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30 Rock Episode Recap: "I Do Do" Season 4, Episode 22

Love is in the air in NYC as three weddings are about to take place. This season's 30 Rock finale, after being teased with appearances by Will Forte, Matt Damon, Julianne Moore and Elizabeth Banks, better live up to my expectations, and if we don't get an answer about who Jack chooses, I may have to submit myself into TGS rehab.
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30 Rock Episode Recap: "Emmanuelle Goes to Dinosaur Land" Season 4, Episode 21

After weeks of unanswered questions, fans hope this week's 30 Rock will provide an end to Jack's love triangle. Avery, has a fiery personality, and Elizabeth Banks plays her perfectly. However, Nancy has all the right qualities to bring Jack back down to earth. Decisions, decisions...

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30 Rock Episode Recap: "The Moms" Season 4, Episode 20

America, big changes are happening. I'm back living in Orange County, Calif., after my year at NYU, Aaron Kelly was finally voted off Idol, and 30 Rock wasn't actually that funny this week. As I sat down with 10 of my closet hometown friends to watch Liz and the gang, I expected to be laughing all the way home. Instead, I was amused, a bit confused, and left wanting more. In any event, I shall recap, and you, my commenting audience, can decide whether I'm right, or whether the OC air is getting to my head.

The episode begins with Liz bringing Jack a budget for approval, and reminding him that Mother's Day is just around the corner. Jack freaks out, and as he is running out to make Jonathan order flowers, his mother, Colleen, is waiting at his office door. First and foremost, Elaine Stritch (as Colleen) is the best 30 Rock guest of all time. She manages to make me laugh harder than any actress on television.

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30 Rock Episode Recap: "Argus" Season 4, Episode 19

After getting a double dose of 30 Rock last week, one episode seems like a let down. However, Fey and the gang live up to the challenge, and produce a hilarious, quite snotty episode that holds up to any comedy around. Bring on the funny, gang.

The episode opens as Liz is picking out her "Vietnamese size two" dress for Cerie's wedding. Jack darts into Liz's office in order to notify her that he has been named in Don Giess' will, and he is ecstatic. All the boss wants is a piece of his hero's life, even "sleddy," Giess' prized boyhood sled.

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30 Rock Episode Recap: "Khonani" Season 4, Episode 18

Why are you so good at parody, 30 Rock? I thought you topped yourself back with the "Glenngary Glenn Ross" episode, but this one takes the cake. Tina Fey and the gang decide it is the perfect time to spoof the now infamous late night war scandal, and they do it using garbage men (fitting enough).

The episode opens with Liz distraught over the fact that she is not invited to "Thursday Night Thunder," a TGS Thursday tradition that she was never informed about. She voices her concerns to Tracy, and he explains how his wife Angie's pregnancy complications were the reason that he could not attend. Tracy asks Liz to "take care of Angie like a husband" because he is not ready for the responsibility, she declines, and, of course, Kenneth is game. He runs to the rescue.

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30 Rock Episode Recap: "Lee Marvin vs. Derek Jeter" Season 4, Episode 17

Two new episodes of "30 Rock?" Is it Christmas morning? Is it time to light the Menorah? No, it is just NBC trying to flush out the remaining shows, but I don't care. Two is always better than one.

The episode opens with Jack having a dirty phone conversation with Avery, and she even compares herself to a "slutty Grace Kelley." Liz, of course, ruins the moment by bringing him a talking greeting card in which she attempts to sing a song, instead having incoherent rambling thoughts. Just as Jack is convincing Liz to find a no-strings attached love interest, Nancy walks in, obviously complicating Jack's life.

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30 Rock Episode Recap: "Floyd" Season 4, Episode 16

On this episode of 30 Rock, Floyd returns and breaks some big news to Liz. Meanwhile, Jack and Danny team up to pull off a prank, and Tracy and Jenna both have dreams about Kenneth... read more

30 Rock Episode Recap: "Don Geiss, America, and Hope" Season 4, Episode 15

I'm not quite sure where Tina Fey came from, but oh my god, she is brilliant. I can officially say that almost no episode of 30 Rock falls flat for me, and this one certainly didn't. I frequently find myself in tears, uncontrollable laughing fits, and the often spit-take or two. Her writing is sent from the gods, and the acting within this episode in particular deserves multiple Oscars (yes, not even Emmys are enough). Now that many of you think I'm a crazy, obsessed, neurotic fan, we can go on with the recap.

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30 Rock Episode Recap: "Future Husband" Season 4, Episode 14

I know, I know. It has been a month without 30 Rock. After 37 hours of Olympic speed skating, two "special preview" episodes of the NBC disaster The Marriage Ref, and countless sad weeks without our fearless leader Coco O'Brien, Liz and the gang are back, and I can finally wipe the tears away.

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30 Rock Episode Recap: "Anna Howard Shaw Day" Season 4, Episode 13

You know it's 9:30 Thursday night on NBC, when a Mad Man, Zack's Porno-Accomplice, a Hair-Metal rocker from the Garden State, and two SNL veterans all share the screen.

Good evening, America. My name is Adam Mersel, and it is officially my second week recapping the world that is 30 Rock. If you know what I'm referring to in the above paragraph, congratulations: You must be as big a junkie as I am (which, by the way, is borderline unhealthy — and totally worth it). If you're dazed and confused, don't fret. I will explain below for all of you rookies.

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Verna Season 4, Episode 12

Frank moves in with Liz, but what seems like a hellish version of "The Odd Couple" could prove surprisingly beneficial when each helps the other overcome nasty habits. Elsewhere, Jenna's mother (Jan Hooks) arrives, cuing Jenna to seek wisdom about mothers from Jack, certainly no stranger to mommy issues. read more

Winter Madness Season 4, Episode 11

In an earnest bid to lift team spirit, Liz takes "TGS" on the road. But the ride gets bumpy, especially when Jack chooses a destination for his own self-serving purpose and tags along. Julianne Moore guest stars. read more

Black Light Attack! Season 4, Episode 10

Liz's relationship with Danny (Cheyenne Jackson) blooms, causing a jealous rise in Jack, who sets out to tear them apart. Elsewhere, Tracy lures Sue (Sue Galloway) into his posse; and Jenna tries to score a role on "Gossip Girl." read more

Klaus and Greta Season 4, Episode 9

A raucous New Year's Eve comes back to haunt Jack after he leaves a boozy message on an ex-flame's voice mail. Elsewhere, Jenna engages in a fake relationship with actor James Franco (playing himself); Liz "outs" her secluded cousin to his family; and Tracy has an epiphany about women. read more

Secret Santa Season 4, Episode 8

Jack chances upon a former school flame (Julianne Moore) via a new social-networking site. Elsewhere, Kenneth struggles to arrange a holiday gift swap; Liz futilely tries to buy a gift for the finicky Jack; and a miffed Jenna must share her holiday solo performance. Cheyenne Jackson also guest stars. read more

Dealbreakers Talk Show #0001 Season 4, Episode 7

When production gets under way on Liz's brand-new talk show, "Dealbreakers," Jack connives to make the program a hit while tangling with nemesis Devin Banks (Will Arnett). Meanwhile, Tracy tries to prove his loyalty to his wife (Sherri Shepherd) by participating in the ultimate Hollywood challenge. Guest stars include Whoopi Goldberg, Chris Parnell, and soap stars Peter Reckell and Kristian Alfonso. read more

Sun Tea Season 4, Episode 6

Liz's life turns topsy-turvy when her apartment building is transformed into a condominium complex. Meanwhile, both Jack and Tracy reassess their ideas about parenthood, and Kenneth works to make "TGS" environmentally friendly. Al Gore appears in a cameo; Nathan Corddry and Chris Parnell guest star. read more

The Problem Solvers Season 4, Episode 5

A new "TGS" cast member (Cheyenne Jackson) arrives. The overly pampered Tracy and Jenna, upon noticing the low-maintenance newbie's cool humility, both consider changing their prima-donna attitude. In Liz biz, the exasperated "TGS" overseer is offered her own talk show. Padma Lakshmi appears as herself. read more

Audition Day Season 4, Episode 4

Auditions for the new "TGS" actor take a bizarre turn when the staffers resort to rigging and scheming to get their favorite performer hired. With the audition mayhem surrounding him, Jack tackles a personal matter. Brian Williams guest stars. read more

Stone Mountain Season 4, Episode 3

Liz and Jack go on a star search, landing in Kenneth's Southern hometown to find new talent. As for Jenna, she tries to cement her place on the show by befriending the writers. Meanwhile, two celebs have died---and Tracy fears he'll be the third to go. Betty White, ventriloquist Jeff Dunham and Jimmy Fallon guest star. read more

Into the Crevasse Season 4, Episode 2

Jack's rival Devin Banks (Will Arnett) returns, putting Jack on the defensive; Tracy and Jenna team up to torment Liz; and Kenneth volunteers at an animal shelter. read more

Season 4 Season 4, Episode 1

Season 4 opens as a desperate Jack tries to cut costs and boost the popularity of Liz's show, which inspires Tracy to reach out to the public. Meanwhile, Liz and Pete search for new talent, and Kenneth participates in a strike. Steve Buscemi guest stars. read more

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