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Cheers: Jingle Bell 30 Rock

Elaine Stritch and Alec Baldwin by Nicole Rivelli/NBC

Cheers to 30 Rock for a truly inspired holiday episode. What better occasion to celebrate the return of Emmy winner Elaine Stritch as Jack Donaghy's toxic mama ("Mother, there are terrorist cells that are more nurturing than you")? We also got to meet Liz Lemon's relentlessly cheery family, perfectly played by guest host of SNLs past Buck Henry, '70s TV fave Anita Gillette, and ex-Late Night sidekick Andy Richter (as the brother trapped in 1985 due to a skiing accident). Plus, Tracy Morgan fearlessly spoofed his own real-life alcohol-monitoring ankle-bracelet woes. Merry Luda-Christmas, everybody!• Read and react to Bruce Fretts' opinions on Project Runway, The Hills and more!• Share your own raves and rants about other shows on the Reader Cheers & Jeers discussion board.• We may feature your Cheer or Jeer on TVGuide.com or in TV Guide magazine! read more

"Episode 209"

Is that really the episode title Episode 209 No cutesy trite Christmassy pun Love itChristmas episodes are so hard to do So much territory has been covered countless countless times on dramas comedies contemporary TV and classic Its hard to make a true meaning of Christmas story seem fresh Thats why this weeks KennethNo LudaChristmas bit was a bit lame in my opinion The slight saving grace was the art-imitates-life fact that Tracy had on an alcohol-monitoring ankle bracelet But even they seemed unsure of just what to do with thatThe A story fared a bit better juxtaposing Jacks mean coarse mother Elaine Stritch with Lizs folksy affectionate and in the case of Mitch temporally displaced clan Mama D chipped and pecked away at the Lemons determined that she could expose them for the dysfunctional brood that every family is To think that all it took was a slipped Goonies referenceSigh I think we have just one fresh episode left before the strike str read more

"Secrets and Lies"

Pretty good episode if a bit uneven I realize that Alec Baldwin and Tina Fey are the bread-and-butter here but I actually think that the occasional B story could deserve greater play Take Jenna and her entourage That offered so much promise and opportunity for parodying Tracy Grizz and Dotcom but instead it felt shoehorned into two scenes Even Tracy accepting his Pacific Rim Emmy you may have felt like the faux satellite broadcast would be the big payoff for the story but instead it pretty much just served as a reason to shark Jenna Did you catch how she was briefly proud to hear the janitor said her boobs looked goodAs for Jack and CC I think I may enjoy this arc more going forward now that they are out Edie Falcos CC was always so uptight and nervous that from where I sat it undermined the comedy of the situations Maybe now she will let loose some more a la Take off your pantsuitRight back at yaFrank and Twofers feud was visually almost dist read more


You know a week without a new episode doesnt seem that bad until that new one comes along and you find yourself giggling chuckling and LOLing like a fool This weeks 30 Rock had so many fun lines my bullets may runneth a bit over and I left out at least 15 percent of themNow it has been revealed As edited out of my recent QA with Judah Friedlander Frank went gay for an episode I am not quite sure why NBC was so adamant that that not get out its not as if he actually had sex but I played nice I hope no one missed the little coda at the end with Frank dancing at the gay club but ultimately deciding it wasnt his thing A flamboyant fella then shouts good-bye to Sugar Bear only to get scolded by a peer for making em look badThe cougars storyline was a lot of fun because Liz is best when Liz is feeling awkward Her lame attempts at hipster lingo gellin like Magellan the references Jamie couldnt get the subplot with Jenna an read more

TVGuide.com Readers Take On the WGA Strike's Latest Twist

WGA picketers

In the wake of the WGA's quick dismissal of the AMPTP's recent offer, or what they call the "New Economic Partnership," TVGuide.com readers have raised their voices about this latest development. So far, most reader responses are in favor of the producers. So, is everyone tired of the writers' demands? Below, we've gathered several comments that showed us how you, as TV viewers, are reacting. "Break the union, fire all the people who don't want to work, and get some fresh writers. Greedy people don't need to work." — wornout "Producers, cut the crap. Make a real offer and let's get on with it." — bravegal "[People who think] the writers are just being greedy are just completely out of touch with reality. Writing for television is a specialized skill, and that $1.3 billion is being read more

So if the strike continues ...

Question: So if the strike continues too long, which shows will be screwed the most? Will they cancel 30 Rock, saying it never built an audience? What about some of the new shows this season? Will networks use the strike as an excuse to cancel "bubble" shows like Cane and Life? Basically what I'm asking is: If the strike goes on too long, will the networks just call this season a wash and start over in the fall? Answer: I only wish I had a crystal ball to address these larger questions (fearing the actual answers, maybe it's just as well that I don't), but again, I don't think it's likely that NBC will use the strike as an excuse to cancel 30 Rock, which the network has stood behind despite its lousy ratings on Thursday. The situation seems more dire for new-season shows that were on the brink of cancellation even before the strike kicked in. It's entirely too early to know if the back half of the season is doomed. I certainly hope not, but there's not a great deal of optimism comin ... read more

30 Rock: The Height of Hilarity

Edie Falco and Alec Baldwin in 30 Rock by Nicole Rivelli/NBC Photo

Every week, after laughing myself silly at the warped lunacy of 30 Rock on Thursday nights and then being greeted by the stubbornly low ratings on Friday morning, I’m more than ever convinced that this inspired comedy is the new Arrested Development. (And not just because it’s a dark-horse Emmy winner, also taking home the best-comedy trophy after its first season.) Here’s another cult classic that is apparently too off-kilter to be more than an acquired taste, unfortunately destined to fly under the radar.This view isn’t coming from a comedy snob. I get a kick out of most of CBS’ more mainstream Monday comedies, including the new Big Bang Theory, which gets funnier and more confident by the week. On Thursdays I’m still delighted by 30 Rock’s time-period rival, the sweetly campy Ugly Betty. But 30 Rock strikes me as something special, something to treasure, firing on all burners with a wild and hilariously absurdist sensibility.This week’s epi... read more

"Somebody to Love"

This episode had a lot to live up to with no less than Emmy-fave Edie Falco guesting as Jacks new lady love CC so its not surprising that in my opinion at least it fell juuuuuuust a bit short Its almost as if the funniest parts of the Falco story were played by Kristin Wiig in the Lifetime movie based on that horrible sad and you would hope preventable accident involving a dog and misplaced hunting rifle That said that is a Lifetime movie I would watch even though it involves neither a kidnapped nor sickly baby I want to go into politicsHere I must note that due to an inexplicable recording glitch my bullets and quotes from last nights show may be a bit off and not verbatim So rein in the snarky retorts thanks For good measure I will remind you that I am paraphrasing by slapping an asterisk on paraphrased bitsI actually think the Liz suspects the neighbor is a terrorist story played out rather well though you had to suspect she would be read more

So now that the strike is in ...

Question: So now that the strike is in full swing, would watching the remaining (already filmed) episodes of TV shows make me a scab? Because of the WGA's specific demands for Internet residuals, am I only a traitor to the union's cause if I watch episodes of 30 Rock or Brothers & Sisters on the networks' websites? Help me make my garment-worker ancestors proud. Answer: Hmmm, interesting point. I keep being asked what everyday viewers can do to support the writers during this strike action, and this sure beats signing a petition or whatnot. Since one of the key hurdles at the moment is the noncompensation for streaming writers' work on the network websites, a boycott of the digital replays could be one of the more effective ways for the public to make its displeasure known. Anything to get both sides back to the table in hopes of sending everyone back to work sooner rather than later ... read more

Live, in New York, It's Saturday Night! And 30 Rock!

Tina Fey and Jane Krakowski in 30 Rock by Virginia Sherwood/NBC Photo

Cast members of 30 Rock and Saturday Night Live may be out of production due to the WGA strike yet still are bringing the funny via live performances at the New York Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre. According to Playbill.com, the unadvertised one-night-only performances quickly sold out, with all proceeds benefiting the Writers Guild strike fund. On Saturday, the current SNL cast will present a collection of favorite sketches, and the evening will feature host Michael Cera (Arrested Development) and musical guest Yo La Tengo. On Monday night, Rock stars Tina Fey, Tracy Morgan, Jane Krakowski and Alec Baldwin will perform an episode from the series. Beep, beep, ribby, ribby! read more

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