon Oct 10 2:00pm
Unraveling the Lies of Jodi Arias(Season 8, Episode 15) TLC

The Jodi Arias murder trial, which took two juries and seven years to decide, is the focus.

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Tue Oct 11 12:00pm
Tue Oct 11 1:00pm
End of the Trail TLC

The 2008 murder of Carol Kennedy in Arizona is investigated. The victim was beaten to death in her remote Prescott-area home.

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Tue Oct 11 2:00pm
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Wed Oct 12 12:00pm
The Perfect Family TLC

A former high-school valedictorian is charged with the murder of his mother in Michigan in 2011.

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Wed Oct 12 1:00pm
What She Did For Love TLC

The kidnapping of a baby in Los Angeles is investigated. Bill Lagattuta is the correspondent.

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Thu Oct 13 12:00pm
The Blue River Murder TLC

The 2010 murder of Stephanie Bruner in Silverthorne, Colo., is investigated. She disappeared on a cold November night after allegedly taking a walk. Her body was found three days later in the Blue River near her home.

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Thu Oct 13 1:00pm
Deadly Voyage TLC

The 2005 death of aspiring actress Ashley Barnett, who boarded a cruise ship to celebrate her 25th birthday but died a day later, is investigated. Bill Lagattuta is the correspondent.

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Thu Oct 13 2:00pm
The Law & Mrs. Shelton TLC

The story of Texas criminal defense attorney Catherine Shelton, who was suspected of—but never charged with—involvement in a 1999 murder that her husband Clint Shelton was later convicted of. Adding to the intrigue: odd occurrences that have happened t (more…)

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Fri Oct 14 12:00pm
A Bad Bet TLC

Brett Parker, a bookie in Columbia, S.C., is suspected of murdering his wife, Tammy Jo, and best friend, Bryan Capnerhurst in April 2012.

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Fri Oct 14 1:00pm
Secrets in the Sand TLC

The shooting death of a young woman is investigated. Her husband, although shot four times himself, is a suspect. Harold Dow is the correspondent.

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Fri Oct 14 2:00pm
Memory of Murder TLC

Investigation of a murder in which a mother allegedly implicated her own son.

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