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Live, in New York, It's Saturday Night! And 30 Rock!

Tina Fey and Jane Krakowski in 30 Rock by Virginia Sherwood/NBC Photo

Cast members of 30 Rock and Saturday Night Live may be out of production due to the WGA strike yet still are bringing the funny via live performances at the New York Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre. According to Playbill.com, the unadvertised one-night-only performances quickly sold out, with all proceeds benefiting the Writers Guild strike fund. On Saturday, the current SNL cast will present a collection of favorite sketches, and the evening will feature host Michael Cera (Arrested Development) and musical guest Yo La Tengo. On Monday night, Rock stars Tina Fey, Tracy Morgan, Jane Krakowski and Alec Baldwin will perform an episode from the series. Beep, beep, ribby, ribby! read more

Heroes, Office Props Make for Good Bid-ness

Heroes by Justin Lubin/NBC Photo

NBC Universal Video, Music & Product Development and Delivery Agent (or as I like to call the division, "NUVMPDDA") on Monday will launch an auction of props, wardrobe items and other collectibles from Peacock programs. Among the items going up for bid are three original Heroes paintings by artist Tim Sale, Office boss Michael Scott's Timex watch, Tim Riggins' Friday Night Lights jersey and a Josh Duhamel-autographed jacket (as seen on Las Vegas by those not forever distracted by Vanessa). A portion of the proceeds will benefit Journeyman Life the United Way and its partner organizations. read more

30 Rock, Girls Next Door and More News Briefs

Lauren Scala by Yolanda Perez

In-demand Time Out New York On Demand personality Lauren Scala can be spied on tonight's episode of 30 Rock, during a scene where Liz and Jack each have dates at an art gallery. "Watching Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin run lines was an amazing experience," Scala shares. "They are unbelievably talented and at times it was hard not to laugh — or stare — as they took an awkward situation and made it more awkward".... E! premieres Season 4 of The Girls Next Door on Dec. 3.... Celine Dion's assault on ABC Daytime continues. After guesting on the Nov. 23 All My Children, she will appear on The View Nov. 23.... Ken Follett's The Pillars of the Earth is the latest pick of Oprah Winfrey's book club. And poor Dean Koontz still waits. read more


The partyThe party in and of itself has to be one of 30 Rocks finest and most manic moments Lets just get that out of the wayWhat I loved most about the party is that after allllll the setup that with all of the rumoredsupposedabsolutely fabricated guests the brilliant writers of 30 Rock didnt event attempt to take us to the party in real time There was no way it could live up to the promise Nor did they just cut to Jack and his distressed hair and merely refer to the bash as being crazy Rather the way we only got fleeting almost Lost-like flashbacks to the insane bizarre freaky and at times completely out-of-character shenanigans was genius A veritable feast for comedy-lovers eyes and I would reckon one of the most replayed-on-TiVo segments of the TV season I myself watched it at least four times at varying speedsThat said nothing I can type here can begin to recap the party So let me just evoke a few images and then well move on with the rest of the re read more

More Frank Talk with 30 Rocker Judah Friedlander

Judah Friedlander, 30 Rock

In case you haven’t noticed, this week nearly every morsel of NBC's prime-time lineup has gone green, sprinkling eco-friendly messages wherever and whenever possible. How will the gloriously irreverent 30 Rock (Thursdays at 8:30 pm/ET) tackle such a heady subject matter? Think "Ross Geller in a foam mascot suit." TVGuide.com caught up with Judah Friedlander, who plays "TGS" scribe Frank, to get a sneak peek. TVGuide.com: As we neared the end of last season on 30 Rock, how confident were you that the show would get renewed?Friedlander: Well, after they renewed us I was pretty confident we would get renewed. I was still holding out a bit, but I was pretty confident. Literally, man, I had no idea, dude. I had no clue. TVGuide.com: Is the vibe on the set any different now that you have gotten read more

I tried to get your ...

Question: I tried to get your definition of "Aushole" listed in the Urban Dictionary, but they denied it. Stupid jerkfaces. Well, my attempt should earn me some 30 Rock scoop, right?

Answer: You should try submitting it a few more times. I hear they usually cave after about 100 attempts. In any event, you definitely deserve a little Rock sugar for your efforts. Liz is going to face an adversary even more daunting than Jack Donaghy: a New York apartment co-op board. In an upcoming episode, Liz will go to hysterical lengths to impress the board president of a building she wants to buy into.

read more

"Rosemary's Baby"

I literally was in tears for the last five minutes Definitely one of 30 Rocks best episodes ever Without a doubt My only grievance We were robbed of an actual Page-offCarrie Fisher who earlier this season guested on Weeds is making quite the second career out of playing the outrageous cussing rabble-rouser I loved how her former Laugh-In writer gradually was revealed to be lost in time out of touch with reality and well simply a bit demented And then it all led up to that great glorious wink to Star Wars fans Help me Liz Lemon Youre my only hope God bless them for going there Which raises a question Was Liz perhaps transferring her Star Wars fandom onto this woman who resembled LeiaThe stories though that really got my waterworks going played elsewhere It started with Jack doing a rather dead-on Redd Foxx the closed captioning even said Imitates Redd Foxx as he role-played Tracys dad Jack then trotted out a whole cast of characters inlcuding a read more

Cheers: 30's Guest Stars Rock!

Carrie Fisher on 30 Rock by Anne Joyce/NBC

Cheers to 30 Rock for rolling out TV's best guest stars. Last season, Elaine Stritch won an Emmy as Jack's battle-ax of a mother (and Paul Reubens should've won one as a freakish Austrian royal). This season has already featured noteworthy cameos from Jerry Seinfeld, Steve Buscemi and now Carrie Fisher. As Liz's comedy-writing idol, Fisher expertly delivered inside jokes, including a priceless Princess Leia reference ("Help me, Liz Lemon, you're my only hope!") and a sly allusion to Fisher's own real-life babydaddy, agent Bryan Lourd, who left her for a man. ("I grew up wanting to be Samantha Stephens from Bewitched — the closest I got was being married to a gay guy for two years.") She also inspired Jack's best line of the season so far: "Don't ever make me talk to a woman that old again!" In the coming weeks, we can look forward to guest shots from Edie Falco, David Schwimmer and (allegedly) Al Gore. It's great that so many stars want to do Rock — but why aren't more n... read more

There have been a lot of ...

Question: There have been a lot of shows this season that so far have not lived up to last season. For me that would include The Office, 30 Rock, Heroes and How I Met Your Mother. While I don't dislike these shows, they all had pretty strong seasons last year and aren't measuring up this year. But I have yet to see much praise in your column for the show that I think has most lived up to its (deservedly) much-hyped first season, namely Ugly Betty. It started off strong with the fairly obvious but still touching Santos and Hilda episode and has continued to be at the top of its game. The recent teddy bear attack may have been my favorite Betty moment of all time. What have you thought of the second season so far? Answer: I'm loving Betty this season. I started off this season watching Survivor: China live on Thursdays and playing back Betty later. Then I realized I was getting lots more enjoyment out of Betty than I was from this generic (though nice to look at) season of Survivor, a ... read more

"The Collection"

OK two for three isnt a bad start to a sophomore season Whereas the first two episodes underscored 30 Rock s good name this one fell a bit flat for me Jacks big secret about the cookie-jar collectionobsession which I understand was supposed to be incongruous with his tough-guy personality was simply silly And the Steve Buscemi visit Almost meaningless giving a great character actor so little to doThe B-story wherein Jenna is aghast to realize that she is losing weight and thus could lose her Enorme contract and offer to play Ms Pac-Man in the Atari film also was hit-or-miss but ultimately won a thumbs-up from me for her getting turned on by Kenneths rudeness Shes the wrong kind of crazy and now I think we have to get marriedThen you have Liz trying to co-baby-sit Tracy and manage his wife Angie Its pretty hard to make the Tracys unfunny but this bit perhaps showed us that yes his wife does cramp his style We like the Trac read more

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