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"The Great Leap Forward" Season 4, Episode 13

Welcome to Promise City: Built on the graves of 9,000 people.What a sad yet awesome episode. We said goodbye to the Bill Gates look-alike NTAC geek, Danny Farrell, Mrs. Farrell, Isabelle and Penny Johnson’s Rebecca Parish. For whom did I shed the most tears (yes, that was me you heard bawling through the whole episode)? Danny Farrell. He was estranged from his brother for so long because of Shawn’s abilities, and yet his newly acquired ability caused the deaths of at least 9,000 — and he went to all that trouble to make sure it didn’t kill him. Maybe it was only fitting that he had his brother kill him, in some twisted sort of poetic justice. It didn’t make it any less sad. As Shawn put it, he didn’t want to lose his brother and his mother on the same day. At least it’s brought the whole remaining Baldwin/Farrell clan closer — perhaps our only consolation.And what has become of those who didn’t die? Everyone in Seattle who survived now ha... read more

"Tiny Machines" Season 4, Episode 12

Let’s take stock of where we stand going into the season (series?) finale: Tom, Meghan and Diana are no longer pretending that Tom is really Tom, and in order to save him, Diana may have killed him. Kyle distrusts Cassie more than ever now that pretty much everyone she’s told him to trust has betrayed him. Shawn and Danny’s mother could be dying, and Collier is possibly Marked. Think they could have packed any more in?The Baldwin/Farrell clan really can’t catch any breaks, can they? On the upside, Shawn, Kyle and Danny are now all Promicin-positive with few ill effects. On the downside, it looks like Mrs. Farrell may be dying from the shot and Tom is lying in the back room of a home-goods store with two bullets in him courtesy of Diana. Isabelle needs to extract herself from that extended family posthaste.On the whole, the episode really was one of those good-news/bad-news kinds of nights. We got Curtis Peck back (good), then Tom killed him (bad). We can kill off... read more

"Ghost in the Machine" Season 4, Episode 11

For most of the episode, I was really feeling sorry for Diana, since she was being betrayed by just about everyone she cared for. Then Drew Imroff blew his brains out. Not only did this guy lose most of his fortune and have his company’s reputation ruined, but his Marked buddies decided this made him too much of a liability. What’s that saying? True friends stab you in the front?Their plan is to implant Drew’s personality into Jordan Collier — not exactly a low-security candidate. I’m not sure about the long-term viability of the plan, but then again the Marked know how the future turns out, and I don’t, so I’m not going to judge. On the other hand, based on what we’ve seen in the last two episodes, it might be a moral step up for Jordan to be someone else for a while, as he presumably won’t be intent on seeing half of the planet die. Of course, considering the Marked hate P-positives, maybe it’s trading one side of this genocide for... read more

"One of Us" Season 4, Episode 10

Holy flurking shnit. Best part of this truly stellar episode? It had to be Richard’s line about his daughter not being a moody toddler (“Oh, Isabelle’s had her moments”). It looks like she’ll be having more of those types of moments in the future, considering “Tom” wants her to get her powers back, but at this point, that should almost be the least of everyone’s worries.Not only did we find out that Tom is in fact one of the Marked, we now know that he’s got Matthew Ross’s old personality. Oh, he’s also got Isabelle locked up in Kyle’s old room, he shot poor Richard and Cora with enough tranquilizer darts to take down a rhino, and his Marked personality is responsible for Isabelle — who, by the way, is an adult again — coming into being in the first place. OK, this new Tom is a total jerk, but it’s great to see Joel Gretsch stretch his acting muscles a little bit and play someone completely different. On the ... read more

"Daddy's Little Girl" Season 4, Episode 9

It would be really nice if just once Tom could have a fun, conflict-free day. Getting lucky and having a lucky day apparently do not go hand in hand. It’s good to see that he and Kyle are, if not exactly back to being a normal family, at least not averse to working together. I’m not sure if they’re more or less dysfunctional than the Tylers, but at least they don’t seem to be on totally opposite sides anymore.As for the Tylers, well, it could be an SVU plot if it didn’t also involve telekinesis and reverse aging. Let’s not forget that Richard did try to kill Isabelle at the end of last season, and has now kidnapped her, drugged her and turned her back into a toddler. I’m shocked any parent would voluntarily return to the diaper days, but to each his own. What’s interesting about this whole situation (besides, you know, the whole going from 20 to 2 in a day via the amazing antioxidant powers of water), is that we’ve witnessed a complete ro... read more

"No Exit" Season 4, Episode 8

I wanted to like this episode, really I did, but was there even an episode there? All I can remember is what seemed like hundreds of commercial breaks. Perhaps I’m just profoundly disappointed in this episode. It was such a great setup: The NTAC-ers and Collier & Co. wake up in NTAC headquarters with the place in lockdown with no knowledge of how any of them got there. Before we’ve even reached the end of the first half hour, Megan and Shawn are dead. And then, with bated breath we wait for the big reveal (Is it the people from the future? The Marked?), only to find out that it’s all the work of... PJ’s dream? PJ, the third anonymous member of the NTAC geek squad? It almost made me want to flip to the rerun of that Pussycat Dolls show.PJ, despite being a government agent with access to sensitive materials regarding the 4400 and Jordan Collier, apparently decided a couple of months ago to take the shot for no discernible reason whatsoever. His power allowed hi... read more

"Till We Have Built Jerusalem" Season 4, Episode 7

Being a former citizen of “Charm City” (Baltimore), and a current citizen of “The City of Brotherly Love” (Philadelphia), I can’t say that the thought of a place called “Promise City” really appeals to me. Blighted, polluted, crime-ridden places tend to have hopeful names, and Jordan’s new compound — lovely as it may one day be — is somewhat less than a shining beacon. On the other hand, if there’s anyone who can make the situation better, it’s probably him.Just to refresh everyone’s memory, here’s our situation: Jordan has taken over the worst part of Seattle to transform into the precursor to heaven on earth. Anyone with an ability is welcome to join him, but if he gets attacked, he expands the perimeter by 100 percent. Did I mention that the perimeter markers cause massive headaches in those who aren’t Promicin-positive, therefore displacing “normal” people? What a generous guy.But even with all ... read more

"The Marked" Season 4, Episode 6

In honor of the upcoming Simpsons Movie, can I just say it? Best. Episode. Ever. There was a wonderful, vintage X-Files vibe running the whole way through, complete with Lone Gunmen analogue and everything. Plus, that final shot of Tom staring into the mirror while the evil software CEO proclaimed, “When we need him, he’ll be there for us,” gave me goose bumps.OK, I admit it: This show has me psyched again in a way that I haven’t really been this season. The idea that there are nine other Matthew Rosses out there — 10, if you count Tom — doesn’t bode well for our original-recipe 4400s. I’m not sure what it means for the extra-crispies, but I doubt it’ll be all sunshine and rainbows for them either. Plus, I’m going to venture a guess here, but somehow I doubt that Gabriel Hewitt’s newly restored health means that he’ll change his mind on the 4400, despite the fact that it was Shawn who cured him. In fact, how do we know that... read more

"Try the Pie" Season 4, Episode 5

I could have really used that mechanic who can create incredible machines on Sunday night when my computer died. To tell you the truth, I could also have used that nice anxiety extractor. I’m sorry that I couldn’t get this up for you all sooner, especially considering that this was by far the best episode of the season. The upside is that I got to view it a second time, which I think allowed me to better digest what is being set up.This show does ambiguity like no other. I’m not talking about Hewitt, who is an opportunistic little man with a hateful heart — and good for Shawn for telling him so. Shawn usually doesn’t realize what a bad spot he's in until he's well past the point of no return, but he’s definitely gotten smarter this season. — and he is undeniably evil. I’m talking about this bizarre cult of Jordan, which has morphed into something semiapocalyptic.Maybe I’m in the minority here, but I’m undecided about whether these ... read more

July 8, 2007: Pants on Fire Season 4, Episode 4

I don’t know how everyone else feels, but I’ve always been an April fan. It’s been like a look at the bizarro Diana. Of course, now she’s more like Diana-lite — or the female Gary Navarro (Sharif Atkins’ character, who could read minds and was therefore hired by the government). Yes, it was a little like a rehash of that second-season episode, but it seems in keeping with the cyclical nature of this season in the context of the larger mythology of the show.It certainly seems convenient that all of our main characters’ loved ones who’ve taken the shot develop abilities instead of dying (as 50 percent are supposed to), but it’s to be expected. In terms of abilities, April sure developed a convenient one. OK, maybe not convenient considering it got her boyfriend killed, but if she can prevent murders by getting corporate bigwigs to confess to hiring hit men to kill whistle-blowers, she’s at least contributing positively to society.Even ... read more

Audrey Parker's Come and Gone Season 4, Episode 3

An elderly woman develops the ability to astral project unseen by others, but she is stuck in limbo when her body is murdered, and she must find a way to contact Tom and Diana to help catch her killer. Elsewhere, Shawn decides to start healing people again despite threats. read more

Fear Itself Season 4, Episode 2

Tom and Diana look for a person who makes phobias all too real. Meanwhile, Kyle gets another lead from Cassie, this time to a book that contains a prophecy about Collier. read more

The Wrath of Graham Season 4, Episode 1

In the fourth-season opener, the NTAC deals with a new director and a high-school student who developed a special ability after taking promicin. Meanwhile, Tom (Joel Gretsch) visits Isabelle in prison and Diana searches for her sister, who took promicin. read more

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Premise: This classy sci-fi hit revolves around the sudden reappearance of 4400 missing people. All were presumed dead or reported missing over several decades, and many return to their former lives on Earth---but with startling powers. Among those assigned to unravel their mystery is an earnest crime investigator whose nephew is one of the returned. The cable drama, originally slated to run only as a five-part miniseries, garnered big ratings for USA and was added to its regular roster.



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