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Grading My Fall 2006 Forecast: How Did I Do?

Two of my first Trivial Matt'rs blogs were dedicated to my early thoughts on the 2006-07 TV season, and at long last I have a few minutes here to revisit that "forecast" and see how I did. This is literally the first time I have looked back at those blogs, so here we go.Brothers & SistersI said: "Expectations were modest" given "foreboding backstage shuffles," but "by the end I was pulled in." Outcome: Lotsa critical acclaim and an early Season 2 pickup by ABC!The ClassI said: "The cast threatens to be unwieldy, but... I smell another [How I Met Your] Mother." Outcome: Some avid fans, some "decent" ratings, but no renewal yet. (Oh, and they shed one cast member.)RunawayI said: "The concept is nifty" and "good casting."Outcome: Far from a runaway hit, it was shelved after just a few airings.VanishedI said: "I need more answers, or at least hints of answers." Outcome: Fox's answer was, "Nope," and Vanished... quickly did just that.HeroesI said: "This show will be full of surprises... read more

Thursday Night Delights

Justin Chambers and Elizabeth Reaser by Ron Tom/ABC

How great did it feel to have Ugly Betty and Grey’s Anatomy back on with new episodes this week? Such a scrumptious double feature of feel-good TV. I’m especially keen on Betty these days, this colorful and vibrantly funny new geek on the block. As others have said, it’s the perfect appetizer to the main course of Grey’s, with its usually irresistible blend of suds, scrubs and heartache.Best move both shows made this week: Ditching subplots that were going nowhere. On Betty, that meant saying goodbye to Ignacio’s case worker (who really wasn’t), the crazily smitten Constance (Octavia Spencer). On Grey’s, that meant saying goodbye to the arrogant Dr. Marlow, played by a miscast Roger Rees, a fine actor who came off more like a creepy Dracula than an intimidating Dr. McBrilliant. Of all the misbegotten love matches we’ve been forced to consider on this show, asking us to believe Cristina ever had a thing for this ghoul was almost as ewww-inspiri... read more

TV Guide Presents Your May-sweeps Preview!

Lost uncorks a shocker — or several — in May.

Finales! Guest stars! Crossover episodes! Mark your calendars now so you don't miss your favorite shows! Monday, April 23On 24 (9 pm/ET, Fox), Jack goes rogue in a desperate attempt to save Audrey from the Chinese. Wait, isn't he already rogue? Tuesday, April 24American Idol (8 pm/ET, Fox) lays witness to the rarely seen softer side of Simon Cowell in the two-part "Idol Gives Back" charity special. Part 2 airs tomorrow, 8 pm/ET. On ABC, boxer Oscar de la Hoya mixes it up with George Lopez (8:30 pm/ET). Wednesday, April 25Sun's babydaddy is revealed on Lost (10 pm/ET, ABC). Thursday, April 26The season's best new sitc read more

Jane Krakowski has been ...

Question: Jane Krakowski has been absent for the past two 30 Rock episodes, and I think I speak for everyone when I say, "Hooray!" Her character does not work on that show. She's more conventional sitcom-ish, and this show is anything but conventional. Do you think Tina Fey and Co. have caught on to that and are phasing her out? I'd love to see a story line on the show in which they fire Jenna and do auditions for a new actress. Answer: Wow, it's official: You guys are meaner than I am this week. I'm a fan of Jane Krakowski, both on TV and on stage (especially on stage), but I have to admit that on 30 Rock, she is neither well used nor particularly effective. In fact, I'd like to see an entire overhaul of the "TGS" aspect of 30 Rock in the second season. It doesn't look like the sort of show you'd ever want to watch, and it would be nice to think that Liz (Fey) is actually producing something worth rooting for. I haven't a clue if Jenna is on her way out, but given that we don't reall ... read more

April 19, 2007: "By the Hammer of Thor!"

What did I tell you Good stuff yesIf there was any doubt that NBCs 30 Rock had arrived that it was a keeper that this is a real show and not one of this seasons fly-by-night Saturday Night Live-spoof sitcoms we now find ourselves vested in these crazy neurotic andor ego-inflated people Will Liz lose out on love by forsaking Cleveland-smelling Cleveland Is Jack headed for a fall at the hands of Phoebe the hollow-boned faux Brit Can Tracy evade the Black Crusaders as powerfully staffed as they are with the likes of Gordon from Sesame StreetWill scientific advances ever allow Jenna her three-wayAs the first few scenes played I feared for a moment that Floyd was going to decide that like Liz was a jinx seeing as in fell swoops he lost his dream apartment and a promotion Well-played indeed Garkle But we didnt go there Instead we got a fanciful if all too accurate music-montage travelogue for Cleveland set to some made-for-30 Rock ditty Someone here recently g read more

Preview: This Week's Episode Has Me Concerned....

I just finished screening this weeks episode of 30 Rock titled Cleveland and I have this concernAm I allowed legally to post the entire script here Because frankly it is that quotable Id say almost all but the last few somewhat very special minutes are immensely bullet-worthy Things to anticipate149 New information about the shocking no really Claymation needs of Tracys Jefferson biopic149 Shout-outs to Al Roker and a rather timely one at that as well as Gordon from Sesame Street 149 Someone reveals their openness to a three-way with a coworker and that coworkers clone149 Really really excellent scenes between Emily Mortimer as Jacks hollow-boned fiance Phoebe and Tina Feys LizAnd needless to say the episode is a particular treat for people from Cleveland Alert the tourism office to stock up on brochures read more

April 12, 2007: "Ow."

Do I win Shortest TV Show Blog title ever [Crickets]OK anyway Though the My guy friend is dating my boyfriend gag has been done to death on TV sitcoms 30 Rock is to be forgiven if only because the same episode gave us a preview of no not The Real Wedding Crashers [Groan] but Jefferson starring Source Award nominee Tracy Jordan I will admit that for some reason too silly too broad too easy a target I wasnt expecting much from that trailer but as each scenejokemultiple-role popped up tears formed in my eyes I half expected Don Geiss to greenlight it if only as a spoof of biopics But instead hes all about Fat Bitch 2 even though Cocoa died in the originalAm I just so in love with 30 Rock or has there never been a show quite like it I know thats heavy praise but literally as I sat watching it I felt that its specific combination of rhythm humor and reality-merged-with-surrealism is rather unique I suppose that Scrubs is similar y read more

April 5, 2007: "Sir, It's the Mayor"

Welcome welcome welcome back 30 Rock And congratulations congratulations congratulations on your pick-up for a second season super-sizingSo much to celebrate this week it almost deserves a fireworks spectacular or not As much as I sensed that Jacks super-lame idea would actually go over well with his bosses never did I foresee the most unfortunate execution of it I mean literally shooting off fireworks in midtown Even ones that form a cowboy hat EekThis weeks guest star shrewdly cast as is the Rocks calling card was Arrested Developments Will Arnett currently in theaters with the No 1 movie Blades of Glory Here a different sort of blade was in play as NBC exec Devon took a shine to our poor unsuspecting Kenneth Can you give me a hand Kenneth Yikes that was a short robeHow meaty was this episode Im three paragraphs in and havent even touched on Lizs clumsy pursuit of Floyd Floyd or Tracys discovery that hes a desce read more

At the Movies: Comedies Add Up for Numbers Star

Numbers David Krumholtz has landed roles in a pair of big-screen comedies Attorneys at Raw which he will also write and in which hes a lawyeraspiring rapper and Walk Hard the John C Reilly-fronted Walk the Line send-up Also per the Hollywood Reporter 30 Rocker Judah Friedlander is the engineer of the crew steering Starship Dave a space vessel constructed in the form of Eddie Murphy read more

TV Guide Presents Five Reasons We Love 30 Rock

Alec Baldwin and Tina Fey, 30 Rock

1. You can really taste the SNL. When we hear the gang of NBC's 30 Rock (returning with a supersized episode tonight at 8:40 pm/ET) cracking wise about everyone from Dakota Fanning to disgraced congressman Mark Foley, it does our heart good to know that former Saturday Night Live head writer Tina Fey (who created Rock and stars as comic scribe Liz Lemon) still has a little Weekend Update in her. "Those things are so ingrained in me," she admits. "[I need] to have the show exist in the actual world." Costar read more

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